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September 8, 2011

The Dance of Communion and Creation Today (Thursday, September 8) features the first major aspects in September, with Mercury making its third and final pass over the Behenian Star Regulus and opposing Neptune before moving into Virgo. When it passes 1 Virgo today it returns to the degree it where it began its retrograde cycle and thus moves out of its retrograde “shadow.”

This is a good time to integrate the deep teachings we’ve had access to during this extraordinary Mercury retrograde cycle. We are asked to deepen our capacity for self-love and heart-centered guidance as we move through these times of great change. We have the capacity to live from the center, to meet the world with a full acceptance of ourselves and all of our strengths and weaknesses, honoring the divinity beneath.

The weekend is permeated with Neptune/Pisces energy, after the Mercury opposition to Neptune today, the Moon conjunct Neptune on Saturday, and the Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday. With Mercury now in Virgo as well as the Sun, we are asked on this Full Moon to integrate a dynamic balance between the energies of Virgo and Pisces, with the Pisces dynamic more dominant.

Both signs have a desire to be of service, and to give of themselves. Yet they do so in very distinct ways. When we come from Pisces we are immersed in compassionate communion with life and Other.

There is a longing for ecstatic union with Divine mystery. The concept of boundaries, is strange, awkward, even painful.

When we come from Virgo we must also be of service. Yet we need a boundary between you and me, a certain degree of logical, analytic, spatial distance so that we will have the energy and capacity to tend to all of the intricate details of doing that manifest into something real and functional in our world, so that we can keep it spinning in the right direction.

How do we balance doing with being? How do we make ourselves available to love and serve, while also honoring our need for focus, for devoted time to complete our sacred tasks, so that we can accomplish something tangible beyond relationships?

Again I believe Jupiter in Taurus, now retrograde and closer to the Earth, is our master teacher of how to make this balance. This planet, plus the Still Point awareness activated by the Earth Trine at the last New Moon point to an increased ability for us to slow down, and be more fully focused within our present moment. This presence assists us in flowing more gracefully between loving communion and focused creation.

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