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September 22

Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is exact early tomorrow (Friday) morning at around 3:00 am, so it can be observed ceremonially tonight (Thursday) through Saturday. The Equinox marks a time where daylight and darkness are in perfect proportion, reflecting the Libran emphasis on balance and equality.

Of course in the Northern hemisphere it also represents a time of harvest where we take note of all that we have accomplished over the course of the year and give gratitude for the blessings and abundance that have been showered upon us.

We can see the fall and spring equinox as times of most rapid change and transition, as opposed to the winter and summer solstice, which are times of greater suspension and stillness.

This can remind us that balance itself is a very temporary, changeable condition. It is healthy to seek balance and to feel and observe the places where we have ventured too far from our core. Yet life itself is seldom in a perfect place of balance-that is the exception rather than the rule.

The onset of autumn, with its changeable temperatures from hot to cool awakens our bodies to a natural cleansing process where many of us develop the flu, or colds, as our bodies attempt to clear themselves.

It is helpful at this time to drink more water, allow ourselves time to ground and get focused, and to eat a healthy diet, preferably with local, in-season foods. Sometimes we have to go to extremes to regain balance in our lives-we may benefit much more with a strict liquid cleanse for example, rather than more subtle changes in diet.

Uranus Activated

Uranus is a big player during this Autumn Equinox as it opposes the Sun on Sunday, and Mercury on Monday. This adds to the super-charged, electrical and awakening energy we have access to at this time. It is important to try to ground ourselves but this is also an excellent moment to leap out of our comfort zones and try new things, expand our consciousness, and generally expand our awareness of the possibilities surrounding us.

Venus Happenings

Tomorrow (Friday) night marks the first moment where night sky viewers with a low western horizon and minimal light pollution should be able to see Venus in the western sky immediately after sunset.

From this moment through next May, Venus will grow in brightness and intensity in the evening sky as she distances from the Sun. This is a period where the Sacred Feminine is regaining her life force energy, and coming into full empowerment.

On Thursday, Saturn will be conjunct Venus in Libra for the first time since last August, when Venus and Mars were near each other and Saturn through the entire month. This time, Venus is on her own, receiving a last hit of insight and wisdom around the new forms of relationship that will thrive at the Turning of the Ages. I think it is significant that as the Sacred Feminine (Venus) ascends from her Underworld initiation she is in the sign of Libra, and near conjunction with Saturn.

We have all done a great deal of work around relationship since last August, and this can be seen as the final opportunity of this Saturn/Venus cycle to shift and change whatever old patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and traumas we have refused to relinquish that keep us wedded to unworkable relationship dynamics.

If we have been doing our work in this realm, it can also be a time where relationships and patterns of relating feel really good, solid, and supportive for us as we continue on our journey.

New Moon in Libra

Late Tuesday night is the exact New Moon in Libra. With Uranus so close to opposition with the New Moon in the sign of Aries, this is an extraordinary time for us to tune into the exciting new possibilities for growth and renewal in the area of relationships.

When we have truly learned to open our personal hearts to loving another, whether that is a child, parent, friend, lover, partner, or neighbor, we discover the marvelous truth that love is the ultimate liberator.

If we want to know how to love with all of our hearts, we do well to embrace the Aries capacity for a full-hearted embrace of life and adventure, and an unapologetic passion for our unique mission and purpose. When we ourselves are on fire with a love for our lives, we become a worthy partner for another because we have something so beautiful to share and to give.

Then when we invoke the Libra capacity for generous, loving attention to another and to the tending of our bond we can do so without resentment, without holding back-because we do not fear losing ourselves.

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