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September 17

Venus in Libra

This weekend Venus moves into Libra, where she will remain for the next month. By the Fall Equinox this coming Friday on September 23, she has more than 10 degrees distance from the Sun and so should be visible for those with dark skies and a low horizon. She will continue to rise and brighten in the evening sky from now through next May. when she completes her current cycle in the overtone sign of Scorpio.

It is significant that she is now passing through the sign of Libra as she rises from the Underworld, and that she will be conjunct Saturn in Libra at the end of the month. Beginning on September 23, the Scorpio Goddess (Venus) begins her rebirth process, which naturally follows her ceremonial death in the Underworld. Her first concern, highlighted by her conjunction with Saturn in Libra, is around relationships and bonding.

This area is the leading edge for humanity at this time and, we could say, the key to activating Heaven on Earth-which is the potential outcome of a re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine into our modern world. We can ask ourselves, what kinds of relating can we activate and strengthen that enable us to be more fully present, more capable of magic, healing, and joy, more liberated and empowered to be the creators we are here to be?

From Saturn’s entrance into the sign of Libra in the fall of 2009, many of us have been releasing relationships and patterns of relating that operate from the old, no longer functional paradigms of victim and oppressor, co-dependency, and inauthenticity. We have been actively learning about boundaries, and we have been opening to new, more authentic forms of loving based on a desire for growth and conscious partnership.

Venus opposite Uranus

To prepare her for the Saturn encounter at the end of the month, as well as to liberate her from the Underworld process, Venus opposes Uranus today (Saturday), which provides her with a clear understanding of the nature of freedom and autonomy-an essential ingredient in a healthy, thriving relationship with self and other at the Turning of the Ages. She is gifted with an expansive view of what is possible. How might it feel to see our relationships as the crucible in which we learn to become freer, more joyful, and more capable of activating our full potential?

So often we get caught in the role of victim or martyr, focusing all of our attention on the places where our closest relationships limit us, or put restrictions on our forward movement. Is it possible for us to shift our perspective so that we can focus as intently on the places where they help us to become more self-aware, more vulnerable, more open hearted, more capable of accomplishing our deepest dreams?

Venus squares Pluto

Yesterday (Friday) Pluto stationed direct, after traveling retrograde since May. When a planet stations direct we feel its energy more intensely for a few days before and after the exact event. On Sunday, Venus squares Pluto, as she prepares for her emergence from the Underworld on Thursday night. This occurrence is remarkably consistent with the Sumerian myths about the Goddess Inanna’s descent and rebirth from the Underworld, which was patterned after the Venus cycles.

Though it is the Dark Goddess Ereshkigal who kills Inanna when she first enters the Underworld, it is also Ereshkigal who sprinkles the waters of life on her and brings her back to life, initiating her rebirth and ascension process. My teacher Daniel has increasingly come to view Pluto and its archetypal energy as representative of the Dark Goddess, or Ereshkigal herself. So it is perfectly in keeping with the myth that just prior to Venus’s emergence from the Underworld she has a second, regenerative encounter with Pluto, or the Underworld Goddess. Initiation of the Sacred Masculine

Also on Sunday Mars moves into the sign of Leo, which also happens to be the “overtone” sign for the current Mars cycle. Mars, or the Leo version of the Sacred Masculine has gone through its own initiatory process over the past nearly two years. In the early spring he was in the Underworld experiencing his own ceremonial death, or Sundance process, where he was stripped of his ego identity. Now he is in his process of rebirth, and we get to experience the new version of the Leo Masculine. I have written so much lately about

Venus and the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine

It is so important to remember that the Sacred Masculine is undergoing its own transformative process at this time, which is critical in moving us toward a New Earth. Taking it to the very literal level, our world is in need of men who know and love themselves and are aware of their power as co-creators with the Divine. Because each of us are developing both the masculine and feminine within ourselves, this means that women are also impacted by Mars’ processes, and do well to activate the healthy Leo masculine qualities of leadership and conscious co-creation for themselves, rather than projecting these qualities onto men. Moon Night Sky Viewing

Tonight (Saturday) is a wonderful time to see the waning Moon near the Pleiades in the night sky. The exact conjunction is at 2:06 am tomorrow morning. Jupiter is brightly twinkling nearby. On Sunday night, the Moon is visible to the North of Aldebaran. On Monday night it approaches the Galactic Edge or center of the Sacred Hoop at 0 Cancer. On Wednesday the Moon is visible near Pollux in the constellation of the twins, and on Thursday night the Moon passes SW of Mars.

I do not normally write about the Moon’s visible conjunctions to significant stars and planets other than Venus, because these are monthly events. Yet I share them now because I believe that when we take time out of our days to observe the visual night sky cycles, we become linked to our own ancestors who possessed an understanding of the As Above, So Below mysteries. We all have access to this knowledge which is deeper than we can comprehend at the cerebral level. It can feel good to re-activate our cellular memory of intimacy and appreciation for the cycles of Earth and Sky.

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