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Sacred Marriage in the Presence of Eris

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Sacred Marriage in the Presence of Eris: TONIGHT

Tonight features a big planetary event which has not occurred at this place in the sky for 32 years. We will be feeling the reverberations of this for months-perhaps years, to come!

At 11:00 pm MST TONIGHT, Venus and Mars will be conjunct in the sign of Aries. This occurs while both planets are “in the Underworld” meaning that they are so close to the heart of the Sun that they cannot be seen by human eyes.

In this case, they are BEHIND the Sun, hidden from human view, enacting the Sacred Marriage. Another figure is present with them–dwarf planet Eris. Also nearby, within little more than 10 degrees, is Uranus.

The Deeper Layers: Breaking It Down

To understand the deeper meaning of this event, which we can work with powerfully this weekend, but also in the weeks and months to come, let me break this aspect down into its essential parts. If you’d like to skip this information about the planets, skip down below to Embracing the Sacred Union.”

Mars holds the energy of the Sacred Masculine, the penetrating “sword” quality that is needed to spark and ignite life on Earth. Mars is currently at the heart of a 22 month initiatory journey to claim and embody the Virgo Masculine on the world stage and within each of us.

He asks: what is our Sacred Work as we enter this New Earth, and how can it serve and heal Gaia? How can we align the systems and patterns of human culture with Earth systems, for the healing of the whole organism-including humanity?

Venus holds the energy of the Sacred Feminine, the receptive, embracing, generative, force that brings spirit and consciousness into embodied form on the Earth plane. Venus is currently in a 1 1/2 year initiatory cycle to claim and embody the new expression of the Gemini Goddess on the world stage-and within each and every one of us. She asks: how can we bring sacred magic and alchemy back into human culture so we can once again hear the Earth speaking to and through us as Muse for us to begin telling and living our New Story?

Eris can be seen as the force of Chaos-magnified tenfold when we do not “invite” or create a space for her in our lives, or communities (in Greek mythology it was she who caused the Trojan War because she was not invited to a wedding party of the Gods).

She asks: in our addiction to order, security, and fear, what unfortunate truths do we push away, energizing it further, and allowing it to run the show? How can we invite in the element of fertile Chaos, learning to dance in trust with the unexpected, the unpredictable, weaving it into our greater Dance?

Uranus is the Great Awakener, the Promethean force that evolves the evolution of humanity. Uranus brings light, illumination, expanded consciousness, and like Eris, operates on the principle of unpredictability, wildness, and “out of the box” brilliance, jumping us out of our comfort zones into new levels of conscious awareness and trust in our potential as agents of the Divine. Uranus asks: What will it take to wake humanity up, and ignite us with the original flame of desire to be our most authentic selves, to effect change through the force of our electrical, awakened being-ness, and to act as agents of change and elevated consciousness in every level of Middle World reality?

The Sun represents Great Mystery, Source, which holds Venus and Mars in Divine Light as Venus and Mars meet in Sacred Union. From our perspective on Earth, we might experience the union of our inner Feminine/Masculine as something overwhelming, mysterious, intense (i.e. Underworld).

The way to understand this kind of Underworld initiation is to understand that the darkness or intensity we experience is the result of being so profoundly close to the presence of God/Great Mystery, so that we are blinded, we are ignited, we are transformed and transfigured by the presence of the Divine. We do not control this process, but we can allow ourselves to surrender to it.

Embrace the Sacred Union

The most important thing to know is that a Sacred Union is taking place at this time, and it is occurring at a level that our conscious minds cannot yet comprehend. We can empower it as a healing union between the Masculine and Feminine, and Divine re-programming of both, enabling new kinds of marriage between dual aspects of our human culture, within our lives, and at the deepest level of our being.

It might look and feel, in our ordinary consciousness, like a very dynamic and overwhelming experience. We may be feeling restless, energized and even a little crazy right now. We might find ourselves literally bickering with, and experiencing tension and conflict with those of the opposite gender (perhaps our partner if he/she is opposite gender!)

On a subtler level we might feel intense inner conflict between dual aspects or longings within ourselves. This is Eris stirring it all up, making sure we are aware of ALL aspects of ourselves; ensuring we do not leave parts of ourselves out, as we undergo a profound rite of Union between our inner feminine and masculine.

Tonight and through the weekend is a powerful time to place ourselves in circles of Sacred Context. Whether this means taking time out for meditation, long walks in nature, or deliberate ceremony alone or with others, it is good to take some “time out” from ordinary reality to allow the inner work to unfold with greater ease and flow.

If conflicts, tension, and unexpected outcomes occur, know this is all in perfect timing. Create space within yourself (as well as interactions with others) for inner conflict or tension to arise and fall away. Breathe into it, understanding it is part of claiming our whole experience, our whole selves; our whole relationship.

The Sacred Marriage is about wholeness, not perfection. It is a dynamic event that thrives when we celebrate it, and when we can giggle and hold hands when our best laid plans go awry–even when we find that we have somehow landed in the Underworld!

Contrary to certain longstanding beliefs, the foundation for a true and lasting union is not an agreement to suppress and clamp down on parts of ourselves that are unruly, wild, and prone to change. Rather, a true union-whether between parts of ourselves, or between us and another- provides a supportive framework for mutual growth, evolution, and wholeness. And the glue that holds this all together is trusting, generous, and inspired love.

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