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Razor’s Edge: Blue Flower Moon in Scorpio Report and Video

Personal Note (Full Moon Report and Video Below)

I’ve just spent ten days with my 77-year young Mom in Costa Rica, that’s us here!

My Mom has always been such a powerful force in my life. She is a Christian of unfailing faith as well as a pioneer in so many ways. In rural Missouri where I grew up, she was the only Mom I knew to practice Hatha Yoga, organic gardening, and eat macrobiotic.

I’ve seen and felt deeply that this convergence of South Node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which I recently discovered have not joined up this close for 2207 years (!!!) opens us all to the opportunity of healing ancestral lineage.

My intention for our trip, which was a gift from her, was to open us both up to more play, silliness, and lightness in our time together, as the past few years have been heavy, with the loss of my Dad and brother, as well as my own healing initiation.

We attended a Hatha Yoga Retreat together, took the longest zipline in Central America through the Cloud Forest, sunned by an infinity pool (that is something my hyper productive Mom NEVER does!) and laughed and got cranky with each other and just got more real than ever before.

There are many ways to engage ancestral healing, for me, cultivating a new dynamic with my Mom has been a very powerful way to do this. As we bring more lightness, brightness and authenticity into our relationship I feel it move down the line, through to our ancestors who are enjoying our playful healing together and benefiting from it also.

Blue Flower Scorpio Full Moon with Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

As I write, geomagnetic storms are brewing, adding to the intensity of this potent Scorpio Full Moon, exact Saturday, May 18, at 2:11 pm Pacific. Venus will be conjunct Uranus, and Mars has just moved into Cancer, crossing Galactic Edge. The Sun at the Full Moon will be conjunct the Pleiades.

This is the Corn Planting Moon, Flower Moon, or Mother’s Moon and would have been considered a Blue Moon traditionally, as the third of four Full Moon’s in a season. By Saturday night we’ll see the Moon approaching Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, and Jupiter in the night sky.

What we CAN’T see is why I am calling it Mother’s Moon, by Sunday it will have occulted Ceres, the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, which is associated with Mother Medicine.

I’ve shared more about this Scorpio Full Moon in this video below. In it I reveal what I see as the CORE tension we are reconciling now in the midst of such massive converging transits.

Day of No Shadows in Mayan Lands

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it occurs within a day of the Solar Zenith in regions between 23 1/2 degrees S. and N. latitude. On these “day of no shadows,” most striking at sacred sites located near 19 degrees latitude including Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Sun is at the very top of the sky at noon, causing there to be no visible shadow.

Here’s me at Chichen Itza in 2008, on Day of No Shadows.. when I first fell in love with Mayan lands!

This timing is sacred in these regions near the equator, carrying greater significance than Equinox and Solstice timings. The current alignment of the Sun with the Pleiades on this sacred date was highly significant to the ancient Maya, who referred to the Pleiades as the Tzab, or rattle of the snake.

Wherever we live, we can tune into this sacred timing for our neighbors in the south. In my continued love affair with the Mayan Moon Goddess Ix Chel, I have been savoring Shonagh Home’s beautiful little book: “Ix Chel Wisdom” where her descriptions of her own Full Moon Ceremonies had a strong impact on me.

For seven years in Albuquerque, I was privileged to facilitate monthly New Moon ceremonies for the women in my community. I love the internal quality of New Moon gatherings and the dynamic of planting seeds together in circle.

Yet I was myself born at a Full Moon, so the medicine of the Full Moon is, for me, more personally powerful. I treat it as my own New Moon time, to plant the seeds for my month to come.

Home’s storytelling touched me, making me consider how different the quality of women’s gatherings are when they are centered around the Full Moon, rather than the New Moon. How the celebratory dimension is amplified, as well as fire–which in many cultures is as much the domain of women as of men.

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