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Pleiadian Taurus New Moon & Mercury Retrograde 2-Week Report

The Taurus New Moon was exact last night (Sunday, May 17)at 10:13 pm MDT. This New Moon, which can be observed through Tuesday night, is special in a couple of ways.

One, it occurs within a couple of degrees of the Pleiades and two, it occurs less than 24 hours before Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Gemini.

Take Taurus’s cue to slow down and smell the spring flowers over the next couple of weeks, sink your bare toes into the soft spring soil, take a breath and ask yourself if you REALLY have time to take on that extra activity or if it might be more enjoyable to tend to what’s already on your plate.

You may well have a full plate already, but by slowing your awareness down to the eternal now, you will be better prepared to take charge and steadily move forward without everything taking twice as long BECAUSE you tried to take shortcuts and they backfired.

Taurus New Moon Intention Setting

The Taurus New Moon window extends through to Tuesday night when the crescent Moon is fully visible. We are supported as we remain focused on what is present now, and building from there.

Taurus asks–what feels good? What is pleasurable for me? How can I spend more time and attention in those areas? These are some good questions to ask yourself from now through Tuesday, and indeed for the next Month.

Pleiades New Moon

With Taurus setting the tone for our “seed planting” at this New Moon, it is appropriate that we tune into the mysteries of the Pleiades (though we cannot see them-because the definition of the New Moon is when the Sun and Moon come together, so any stars with the “New Moon” will be invisible, like the Moon, in the glare of the Sun.)

The Hopi referred to the Pleiades as “seed stars,” in part because they would plant their crops around the time when the Pleiades were seen at heliacal rise, in early May, which also happened to be the time the Pleiades disappears from the evening sky. Heliacal rise refers to what stars or planets are rising in the east in the morning just before sunrise.

The Pleiades are a beautiful star cluster located on the shoulder of the Bull constellation, and given special significance by nearly all cultures across the ages and the globe. In the western world they were often seen as a symbol for plenty, for abundance.

Mars and Mercury Retrograde in Council with Aldebaran in the Underworld

Through this next two weeks Mars, Mercury and the Sun are all joining up, and by May 26th, all are aligned to Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull constellation.

Aldebaran at this point will also be “in the Underworld” with Mars and Mercury so one could say Mercury (collective consciousness or mind) and Mars (the Sacred Masculine) are in Council at the heart of Great Mystery (the Sun) with the Bull God, which holds the mysteries of the Matriarchal or feminine cultures that existed pre-patriarchy.

We can energize that any and all vestiges of “monkey mind” which serves to separate us from heart and embodied presence be purified and cleared by the light of Divine Presence so that it comes into stillness as truth-seeing, truth knowing, Mind in service to wholeness.

We can energize that any and all remnants of the wounded and wounding, power-over patriarchal masculine and matriarchal feminine be healed, lifted up, cleansed and made new in the light of Divine Source Energy, in the light of a new day and a new era.

I see these next two weeks as a dramatic falling away of many layers of ancestral rage, sorrow, grief and hopelessness between the masculine and feminine, and between men and women, and a profound level of healing occurring in all these areas beyond human comprehension.

As we men and women meet one another with clear eyes, clear vision, letting fall away any and all old grievances that belong to the past, we can begin, in the coming months, especially beginning in late August when Venus and Mars begin their months long dance together in the morning sky, to forge a new loving, respectful, mutually autonomous yet synergistic relationship between masculine and feminine within and without, and men and women across the globe.

Night Sky Magic May 17 to June 3

Moon Magic: Though the Moon will be a very tiny sliver, visible only to a few, tomorrow (Monday night) for those able to see the crescent Moon, it will be visible briefly after sunset in the west extremely close to Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull constellation, and within just 3 degrees of twinkling Mercury, which is also just briefly visible for those with low western horizons, clear, dark skies, good vision and perhaps binoculars!

Tuesday and Wednesday nights, May 19-20, the crescent Moon is within 5-6 degrees of the center of the Sacred Hoop. Wednesday through Friday nights the crescent Moon approaches then passes Venus in the west after sunset. They are exactly conjunct Thursday morning, at 11:07 am. Wednesday night look to see the crescent Moon approaching Venus, and see that Venus’s position is lined up with Sirius.

By Saturday night, May 23, the Moon has caught up with Jupiter, passing 5 degrees SSW of the planet at 9:05 pm. On Sunday night, May 24, the Moon, near First Quarter, is approaching and within about 5 degrees SSW of Regulus, the Heart of the Lion constellation.

On Friday, May 29, the waxing Moon can be seen within about 6 degrees of Spica, the brightest star in the Virgin Constellation. On Monday night, June 1, the first of three nights of the Sagittarius Full Moon, the waxing Moon can be seen about 5 degrees from Saturn, and about 15 degrees N of Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion constellation.

Mercury: Mercury may remain barely visible for the lucky viewer for the next couple of days but will quickly be disappearing into the glare of the Sun as it travels retrograde and the Sun continues its forward movement through the sky from our view.

Mars remains invisible “in the Underworld” until the middle of August when it is reborn into the morning sky, a couple of weeks prior to Venus rising also as Morning Star.

Venus remains high and bright in the west after sunset, slowly and steadily coming closer to Jupiter until they meet on June 20th at the Summer Solstice. Venus and Jupiter only meet at this time of year once every 24 years, and this conjunction, occurring as it does right at the Summer Solstice, makes for a very magical summer solstice indeed.

By May 26 Venus will pass Castor, and by May 29 will have passed Pollux, thus exiting the Sacred Hoop on her way to Jupiter.

Jupiter is in the western sky at night above Venus, setting about 5 ½ hours after sunset.

Saturn: by Friday, May 22nd, Saturn is at opposition to the Sun, rising when the Sun sets, and setting when the Sun rises.

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