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Pleiades Sun Magic May 19-20

Open to Star Wisdom and Gather The Sister Tribe!

The Sun is approaching the Pleiades and will be with them May 19-20, days that fall within the Solar Zenith, or Day of No Shadows,at 20 degrees latitude, the location of many sacred sites including Chichen Itza, site of the great Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Solar Zenith is a time of great ceremonial importance to the ancient and modern Mesoamerican cultures near the equator. Shamanic Astrology sees this alignment of the Pleiades with the Sun near Solar Zenith, something that can only occur every 26,000 years, as another indicator that we live at the Turning of the Ages, or the Beginning and Ending of a Great Year.

Also note that Solar Zenith also occurs at this latitude and in this location in November so that at night the Pleiades can be seen directly overhead at midnight.

Solar Zenith is observed at different dates near the equator from latitudes 23.5 deg. south (the tropic of Capricorn) and 23.5 deg. north (the tropic of Cancer) as “Day of No Shadows” because at noon the Sun is directly overhead, thereby casting no shadow.

I got to be at Chichen Itza on the Day of No Shadows in 2007 as you can see from the photo below! The Pleiades were a very important star cluster within all the great mesoamerican Sky Cultures, for example, the ancient Aztec or Nahuatl-speaking cultures timed their near year according to when they would see the Pleiades in the pre-dawn sky.

To the Mayans who constructed Chichen Itza, it was seen as the Tzab or rattle of the snake and it was extremely significant that it was at the top of the sky on the Zenith at this time.

The Pleiades were observed as one of the most significant Star Nations to many, many cultures across the globe including the Cherokee, who see their ancestry as coming from this Star Cluster, and many other Native American traditions for whom the Pleiades plays a significant role in ceremony, sacred timings, creation stories and more.

I have been long fascinated by how many cultures, from Asia to Native America to the ancient Greeks, perceived within the Pleiades a group of Seven Sisters. As someone with seven sisters myself, I have had a special love for this beautiful star group!

To me, the activation of the Pleiades as part of our Great Age Change literally speaks to the power of circles of women–and men in service to the Divine Feminine re-emergence–gathering across the globe to affect positive change and bring the world back into balance. We see this everywhere now, and the Aries Arise Venus Teleclass Series Cayelin Castell and I are facilitating is the most powerful I have ever experienced.

Ceremonial Observation of the Solar Zenith

Near the Equator, the relative position of the Sun at the Equinoxes and Solstices was not as dramatic as they become the further north or south one travels from the equator. For this reason, the Solar Zenith or Day of No Shadows may have been a more dramatic and ceremonially significant occasion for those near the equator.

Similar to the great megalithic monuments and stone circles constructed in northern and southern hemispheres aligned with the movements of the Sun in the Equinox and Solstice seasons, the Mayans and other ancient peoples in this region constructed “Zenith Tubes” and other heirophanies aligned to the Zenith Sun.

Zenith tubes were sometimes constructed as an open tube leading into an underground chamber, positioned so that on the Solar Zenith the light of the Sun would have been directed into the tube, flooding the chamber below. Some examples of these tubes have been found in Mexico at Monte Alban, near the modern city of Oaxaca, with an even more dramatic example at Xochicalco, in the Mexican state of Morelos (see image below).

How to Work with the Sun Pleiades Connection in ALL Latitudes

In the coming days as you observe the beautiful Sun at sunrise, sunset, or throughout the day, know that the Pleiades are also beaming down to you timeless wisdom and insight most needed at this Turning of the Ages. Open to receiving the Star Knowledge that ignites “anamnesis” within you–a term the Greeks used and which refers to “remembering what the soul already knows.”

Consider also what it feels like to experience the light coming through to you in a time of darkness, consider the perfection of the deep insight that is streaming down to you know, awakening your very DNA to your full potential as an earth healer, as one who marries the mysteries of Earth and Sky.

Consider gathering in circles that honor the feminine–whether you are male or female, now is the time to amplify our collective intent to bring the Divine Feminine back online: She who restores the balance, back into alignment with the Sacred Masculine, creating a culture of harmony, reverence for life, and a deep honoring of the Creation.

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