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Pisces Full Moon & Fall Equinox Magic

The Pisces Full Moon was exact this morning at about 5:13 am MDT so we’re in this watery dream space through tomorrow (Friday, September 20). It’s an especially powerful Full Moon because it’s accentuated this evening (Thursday) with a powerful Mercury Jupiter square.

It’s been a magical day, preparing us for a magical Fall Equinox weekend.Through the weekend we will be feeling the Mercury Jupiter square as well as Pluto stationing direct (exact tomorrow-Friday–morning), and a Pluto Saturn Sextile (exact tomorrow near midnight). This all follows on the heels of the Saturn North Node conjunction this past Tuesday, one of the big events of the month.

It’s been a very intense week for many people-because Mercury has been activating the Grand Cross-meaning that it Mercury has activated the Pluto Uranus square as well Jupiter, forming a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs.To me it feels very electrical, almost like a Mercury Retrograde experience.   Many have been experiencing communication and technology breakdowns, and a general sense of chaos or disorder.

This is because the Mind or Consciousness of the broader culture is being radically rewired, and so we can expect natural bumps and glitches as we aligned into a new frequency. I’ve seen lately how the attempt to try and control outcomes with “muscle,” determination, will-can backfire, and a lighter touch is needed.Pisces provides us with that lighter touch.

Tomorrow take time to get quiet, to let yourself off the hook, to tune into a quieter rhythm underneath it all. Even if just for a 5 minute breather at your desk, or meditation in early morning. It’s important to nourish our nervous systems because they are experiencing and integrating a great deal at this time.

Less is more can be our mantra this weekend. Feel the joyful enthusiastic energy of Jupiter square Mercury spilling over us, opening our minds to an expansive, positive experience of life. Slow down to feel that, and also the gravity pull of Pluto-radiating its frequency as a low, intense, powerful bass undercurrent this weekend, supporting, deepening, grounding, steadying us. I sometimes feel Pluto as a gift, helping us to feel, to tune into a deeper feeling.

With Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn in a Sextile tomorrow night, we really do get to experience a healthy, vibrant, full-bodied coming together of Passion (Pluto) and Purpose (Saturn), Stability (Saturn) and Transformation (Pluto), Regenerative Structure. This is another dimension of the Sacred Feminine: in this case the Dark Goddess (Pluto) providing a deep download into our consensus reality (Saturn).

Within the magical, celebratory window that is Fall Equinox, it’s as though we get to live in the “real world” with our feet on the ground, yet at the same time feel intensely alive and energized, as though the colors are brighter, and more vivid.

We may feel emotions in this way too. Very real, deeply felt, yet in some way energizing and stabilizing. Enjoy this weekend and know deep change is upon us, and it can feel like relief and homecoming at the same time.

PERSONAL MUSINGS….Choosing Magic or Middle World  

This week I got a doozy of a dream fragment. I woke at 4:00 am with the image of a female hummingbird buzzing in front of my eyes and the very clear words: Magic or Middle World-You Choose. Sometimes I just get clear words like that. With tons of energy behind them…. this was like that.

What came through powerfully was this–wake up and know that your attempts to live lifelike you’re “supposed to”–isn’t giving you juice. You’re magical and you know it, have always known it.

Stop trying to play by other people’s rules (that’s what Middle World reality was code for). I had been trying to approach money, my practice, in a more conventional way and getting stuck because I had not yet adapted the rules to my own magical way of thinking and being.

We live in this time of profound transformation and change. In order to rise to the occasion and live lives of passion, purpose, and magic, we must understand that “middle world” or consensus reality is changing extremely rapidly.

The new “rules for success” will draw from perennial wisdom, but are not fixed, rigid, or absolute. And what works, what truly “grows corn”–is an increasingly personal question.

We can no longer get by with mouthing the answers to the questions we memorized in our textbooks, or adopting fixed rules for how to “make money,” attract abundance,” etc., etc. Life is much more fluid than that.

We are learning to tune into what ideas, practices, systems, are a fit for us, and then be willing to grow them-or leave them behind altogether-when life presents us with new, more expanded wisdom.

On this Pisces Full Moon, I had a vision where I saw all the debt I have accumulated from student loans, credit card debt initiated when I was in AmeriCorps making $500 a month-in a big pile of bills.

I saw all the muck and dark energy attached to it because I was ashamed I had debt and believed I would never have full freedom to live the life I wanted because of it.  I had equated my personal worth–or lack thereof–with that pile of debt. I had reduced my holiness as a child of God to that level.

I asked my guides and allies to support me in holding the grief, sadness and shame that I have carried with my financial debt. I asked for a healing image to help me let it go.

I saw a beautiful light behind which was the Heavenly Mother, the Heavenly Father-Divine Presence. I gave it to them, and said:

Please help me transform this debt. Please expand all healing I experience around money and debt and work–so that it blesses all others struggling with the same issues.

I’m a work in progress as are we all. But I want ALL my energy and all my resources available to me. I want to step up into the heartful, gratitude-filled grit and dirt and juice and green new life coming out of the cracks of pavement.

I don’t want to hold back my passion, my life, all the wisdom I’ve gained in my years on earth this far because some part of me believes I need to stay small to fit into “middle world reality.”

May we all be freed from whatever layers of bondage keep us smaller than our innate Divinity. May we all shine our light and remember our true power and sacredness.


As a gift to you, I am offering ALL subscribers–paying and free–this complete Pisces Full Moon Report. If you would like to sign up for my Basic Subscription, which will include a full calendar of astrological events and nighttime viewing opportunities for the month as well as In-Depth New Moon and Full Moon Reports, purchase here.

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Much love, and many blessings,


Thank you for this, Tami! Per usual, you stir the magic pot of my heart and help me to integrate all these changes that have been happening. Also, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing the monthly readings. I’ve listened to the June one twice and each time I hear something that stirs a deep chord in my soul. I feel more sure that we are definitely not alone and more capable and confident to work with the natural cycles to tune in more intimately to the magic that life whispers to us in every moment. Thank you so much! I am receiving so much from your well-spoken perspective of the movement of the stars.   

–Kate Short Lindsay, Austin, Texas 

I just wanted to thank you for the report you sent out this past week. It was a particularly awesome one, and I really appreciated it. It totally resonated and buoyed me through a challenging time, and gave me some awesome perspective and homework. You’re so amazing!    –Jenny Hipscher, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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