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On the Sacred Marriage, Lilith, and Finding Our True Medicine

by Tami Brunk

This morning at 1:07 am Pacific Venus with Black Moon Lilith squares Mars. This occurs of course within the window of our extraordinary Libra Full Moon falling on the Spring Equinox with Sun conjunct Chiron.

Venus is within two degrees of Black Moon Lilith and True South Node is closing in on an exact conjunction to Pluto (exact April 4). Mercury Retrograde in Pisces with Neptune continue to retrace Chiron’s steps through the mid degrees of Pisces.

We are asked–how can I open into a love affair with life? How can I stand in the ground of my true nature so that I have the foundation to expand into limitless possiblity? How is all of this held in Grace and Flow? What ancestral trauma is causing me such anguish that I must release it now?

We are asked now to consider: How am I exactly the medicine the world needs right now? The great humanist astrologer Dane Rudhyar said, “When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.”

He may have been speaking to all who have Chiron in Aries, we who have something so potent and unique to offer the world yet for whom our core gift, or medicine, might be something so close to us we cannot see it for ourselves, and so we can easily dismiss it as nothing–or worse.

What medicine are you for the world? How is the medicine that you are–when you stop hiding, drop your defenses, soften, and be in your full, heart-centered presence, exactly what is needed right here, right now?

Here’s a clue–your core medicine, the essence of you that is so desperately needed by the world, and which your soul is dying to fully share, may be invisible or may be intertwined with the personal qualities that you struggle with the most, and perhaps would rather annihilate altogether.

Lilith herself might have something to say about this. For she who is the wild feminine, the Goddess who never lost her animal claws and bird wings, who remained in deep contact with the Earth and in fact like Chiron is a Shaman Warrior bridging our animal and human and God nature, was for far too long reviled and banished from the human realms.

Yet she is understood now to be that wild feminine force we crave and require in order to be in contact with the primal and instinctual aliveness of Earth. Without her, there is no wholeness. Just as without you, there is a hole in the Universe.

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