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Of Coyotes, the Grand Cross, and the Calamity of the Breaking Open Heart

“When we decide to break open our hearts, sometimes calamity follows, and the earth shakes under our feet.–my wise friend Alyson

I have heard it whispered in the wind, I have spoken the words myself. I have intuited it beneath the musings of friends, or heard them speak the words directly.

It is time to break open our hearts. It is time to shift our center of gravity from our heads to our hearts. It is time to lead our lives from the center of our hearts.

It is time to crack open all the places where we have become impenetrable to life, and to become vulnerable, and real.

It is time to let fall away all the layers of falsity, of humor or diversion, or “too nice,” or angrily defensive–whatever shelters us from a true experience of feeling, and belonging to our human family–so we can claim our place in the circle.

You belong. I belong. No one is to be left out, or left behind.

We are now at the heart of the Grand Cross.

Six days ago I met coyote on the path. She told me with her eyes to be alert to surprise. Twelve hours later I looked into the eyes of my own death, and she said–“not yet.”

Six days ago I was in a accident where my car was crushed beyond repair yet I was barely injured, and the other driver not at all.

In an instant I became homeless and car-less in the middle of the Arizona desert hours before midnight. I remembered, for the first time in a long time, what it meant to be vulnerable, and to ask for help.

And I was met with the most profound experiences of kindness. The other driver, who said to me in Spanish, waving to our cars, “it’s only stuff,” it doesn’t matter.

To the Fire Chief, to the EMT’s, and the police officers. The hotel clerks who gave me a tooth brush with instant tooth paste and let me stay without a drivers licence.

To all the people coming in and out of McDonalds the next day and shared their stories. To everyone who shared on facebook, in phone calls and emails that they had thought of me, were glad I was alive.

I realized that what I had been missing so much in my life was the experience of being vulnerable, of asking for help, of remembering I am just part of this human family like everyone else. This Cardinal Grand Cross is about a cataclysmic transformation of human culture. At its center is the heart–of our shared humanity, and each of us as individuals.

The heart of Retrograde Mars in Libra on an inward journey asking the question–how do I care for both others and myself?

Jupiter in Cancer asking–how can I find a home in my own heart, and nurture my family, my tribe?

Pluto in Capricorn asking–how can I break down the structures and fortresses and walls that have been constructed between each human being, between masculine and feminine, between humanity and the Earth?

The heart of Uranus in Aries asking–how can I awaken humanity to a New Beginning, a radical new path forward, filled with Spirit, with consciousness?

Today, back at home in Albuquerque, New Mexico I hear the hummingbirds outside my window, building a new nest, like last year, in the elm tree beside our house.

Alyson’s words, spoken to me over the phone yesterday came through so clear, and I know. So many of us have stated our intentions to live from love and from the heart.

The Universe, the Earth herself is responding. Whatever it takes, whatever is needed, we will get there. When our center shifts, it feels shaky for a while. It can feel–cataclysmic. You didn’t screw up. This is how it feels to grow.

The Grand Cross, and all the Earth experiences we are undergoing at this time may put us sometimes into overwhelm, or fear, or shadow. It’s true.

Yet at the center of this experience, when we slow down enough to actually be within it, is joy, and the experience of homecoming into fully feeling and experiencing our lives. We are thawing, and it has been a long winter. Do you see the flowers beginning to bloom?

So slow down. Drop out of your mind for a moment, and feel into your heart, and into your body. You are here. You belong. This planet is home for your body, for your precious life.

Your tribe is here, just waiting for you to fully claim and love them. And even with your scars, and your lost and scared parts, remember what your soul already knows: today is a good day to be alive.

In love,


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