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Mercury Retrograde is Just the Beginning

November 23 to 30 Mercury Retrograde with Neptune and Chiron

Mercury turns retrograde tonight (Wednesday) at 11:19 pm MST. It will remain so until its direct station on December 13. Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down and give yourself some space for soul and spirit connection-or nourishing bonds with those closest to your heart. If you have been running ragged this fall like so many of us, this weekend is a very good time to restore yourself and remember what the interior of your soul feels like. Rest. Replenish yourself.

Two other factors add to the “time out of time” effect of this retrograde cycle: Neptune’s square to the Sun, which was exact Sunday, and is still resonating with us; and the Super New Moon (Solar Eclipse) exact at 10:10 MST tomorrow (Thursday), on Thanksgiving Day. Chiron squared the Sun today (Wednesday), so in the midst of this dreamscape, we might encounter rawness, or vulnerability-yet we might also feel our inner healer awakened and deepened by this encounter.

If we allow ourselves to surrender to the dreamy and visionary energy leading us through to the end of the month, permitting ourselves down time to recharge; we will find that we have access to tremendous creative capacity, and spirit nourishment beyond measure. Super New Moon in Sagittarius and Partial Solar Eclipse

Today and through the weekend it’s all about Sagittarius. The Sun, Moon, and Earth are all aligned with one another at the beginning degrees of this sign. Venus, Mercury, and the North Node are all also in Sagittarius. When we are working with this sign, we are tapping into Higher Truth, and Higher Vision. As we set our intentions this month, we do well to imagine how our own dreams and visions ripple outward into the larger world, impacting much more than our immediate circle of influence. The North Node, Great Attractor, and Dharma

Sagittarius has always been the one to hold a magnetic vision for the future. It is interesting to note that through the month of November the North Node has been aligned with a point in space–near 14 Sagittarius-known as “the Great Attractor.”

This is a cluster of galaxies with the massive Shapley Super Cluster behind it, which appears to be steadily pulling our Milky Way Galaxy toward it. Both Venus and Mercury passed this point last week as well, and the Sun and Moon will follow over the next two weeks. Mercury will cross this point 3 times over the course of its retrograde transit throughout December.

The North Node is the “head of the dragon”–representing the highest destiny point for humanity. Like Sagittarius, the North Node has to do with our dharma: both individually, and collectively. We must ask ourselves, what in my life has the deepest meaning, what is the leading spiritual quest that guides my life? Can we allow ourselves the time and ceremonial contexts that open us to our highest visions?

When we are devoted to our spiritual destiny we keep our highest visions in front of us, pursuing them with enthusiasm. We recognize that we may or may not reach this vision, but still we pursue it, and the pursuit itself enlarges, and enriches our spirits. Consider the Great Attractor as a magnetic force, pulling us toward our destiny, toward our future selves, and the future world we envision.

Saturn’s Dance with Spica

From last Monday through to the end of the month, Saturn is within a degree of Spica, the brightest star in the Virgin Constellation. From now through next fall, Saturn will be within 6 degrees of this star. Saturn is the planet that represents the “bones,” rules or “operating manual” for humanity at any given point in history.

If we consider Spica’s ongoing influence on Saturn as we move through the acceleration portal of 2012, and observe Regulus’s movement into Virgo, it seems clear that at this Turning of the Ages, the Sacred Feminine is deeply involved. The entire structure of human society and middle world reality is currently receiving a massive download of intelligence and insight from the Gaia herself, who can assist us in re-orienting our priorities to support a future for human beings on this planet.

Venus at the 2nd Gate

Early Saturday morning Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn, thus crossing Galactic Center. She squares Uranus soon after. At 8:27 pm she is conjunct the new crescent Moon. As if this were not enough, she is nearing aphelion-her furthest point from the Sun, exact on Monday. She will actually be “out of bounds”–meaning that her orbit falls outside of the Sun’s own movements, North or South of the ecliptic.

This Moon/Venus conjunction can be considered the 2nd gate the Goddess Inanna passes as she ascends from the Underworld, within the Sumerian tale that was patterned after the Venus cycle. This is the place in the story where Inanna reclaims her her lapis lazuli measuring rod and line, which can be understood as the reclaiming of her royal power at the 2nd Chakra.

What does it mean that she is passing through Galactic Center, squares Uranus, and is nearing an “out of bounds” point at the same time that she claims her most primal, creative power as the female Shaman, Sorceress, Tantrika, Kali Durga–all expressions of the Scorpio Sacred Feminine?

Uranus is associated with “unexpected events of extreme novelty.” Its intent is to act as a lightning rod, waking us up, liberating us, aligning us with our highest vibration. Perhaps we can imagine that this new version of the Sacred Feminine in Scorpio is undergoing a radical evolutionary shift; as she reclaims her life force energy and power, she does so in service to a liberated, expansive, awakened humanity.

Of course she is also approaching Pluto and is exactly conjunct within a week, so she is triggering (or adding her wisdom as the feminine element) into the Pluto Uranus square whose impact is seen clearly through the growing movements of people across the globe who are exposing and resisting the old, devastating institutions of power, control, and hegemony that benefit a few at the expense of the many.

Regulus Moves into Virgo Last Friday, November 18, the Last Quarter Moon was nearly exact Regulus, bringing forward the final release of Leo Mastery for this Royal Star as it approached its movement into the sign of Virgo, which occurs this coming Monday, November 28.

Ask yourself what was coming up for you through the month of August, when Mercury spent 3 weeks weaving back and forth on the Leo/Virgo threshold. Now is the culmination point of movement and release from the issues and patterns that arose at that time.

It also happens to be a tremendous “cross check” (and one of many) that suggests we are living at a very significant Turning of an Age. As the star known as the “Heart of the Lion” in the Leo constellation moves into a new sign for the first time in 2000 years–specifically to 0 Virgo, we can tune into the ways that we can be of greater service for Gaia, the Earth.

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