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Mercury Direct & Restoring the Heart of a Motherless Culture

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Mercury Stations Direct

Gemini Mercury stations direct Tuesday morning, July 1, at 6:50 am MDT and will pass out of its retrograde shadow completely by July 16, the day before Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo. On July 20th, Saturn stations direct so we will have all of the visible planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter) traveling direct at the same time!

Tuesday’s Mercury station initiates a period of more direct, linear movement which, for those of us who have been chomping on the bit to move forward in an external way, it might feel like a long-awaited relief, as we’ve been in one big retrograde cycle after another since December of last year with Venus, Mercury, Mars, and again Mercury all taking turns stationing retrograde.

Yet our experience today and through this first week of July is watery, dreamy, and internal. This is due to the lingering undercurrent of the Cancer New Moon exact on Friday, accentuated by Venus square Neptune yesterday (Sunday) and the “time out of time” feeling that surrounds Mercury’s moment of stationing, PLUS the fact that Pluto is also at perigee on Tuesday, meaning that it is at its closest point to the Earth, and thus felt more powerfully.

As early as next week and certainly by the middle of July we will be leaping forward with great momentum and fire with Jupiter in Leo, Saturn direct, and Mercury out of its retrograde shadow. It seems to me that by the middle of July we will be feeling the power and force of this Chinese “Year of the Horse” with greater potency than before.

Last Two Weeks of Jupiter in Cancer Amplifies Emotional Healing

The Cancer New Moon, exact last Friday and showing up as a tiny crescent Moon last night, initiated a month with Cancer as an underlying theme, amplifying Jupiter’s passage through the final degrees of Cancer. I see the next two weeks prior to Jupiter’s ingress into Leo as a time to come into the biggest breakthroughs and amplified healing in the Cancer realms of vulnerability and emotion, family and ancestral patterns, connection to home and land as well as a core sense of home and belonging in our bodies and our lives just as they are.

In its essence Cancer is a responsible nurturer. We see and feel it as the Great Mother, the heart of the Earth herself which nourishes and nurtures all of life. Cancer supports us in coming home to our selves, to the core of our being, to understanding we will never feel at home “out there” until we come home to our own inner riches, until we befriend our own emotional terrain as juicy and regenerative source and foundation for a happy life. In the Arms of the Mother: Circles of Sister Healing at Kalpulli Teopantli (excerpt)

I have just returned from an immersion in the nurturing embrace of the Mother, embodied in the lush green slopes and deep canyons of the mountains outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, Myself, three of my sisters, two nieces and a dear girlfriend all shared space, cooked meals together, went for long walks, soaked in nearby hot baths and dove deeply into our individual and collective emotional fields to evoke healing for each and all of us.

We were staying in a small Kalpulli (spiritual community) my oldest sister calls home, surrounded by about 20 loving, kind, and open-hearted families. Connecting with the children, the youth, the mothers and fathers and the esteemed “abuelas and abuelos” (grandmothers and grandfathers) nourished our connection to global family and our welcome place in it. We ventured deeper into the womb of the Mother when we entered the Temezcal (sweat lodge) for deeper clearing, healing, and connection to the Earth.

In the SoulPath work we accomplished in circle as well as in the astrology readings and dreamwork I did for my sisters and nieces, it was understood that the patterns and themes that emerged for each of us were patterns for all of us to look at. They wouldn’t have shown up in our field if they didn’t somehow have a gift for everyone. When one person was supported in her healing, we ALL experienced healing.

Night Sky Magic (excerpt)

Tonight look up into the heavens to see the bright red planet Mars, which has been so prominent in the sky, approaching Spica, the brightest star in the Virgin constellation. What you CANNOT see, but can sense into, is that the North Node, is within a degree and the asteroid Vesta is within 3 degrees–of Spica. This coming Saturday night, July 4, the First Quarter Moon will be extremely close to Mars and by Sunday night, July 5 we can see the Moon, Mars and Spica in a circle close together.

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