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May 14 to 27 Scorpio Full Moon Report

Night Sky

Tonight (Wednesday, May 14) the Full Scorpio Moon is at its brightest, within 7 degrees of Saturn in the evening sky. The Full Moon ceremonial window opened yesterday (Tuesday) and continues through tomorrow (Thursday) night as the Moon passes Antares, the eye of the Bull. On Monday May 19, Mars stations direct after traveling retrograde for 3 ½ months. On Sunday, May 25 at 8:06 am, the Moon is conjunct Venus. Look for this beautiful event in the morning sky an hour or two before sunrise.

May 14-27 Astrological Overview Venus Triggers Grand Cross

The energy of the Grand Cross is still simmering and percolating for us, with Venus as the current triggering agent. Sunday Venus opposed Mars, today (Wednesday) Venus squares Pluto, Thursday Venus is conjunct Uranus and Sunday Venus squares Jupiter. Jupiter and Mars are both moving quickly out of range of the exact Grand Cross so the intensity has lessened, but we’re still experiencing waves of expansion and contraction: accelerated clearing and growth.

Last week’s intense solar flares, plus perhaps some burnout from the month of April’s grand breakdown-breakthrough dynamic left many feeling exhausted and low in energy last week, though of course with glimmerings of the good feeling, expansive, open-hearted moments as well. Utilizing the Taurus New Moon’s directive to return to center, to the body, slow down, and get grounded helped, if we remembered to do it! Scorpio Full Moon at Lunar Beltane

Tonight’s Scorpio Full Moon offers a couple of different possibilities for us. On one end, with the Sun illuminating Moon in Scorpio, and revealing what has been in shadow, we might feel the stirring of old fear, pain, overwhelm: or see clearly what in our lives is needing to be released and let go of.

On the other hand, Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Beltane provides us with a dose of life force energy, if we are up for receiving it and channeling it in positive ways. Perhaps most of all, we are asked to spend some time considering what we want, what energizes us and makes us feel alive, and then pay attention to what stands in the way of MORE of this experience.

We can ask that these blocks be transformed, that our limits around receiving pleasure and joy, and generating sufficient energy and passion to live lives of full color and vibrancy be lifted, so that we might deeply and completely inhabit our body, our being, our relationship to self, and other.

Of course, tonight and tomorrow night are wonderful times for Full Moon Ceremony where we actively burn in a fire, bury, or otherwise ceremonially release our blocks, fears, and limitations, ideally under the light of the Scorpio Full Moon.

Blessing of the Grand Water Trine: Healing and Becoming Healers

We are blessed in this continuing window of intensity by a rare Grand Water Trine involving Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter and Chiron are in an exact trine just prior to the exact Scorpio Full Moon today (Wednesday, May 14).

This opens us to grace and support as we ask that our deeper wounds be uplifted and healed, and as we ask that this healing of our wounds be for the benefit of all those whose lives we touch: that it support us in stepping into our own capacity as agents of healing, compassion, and light.

Mars Stations Direct

Since March 1, Mars has been traveling retrograde-and wow, has that ever impacted life, on so many levels!!! We all know about Mercury Retrograde and the havoc it wreaks on communication, technology, and the general order of things WHEN we are trying to push the river and keep going at a usual frantic pace.

Yet Mars Retrograde has a profound effect on our everyday lives and I’ve seen it so powerfully activated in these past months. Mars is the Sacred Masculine, and also holds the energy of forward movement, action in the world. So when Mars is retrograde, mechanical “moving” objects seem to be quite affected.

I’ve noticed it most specifically in traffic. There has been a fascinating hurry up and wait dynamic, and I’ve had to swerve to avoid drivers 3 times in the past week alone. It is more common than normal to see a driver traveling very slowly in the passing lane, with other drivers trying to get through. A general lack of flow can be a bit jarring.

This is bigger than that. I’ve seen that many people have intuited that June is the time for big movement: moving from their homes, big travel plans, etc. This is not true for everyone, as some are more impacted by the cycles than others. But in general a kind of restrained energy has been experienced by many.

There is always a sacred and ceremonial way to engage with a cycle that can help us navigate and make the best use of it. With Mars Retrograde it has been to cultivate patience and an ability to loosen up where life does not deliver change and movement as we desire.

It is also about allowing our desires, our sense of direction to mature and develop more fully before we dive forward into the new currents of our lives: which for most of us have been transformed dramatically, internally, externally or both in the past three months.

May 19 Mars stations direct and so, following this date we can begin to really externalize and take action and experience a new kind of flow in “middle world” reality. Leading up to that time, we do well to take the Scorpio/Taurus directive of getting clear on what we want this rapid movement forward to feel like emotionally and in our physical experience.

Venus Crosses the 4th Gate: Releasing Armor around Our Hearts

Next Sunday morning, May 25th, Venus and the Moon are conjunct in the sign of Aries, signaling the activation of the Heart Chakra on Venus’s descent journey into the Underworld (conjunction with the Sun) this September (Learn more about, and join our Morning Star Venus Series here).

For the next month, beneath all the other astrological transits is this deeper theme of clearing and releasing layers of armoring around our hearts. What would it take for us to fully see, claim, and open for healing all the places where our hearts have been broken so that we might be made ready to shift even more powerfully our center of living, of intelligence, of action from our minds to our hearts?

The truth is that ultimately, if we consider the deepest potential of the Grand Cross energy we’ve been ignited by, it is that we, as human beings, are learning to stand at the center of the four directions, and receive the energy of the Above, Below, Within, Without.

We are learning to alchemize these energies through our heart center: thus learning to stand at the center of our own universe, and radiate love from the center of our being, from our essential brilliance and our unique expression of love. In-Depth Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Beltane Report

Tonight’s Scorpio Full Moon fills us with the potent aliveness of Moon in Scorpio, balanced with the sensual, intimate beauty of Sun in Taurus. When the Taurus Sun sets in the west tonight, we see the Scorpio Moon rise in the east: the face of the Sun gazes into the face of the Moon-illuminating both mysteries.

Scorpio and Taurus are Tantric signs. They help us connect to the life force energy within and without. They help us to bring the sacred and ecstatic into our lived experience. Are you feeling the spring energy rising through your entire system? Do you feel the aliveness rise in you like sap in a tree? Scorpio and Taurus generate that stirring of fertile, sexual, creative energy, also associated with Beltane–and this Full Moon initiates Lunar Beltane.

Taurus is a masterful receiver of pleasure, of beauty, of all in life that is sweet. Scorpio is a powerful catalyst, causing the energy to rise, activating whatever (or whoever) it draws into its energy field. Both Taurus and Scorpio help us to get in touch with our deeper desire, our personal will. Scorpio also of course deals with the death and rebirth mysteries.

Kali, a Scorpio Goddess, understands that we cannot fully feel our aliveness if we are not willing to cut away the deadwood. Yet Scorpio also has a component that is less about DOING, and more about profound surrender.

Though sometimes we must actively cut the cord, or choose to release what is dead in our lives, perhaps even more frequently what is called for is for us to surrender all the areas where we are trying to hold back the tide of change, and allow what no longer serves to fall away of its own accord. So at this Scorpio Full Moon we do well to ask ourselves:

What needs to die in my belief system, my habits, my relationships, so I have space for more life? What has become overripe, where is the deadwood that is ready to fall away or be consciously released? Where have I been exerting will, energy, and attention on maintaining or holding together a status quo reality that no longer generates its own energy for growth and survival?

The spiritual path of Scorpio demands that we be courageous enough to identify our personal desire and will, to ask: what do I want? What do I desire? What idea or action causes my energy to rise, makes my skin flush, makes me feel ecstatic and enthusiastic, and filled with passion? For those of us who believe ourselves to be spiritual and equate spirituality with selflessness and service, Scorpio might challenge us.

The truth is that with Saturn in Scorpio now (very close to the Full Moon!), our very culture, the framework of human existence is now challenged to operate from a foundation, a wellspring, of inspiration, of passion, of creative life force.

If we are not enthusiastic, energized by what we are doing, we cannot be sustainable or authentically in service to others. We must first claim and develop ourselves, our ego, our identity, our desires, before we have a self/ego/identity that is beautiful enough to offer up to the Divine, and to surrender as something precious.

Our creative passions; those areas of our lives that thrill and excite us are calling to us now. How can we honor and claim more of the passion and color and full feeling of life? In modern culture we often associate passion, ecstasy, aliveness with sexual or romantic experience. And certainly this is where many of us are first blown open to this experience within ourselves.

And yet true eros is much, much bigger than this. We are here to make love to the world. To experience the erotic creative life force in multiple areas of our lives, not limited to the interpersonal realm of sexuality and sensuality-though those are certainly vital.

So how in the coming weeks might we allow life to penetrate us fully, imagine and live into the possibility that it is life’s utmost pleasure to turn us on, to bring us more and more fully into our embodied ecstatic experience of what it means to have a body, to be sensory, to experience life’s many flavors with exquisite attention and delight?

We begin by the light of the Scorpio Moon. Between tonight and tomorrow night, it is of such benefit for us to get centered and tapped: in via kundalini yoga, ecstatic dance, Chi Kung, sacred sexual union, tantric practices: whatever puts us into our center, our breath, our bodies, our pleasure center.

As we open with gratitude to the holy beauty, intimacy and pleasure the Earth gives so plentifully, we will receive an overflowing dose of magical, enlivening energy to amplify the life and growth of the intentions we set at the Taurus New Moon (or whatever dreams we hold most closely at this time).

Transits May 13 to May 27

May 13, Tuesday. Mercury at greatest latitude north of the ecliptic plane at 1:00 am. Asteroid 2 Pallas passes 1.4 degrees NNW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 4:00 pm. May 14, Wednesday. Lunar Beltane. Waxing Moon passes .56 degrees S. of Saturn (19 Scorpio 44) at 5:02 am. Full Moon (23 Scorpio 55) at 12:16 pm. Jupiter (17 Cancer 07) trine Chiron (17 Pisces 07) at 12:28 am. Venus (13 Aries 22) square Pluto (13 Capricorn 22) at 10:50 am. May 15, Thursday. Venus passes 1.2 degrees SSE of Uranus (14 Aries 49) at 4:54 pm. Waning Moon passes 8 degrees N of Antares at 6:00 pm. May 16, Friday. May Arietid radio meteors. Venus at aphelion from the Sun at 6:00 am. May 17, Saturday. Waning Moon moves into Capricorn at 1:12 am. Mercury (17 Gemini 14) square Chiron (17 Pisces 14) at 7:14 am. May 18, Sunday. Waning Moon passes 2.6 degrees NNW of Pluto (13 Capricorn 19) at 1:00 am. Moon at perigee (at 4:57 am. Venus (17 Aries 52) square Jupiter (17 Cancer 52) at 8:31 am. May 19, Monday. Mars (9 Libra 02) stations direct at 6:32 pm. 15P Finlay at opposition at 5:00 am. May 20, Tuesday. Sun moves into Gemini at 7:59 pm. Omicron Cetid meteors. 29PSchwassmann-Wachmann 1 at opposition at 7:00 am. May 21, Wednesday. Last Quarter Moon (0 Pisces 24) at 5:59 am. Waning Moon passes 4.7 degrees NNW of Neptune (7 Pisces 30) at 11:00 pm. May 22, Thursday. Mercury at greatest declination north at 7:00 am. May 23, Friday. Waning Moon moves into Aries at 9:01 am. May 24, Saturday. Jupiter (18 Cancer 59) trine Saturn (18 Scorpio 59)at 10:47 am. Possible meteor from Comet 209P LINEAR. May 25, Sunday. Waning crescent Moon passes 2.2 degrees NNW of Venus (25 Aries 56) at 7:06 am. May 26, Monday. Comet 209PLINEAR .82 degrees ESE of asteroid 2 Pallas at 6:00 pm. May 27, Tuesday. Waning crescent Moon moves into Gemini at 9:47 pm.

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