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Mars Square Pluto & Mercury Retrograde

Stirring the Pot & The Big Picture

June 14 – 26 Report

Today (Monday) we are feeling the reverberations of last weekend’s MAJOR transits-Mars squared Pluto on Saturday, June 14, followed by the Moon conjunct Pluto, and the Moon’s continued activation of the remaining Grand Cross points of Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus. This re-triggering of the Grand Cross energies with current emphasis on Pluto continues to unfold with lessening intensity through this coming week.

We’ve entered another extraordinary two-week period with the continued undercurrent of Mercury Retrograde and the rapid approach of Solstice (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter in the South) on Saturday, June 21st.

I have personally been feeling majorly scrambled, as the Moon and Mars activation of Pluto was exact on my Midheaven! Add to that my poorly timed but necessary transition to a new computer in the heart of Mercury Retrograde, as I traveled last week to a spiritual community outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, at 20 degrees latitude, about 15 south of my usual place on the surface of the planet-and these things do affect us, profoundly!

Mars Square Pluto: Stirring the Pot & The Big Picture

The Mars Pluto activation is a BIG one, and may have left many of us feeling blown out of the water. To put it into context, beginning in December of this past year we have been in one big retrograde cycle after another, beginning with Venus, followed by Mercury, followed by Mars, followed again by Mercury Retrograde AGAIN.

This has caused many of us to experience, in the midst of the eclipse and Grand Cross activation and beyond, a need to take one step at a time, surrender to unexpected outcomes, continually re-assess and recalibrate, and in many cases give ourselves a longer timeline within which to make the bigger, long term decisions.

At the same time, all this great intensity stirs the pot and has inspired many of us to change our lives in very significant ways. We may have taken BIG leaps and had an idea of where we are headed, stepping out in trust, yet the Universe may not immediately deliver the reward for our courage and willingness.

What I am seeing clearly at this time is that the choice to clear old patterns, step into the future naked and without the old security and baggage is a good one-even if the results don’t show up immediately! Pluto in Capricorn is a major player in the Grand Cross activation and is VERY much activated right now. Venus in a Capricorn cycle and Saturn in Scorpio amplify the Pluto dynamic. What these three initiators of deep cultural change tell us is this:

If we’re going to be the change, shift the paradigm, leap headlong into a NEW world co-created with Gaia and with the Sacred Feminine fully awakened and present in concert with the healing Masculine-then we must learn to disengage with old programming around linear outcomes.

On Not Getting the Cookie-You Didn’t Screw Up!

Beneath the modern cultural mythos lurks a distorted expression of the Judeo-Christian paradigm, which has promised us: if we do what we are “supposed to do” according to our teachers, our cultural authorities, then our version of God will reward us with a cookie of some sort: the outcome we have been asking for. This not only feels satisfying, it is proof that that God likes us, approves of us, that we’re “doing it right.”

Yet when we truly dedicate ourselves and say to Source in the language our heart comprehends that we are “all in”—we want to transform and to be all we are here to be: more often than not instead of a cookie, the first thing we get a big smack in the noggin.

But let’s get something straight—it’s not that the Divine is punishing us. It’s that we are experiencing the face of God/Goddess transmitted through Pluto, or the Dark Goddess, which is irrational, nonlinear—yet precisely the medicine we need for the alchemical, shamanic transformation we require at this time.

During our collective and personal Pluto initiations sometimes the best proof we are “on the path” is that we are overwhelmed, unsure of what happens next, unmoored, humbled, brought to our knees, and stripped clean of our former certainties. The unlearning, unraveling element of our awakening is frightening to our ego-self or old identity. Add to that experience a belief that it’s hard because we ‘f-ed up” and we add an unnecessary layer of pain—and thus slow the process of alchemical transformation.

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