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Mars Opposite Saturn: Harnessing the Power of Masculine Intent

Mars moved into exact opposition with Saturn at 11:54 pm pm Pacific last night, so that now when Saturn rises in the east about an hour after sunset, Mars is setting in the west.

You have probably been feeling the dynamic of these two energies strongly over the past few days, and you are invited to work powerfully and positively with these energies over the coming week.

It’s time to get clear on where you need to take constructive action in your life, and ignite the spark to do these things. This is not a time to wait for others to give you permission or make it easy, or to otherwise go into passivity about your life and choices.

It may be that you’ve felt a growing restlessness, impatience, and frustration around areas where you feel you’ve not been making progress, or feel stuck in your life. Mars, the masculine principle, desires to move forward, to take decisive action, to be purposeful and have a clear agenda.

When Saturn shows up to activate Mars, you may become profoundly aware of the patterns in your life where you hold yourself back from your clear mission and purpose. It becomes more uncomfortable to remain in inaction than it does to make the next right move. This is a good thing!

With Saturn in the equation it can be easy to go into habits of self criticism or doubt, which is where you may get stuck! Instead, choose to operate from a place of self trust, and self love, taking one step after another, realizing “done is better than perfect,” asking–what is the right next move? And doing that thing.

Ask yourself, how can I take action in a conscious deliberate way, being courageous enough to bust through paralysis and do the “next right thing” according to my inner guidance system? How can I forgive myself if everything doesn’t go as planned but instead be proud of myself for having the courage to show up in the best way I know how?

Now is a time to practice the skill of “Action-Learning,” which is where we face and overcome our fear of making mistakes and become willing to take imperfect actions, paying attention to the results that come from these actions, and continually re-calibrating or changing course based on the feedback we receive from the Universe.

Saturn (Sagittarius) and Mars (Gemini) are in mutable or “In Service to Spirit” signs so part of taking action is choosing to maintain or reactivate practices that connect you to Spirit and your internal guidance.

It is important, with Gemini in the equation to know that Spirit moves in mysterious ways and sometimes challenge is an opportunity to become more flexible and adaptable and play the game with new awareness.

A spirit of playfulness and curiosity as we move forward is POWERFUL medicine to support our path at this time.

Honoring the Feminine and Masculine

From the feminine perspective flow can be the most essential feedback response–are my actions creating a sense of ease and flow in my life? And this is a very good way to live, something we’re learning more and more in our masculine-oriented modern culture, to bring it back into balance.

Yet masculine energy must also be honored and harnessed, and one way to do this is to make the decision to be wholehearted and include in your prayers and your intentions great gratitude for whatever challenges or obstacles meet you as you move forward on your path–because you understand this is part of the game, and it makes you stronger and more resilient.

Shift your perspective to “bring it on!” “I’ve got this!!” Acknowledge all the ways you have been doing the best you can, and that your next choice will be wiser because of learning from past actions. This week is about staying awake and staying in action, learning to be strong and flexible at the same time.

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