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Mars and Pluto Manifest Magic

Mars has been such a potent force for transformation this year, activating Antares, Saturn, and today–Pluto. It is “out of bounds” at this time, meaning that it is traversing new territory, bringing back information to us that is new, fresh, and unlike anything we have experienced before.

With Mars triggering Pluto, we are asked what actions we can take to support deepening and transformation in our lives. It is time to acknowledge that as human beings with hearts we must take time to feel and to integrate our lived experience.

Like the Sacred Masculine it represents, Mars carries a penetrating, alive, action-oriented life force energy. Pluto initiates death and rebirth experiences that transform us from the caterpillar state of limited awareness to the limitless butterfly of awakened consciousness and full empowerment.

The caterpillar/butterfly metaphor is a powerful one for the Pluto initiation process, and I was reminded of it today because all morning I have seen a parade of butterflies of every variety flitting around in the jungle where I am currently working.

Then as I cleaned up my desktop I stumbled upon an image labeled “butterflies” opened it absentmindedly and then accidentally made it my desktop background, though I don’t really know how to instantly make that happen with an image!!

So it’s a metaphor that applies powerfully to me in this moment and to many of us I believe.

Death is our constant companion on this walk of life and Pluto reminds us of that. When we choose actions that energize us, that align with our full-bodied “yes” we might find that these actions initiate the death of who we have known ourselves to be in the past.

When we choose to manifest powerfully–as Mars and Pluto invite us to do—and are willing to ask “what does my deeper soul long for, what would a life of full passion, purpose, and integration look and feel like?” and when we practice feeling that deeper desire in our bodies, we enact powerful change.

Our first experiences when we dare to claim what we deeply desire might be of loss, of disorientation, of confusion and a feeling of powerlessness–just as the caterpillar in the cocoon may feel as it undergoes its complete and utter metamorphosis.

Yet these are all symptoms that we are on the right path. We didn’t screw up, we behaved courageously. I think this is true for humanity in so many ways.

As we stand up and say clearly what we want our world to look like and feel like, we call to the surface for witnessing and transforming, all that stands in the way of that world. So as you look around you and see the toxicity in our current media, and the ugliest dimension of U.S. culture rearing its head, remember, this is part of the manifestation process.

Here is What We Are Manifesting:

–We manifest clean water for future generations –We manifest a fossil fuels free economy –We manifest a government that serves the people, not special interests –We manifest a society where every human life is valued –We manifest a culture where every sexual orientation is embraced and welcomed –We manifest a culture where women’s bodies are perceived as holy, her sexuality belongs to her and no one else, and her intelligence and wisdom is called forth and heeded to guide us through dark times. –We manifest a culture where men are cherished as nurturers as well as protectors and his body valued not just as a machine to make money or as fodder for war, but as a sacred vessel of awakened consciousness and impassioned service to the community

So we see all that stands in contrast to that. We bless it, and we see beyond, to the reality we are creating together. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted and waylaid by false narratives that would have us believe only what we can see with the limited eye of the mind.

We open our hearts and we tap into the innate wisdom of our embodied soul, and we see beyond the current situation and we see just beyond our imagining. We see a new Earth Community where our descendants thrive, where our sacred waters run clean, where our air has been purified, and humanity has embraced its place as a protector of life on Earth and not its destroyer.

Look for proof for these things everywhere, and you will see them…

What would you add to the manifestation list???

With love, Tami

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