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Light Through the Branches: A Story for Our Time


Dear Friends,

Tonight, as the Sagittarius Full Moon approaches Galactic Center, which to the ancient Maya was the World Tree, I want to tell you a story.

Once, in a very dark time, not so unlike now, a Great Tree appeared to me in a dream and restored my hope for the future.

It was 2003, at the onset of the invasion of Iraq. My friends and I had fought with everything we had against that war and we had lost. My spirit was in so much darkness, I had lost my vision and my hope for the Earth community and Gaia herself.

We live at another such dark time, when it can be hard to see a future that is bright for humanity and the Earth.

And I feel it’s time for me to share this dream and all it revealed for me, to gift you with the Great Tree Medicine that I believe can mend our body, soul, spirit and ground and uplift us to so we can stand strong and rooted, embodying the World Changers we were born to be.

That is why I am so so thrilled to offer this NEW World Tree Dreaming Intensive Six Week Course with author, astrologer, Mercury-whisperer and friend Gary Caton, with whom I share a deep love of dreaming, Venus, and the living night sky.

MORE DETAILS AND REGISTRATION FOR THE COURSE HERE as well as an AWESOME interview I just did with Gary on his popular Hermetic Astrology podcast.

To hear the rest of my dream and story, stay tuned for a FREE SUMMER SOLSTICE Webinar with Gary and I this coming Thursday, June 20 at 12:00 pm Central.

And now I want to ask you a question, one I believe is more important than any political poll.

Do you have a feeling for the land?

Have you found yourself somewhere on the Earth–in the deep forest, on a mountain, near a wild spring, in the desert, beside the ocean, under the brilliant stars of a night sky, maybe ….and felt tears of deepest gratitude and full body tremors because of your feeling of immense love for, and connection to Earth and Sky?

Where did that happen for you? Many times, yes?

Have you journeyed through lands where you felt the sensation of coming home, as if your spirit knew these trees, the particular scent of these wildflowers and soil? Like you’d been there before and the ancestors inside you were singing?

Yes, you have, haven’t you?

Can you touch with your mind and spirit the landscapes that have shaped your soul and helped you remember who you are, creating a geography of soul memory in place?

I bet you have.

I recall as intimately as the face of a former beloved, the curve of forest with Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar overlooking a sweet stream beneath hidden hot springs deep in the mountains of the Bitterroot Mountains.

The enormous Ponderosa Pine standing guard over the Hoodoo Rock columns in the high desert once home to the Zia people. The scent and feel of ocean waters as I swam with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in traditional Mayan lands near the Island of the Women.

Each time, tears of recognition and remembrance and gratitude for the reconnection to these parts of Myself, each a unique face, or facet of the Beloved.

Have you felt that too?

I believe it is in the recovery of this visceral and intimate relationship to Earth and Sky and in remembering our place in the living Cosmos of all life, that we WILL restore sanity to our species and all of future life on Gaia.


If you would like to schedule a reading with me to help you reconnect to the mysteries of Earth as well as Sky, schedule any of my readings here and let me know. I will provide you with special insight and practices related to your chart and current transits. I am able to do this because this Earth knowledge is as deeply rooted in me as the Sky medicine I have been sharing.

…which is why I am offering this new course, to help you, in the midst of modern life where it is all too easy to forget what is essential, to stay rooted in that consciousness of ecstatic connection to Earth and Sky.

The Six Week World Tree Dreaming Intensive will be a love poem, an ecstatic dance in dreams and waking between ourselves and the Great World Tree–both that archetypal force that transcends culture and time and connects every one of us to the Mysteries of Earth and Sky, as well as the animating force behind the Turning of the Ages.

For Six Weeks we will immerse ourselves in Tree Medicine and explore the rich dimensions and guidance of the World Tree as healer, Bridge between Earth and Sky, and Great Healer of the Wounded Human Soul/Spirit Split.

We will explore the Great Tree in the Cosmos, at the Galactic Equator, and engage in practices to literally ground us to Earth and Heavens with the immediate Tree Allies in our own worlds and travels.

Join me and listen to the awesome new interview I did with Gary Caton HERE.

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