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Libra New Moon Reset

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Dear Friends,

Night skies this week are spectacular. After sunset look to the west this Thursday night to see the crescent Moon, Mars, and Antares in a triangle. After midnight Saturday and Sunday night look to the East for the Orionid meteor showers-which tend to leave streaks in the sky.

Yesterday’s New Moon in Libra was conjunct Royal Star Spica, and opposite the asteroid Eris. Sunday night’s Mars Chiron square also adds to the dynamic, as did Venus’s movement through the “Heart Clearing” Gate last Friday.

Many of us have felt stirred up over the past weekend by relationships and intense interactions between intimates, friends, family. All this swirling and cooking has been helping us become more raw, more real, and more aware of our interpersonal dynamics.

I see the past couple of weeks, precipitated by Saturn’s movement into Scorpio, the Sun’s movement into Libra, and the Mars/Venus square and following Neptune/Chiron alignments as creating an accelerated healing portal we’ve been passing through, to help us prepare for this New Moon in Libra.

The New Moon in Libra, which is still reverberating through today and sets the tone for the coming month, is a moment where we begin to feel and see the new kinds of relationship dynamics we long to experience. We have been shedding old wounds, old projections, and old expectations like crazy.

Now we are asked to tune into and energize the moments of clarity where we see and feel what it’s like to be fully authentic, expressing our core gifts and inner nature, in synergistic play with others, also fully expressing their innate brilliance in its unique form.

With Eris in the mix we know that our newly mature Libra is being tested to move beyond old ideas of fair, balanced, equal-and instead to dance with the beauty of our personal and collective light and shadow, core wholeness and sacred wounds-a new, all inclusive honoring of Self, Other, and the Holy Community.

Much love and many blessings,



Eris opposite the New Moon in Libra has stirred up a lot for us. To me it highlights the Achilles heel of “stuck” Libra. If we believe that Libra is all love and roses, we are sorely mistaken.

When we come from the belief that relationships should unfold blissfully according to rules devised in our own minds, often originating from the need for security, and safety, we set up the perfect conditions for Eris to enter our lives.

Eris was the Greek Goddess of Strife and Discord who started the Trojan War because she was not invited to a party attended by all the great Gods and Goddesses. As we invite in the dynamics and experiences we wish to have in the realm of relationship, it is vital to remember to invite Eris to our party as well!

This means keeping a window open, for fresh air as we envision right relationship, and to understand that getting to the heart-blasted-open, ecstatic, blissful, happy and whole place involves learning to dance with unpredictability, with shadows and mirrors, with our own closeted monsters and those of our loved ones-this is all part of the grand game.

Our need to control life; and to set up conditions to protect our comfort and security are often most visible in our closest relationships. To reset our old patterns and start fresh in the realm of relationship, it is very beneficial to embrace the space of “not knowing.”

This is what heals the split, and helps Eris transform into her deeper nature, that of original chaos, or primordial beginnings. She begins to resemble the Scorpio medicine we are all diving deeply into at this time.

FOR THE FULL REPORT, SIGN UP HERE and email me immediately at so that I can send you this full report ASAP. For the free report, sign up in the box to your right.

Thank you!

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