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Leo New Moon & Jupiter opposite Pluto

The Leo New Moon was exact yesterday (Tuesday August 6) late afternoon so through tomorrow evening (Thursday, August 8) when the crescent Moon is visible, we can work powerfully with its energies to seed our intentions for the month to come. We all imagine that Leo will feel good and for many there IS a lot of good feeling to be experienced and amplified today and tomorrow.

But hold up–there’s something else to consider. There is a BIG transit built into this Leo New Moon-Jupiter opposite Pluto is exact today, Wednesday. It has been building for the past few days, and we will continue to experience it through the week.

So–there is a lot of FEELING in general (Pluto opposite Jupiter in Cancer) that we have access to at this time. It might feel intensely good, and it might feel, well, intensely NOT good. Whatever has been there, under the surface will be magnified.

As we consider our Leo New Moon intentions we can know two things: first, we are still in the broader window of potent manifesting potential opened by the Star Tetrahedron on July 29, which is completed with a second Star Tetrahedron on August 25.

So the days following the Leo New Moon are a VERY good time to get clear on what we desire-even if we feel murky presently and our greatest desire is to gain clarity!

Know this also: with Jupiter amplifying Pluto, whatever obstacles, whatever Untruth stands in the way of knowing our true desire and whatever obstacle has stood in the way of its manifestation will show up, big time, in the next few days. If we don’t see, feel, and engage with these obstacles, these Untruths now, we can intend that they be blasted away later in the month when Jupiter squares Uranus.

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