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June 19 to 28

Solstice Miracle

Today (Tuesday) at 11:16 am marked the exact Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere. This past weekend through the end of the week remain potent times for ceremony–as the sun rises in almost precisely the same location of the sky for several days before and after the exact Solstice point. Like all the Solstice, Equinox, and Cross Quarter points over the past year; this Solstice is surrounded by a high number of planetary transits.

On Sunday, Mercury opposed Pluto. Early this morning (Tuesday), Mars passed the Pleiades at 29 Taurus, entering the portion of the sky known as the Sacred Hoop–an area regarded by many cultures as a “birthing point” in the sky. At 11:16 am the Sun crossed the center of the Hoop at 0 Cancer–marking the exact moment of Solstice. About an hour later, Mercury squared Saturn. Later in the evening after moving into the sign of Gemini, Mars will square Neptune.

So now the Sun (Great Mystery), Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all located within the Sacred Hoop–and all are clustered near the South Node, which represents our collective lineage, or point of origin. So this Solstice is illuminating and catalyzing the birth of a new collective Mind/Muse (Mercury) and version of the Sacred Masculine (Mars)–even as it extracts wisdom from our collective history and heritage.

Mercury’s Underworld immersion over the past week has deepened our awareness, helping us to understand the transforming power of the massive earth changes surrounding us. Our anxiety is lessening to the degree that we surrender to those forces which lie beyond our control, and instead focus our attention on what can be gained through these rites of passage.

Saturn’s influence on Mercury crystallizes this deepened awareness, and helps us cultivate constructive, grounded thought patterns in order to gain a firm foothold and more ease-fully balance our lives in an increasingly dynamic world. Add to that Mars’ entrance into the “birth canal” of the Sacred Hoop and its square to Neptune, and we can move from deeply grounded awareness to divinely inspired action.

We now find ourselves in a place where we are most capable of living in balance with all dimensions of reality-as we are perfectly poised between the 3 worlds. The actions we take now are rooted in the tantric, life-force energy of the Underworld (Pluto); building new, enduring structure in the Middle World (Saturn); guided by the Celestial World understanding of love, compassion, and connectedness to All That Is (Neptune).

For me, Solstice represents the incredible mystery and miracle that is life on Earth. Due to the absolutely perfect/imperfect tilt of our planet and its relationship to the Sun, we are blessed with an incredible diversity of life, of abundance. And of course, every part of this equation is changing–the Sun itself is an evolving entity; and the climate surrounding our planet is shifting tremendously.

Let us energize and activate that part of human consciousness capable of most gracefully dancing with Earth changes. Let us open to guidance and support for adapting and transforming our institutions and ways of life to support a healed climate and Earth.

And as we do so, let us embrace a humble stance as we surrender to those changes over which we have no control–instead focusing our attention on all those places where our lives and very being can embody and radiate love, joy, delight, and conscious co-creation with Great Mystery.

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