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Intuitive Action–Full Speed Ahead!

December 27 to January 7

Scorpio Goddess Empowerment Gate

Last night (Monday) if you were looking up at the sky you will have seen the brilliant crescent Moon, and Venus sparking nearby, in a horizontal line about 7 degrees away from each other. Their exact conjunction was at 12:33 am MST this morning. Tonight they will still be visibly close; still a visual treat.

This Venus Moon conjunction is where the Sumerian Goddess Inanna (Venus) passes through the 3rd gate on her ascent from the Underworld. Here she reclaims the golden ring around her wrist, or her hip girdle, representing a reclaiming of her personal power at the 3rd Chakra.

The 3rd Chakra is the one most connected to Aries and Leo, two signs that are extremely intuitive and action-oriented, and which strongly embody “I Am” presence.

Imagine a full empowerment of the Sacred Feminine, the dimension of Life most concerned with bringing “Spirit into Matter.” Imagine how this element, in the Scorpio expression, begins to “take up space,” and be more fully experienced here on Earth.

She is the one who assists us in engaging with our lives in an organic, (she might say orgasmic) manner, fully immersed in the flow of life force energy that runs through the veins of the Earth, into our bodies, empowering us with a sense of aliveness, tuning us in to the shamanic dimension of life; its sacred vitality.

What does this empowerment of the Sacred Scorpio Feminine look like and feel like “out there” in middle world reality? What does it look like and feel like “in here” within our consciousness, our bodies, our lives, our primary relationships, our connection to community, our connection to the surrounding Earth? Mercury Exits Retrograde Shadow near the Great Attractor

This morning (Tuesday), Mercury, having stationed direct last week, is conjunct the Great Attractor and the North Node at 14 Sagittarius at 6:30 am this morning for the 3rd time over the past month, due to its back-and-forth retrograde journey. It will move outside of its retrograde shadow on Friday, December 30. The cycle began November 23rd.

From now through Friday we are receiving the final “download” from the current Mercury Retrograde cycle. Each Mercury retrograde cycle represents a period where we are receiving information of some kind, often beyond the level of our conscious awareness, as Mercury retrograde shifts us into right brain/intuitive receptivity.

This cycle, occurring over the same period as the Regulus shift into Virgo, the Total Lunar Eclipse, Winter Equinox, and the conjunction to the Great Attractor by Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and especially the North Node (humanity’s destiny point), has been providing us with the initiatory insights, awareness, and comprehension to assist us in moving through the acceleration of the portal that is 2012, within a larger window of transition to a New Earth.

Collective Mind Opens to Ultimate Truth

We are beginning to see more clearly all the ways that our society is shifting and changing, and how people’s minds are being opened to Truth (Sagittarius), in all its aspects. More and more of us are awakening to the truth of existence; we are becoming more adept at seeing the holy fabric that binds our Earth together.

We are beginning to see the sacred in the mundane, realizing that Spirit flows through every dimension of our Earth experience–not above or beyond it.

For the next few days, we do well to invite into our dream space, and into our waking awareness, new visions and insights about how we, as individuals, are contributing to the emergence of a new human organism, in alignment with the cycles of the living Earth.

Pay attention to stories in the news that hint at our new collective direction, and conversations that point to a new awareness growing within people in every walk of life.

When we focus our attention on what energizes us, and what is really “working” and flowing in our lives, relationships, and the world surrounding, we become “co-madres” (mothers) and co-padres (fathers) of the new reality, nourishing and supporting the evolution of our human family toward a more awakened, collaborative, creative, and Earth-honoring culture.

Sun conjunct Pluto–Surrender to Transformation

Tomorrow (Wednesday), just before midnight, the Sun is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun, representing Great Mystery, is now illuminating, and bringing into our conscious awareness those areas where human society’s “bones,” or foundations (Capricorn), are undergoing complete metamorphosis. This has been an ongoing process since Pluto moved into Capricorn in December, 2007.

We are awakening to the depth and intensity of these changes with help from Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn (there are two exact alignments this year). The Uranus Pluto square is currently amplified by the Sun’s square to Uranus last Friday, followed by tomorrow’s Pluto Sun conjunction.

When both Pluto and Uranus are involved, we are reminded that this is a time to practice surrender and “going with the flow.” It helps to remember that certain evolutionary and regenerative processes occur without our active participation, and that sometimes our most important job is to “get out of the way” and stop trying to control things we cannot control.

Taking Responsibility for Our Own Domain

Yet it is also vital to recognize that the areas now under revision by Pluto and Uranus are “householder” or middle world signs–Aries and Capricorn. So the changes we are experiencing impact us at the most practical, “real” levels. Jupiter in Taurus, Saturn in Libra, and the North Node in Sagittarius all hint at the areas where we can productively take the reins in our lives.

Saturn in Libra (conjunct Spica): bring full integrity into our relationships, personal and communal. Continue practicing the fine balance of honoring self with other, and exploring the magic of conscious co-creation.

Jupiter in Taurus: Slow down, learn to be in your body, allow yourself to experience and receive the physical, sensory pleasures of being alive, embodied, on this Earth. Give gratitude for this exquisite gift. Take life one step at a time, applying your full attention to every task, without over concern for the distant future.

North Node in Sagittarius: Practice having faith in humanity’s ability to meet the challenges of our times, by waking up to the Ultimate Truth of Earth reality. Believe in our collective capacity to welcome the feminine back into balance with the masculine; to re-awaken our cellular memory to the Holiness of our Universe, and our divine place within it.

Full Speed Ahead–Acting from our Intuition

Saturday features a First Quarter Aries Moon. This is a good time to remember that, in times of great transition, it is vital to actively cultivate listen to, and act in alignment with our intuition. Healthy Aries is a master of this. We learn how to assess a situation at lightning speed and take accurate, focused action toward our mission and goals.

Aries helps us simplify our lives so as to increase our effectiveness; and free up more time for free-spirited enjoyment of the adventure. It helps us get unstuck from patterns of overthinking and overanalyzing, so as to live life at full vibrancy, taking risks, but often coming out ahead, because of the zestful energy we continue to generate through right action.

Just prior to the First Quarter Moon Mercury (Sagittarius) and Mars (Virgo) are square. This is Mercury’s first aspect since leaving its retrograde shadow on Friday, and triggers a “full speed ahead” movement. We’ve been gifted with tremendous insight and awareness over this past month, through the duration of the

Mercury retrograde cycle. Now it is time to move fully into the flow of our lives, acting from our intuitive centers, where all this new information has been seeded.

Sirius Blessings

Near midnight on January 31st, if we go outside and look to the heavens we will see Sirius, the brightest star in our night sky, shining almost directly overhead. This happens every year near the Winter Solstice/New Year. It is a beautiful ceremonial moment to give gratitude to the Star Beings, who have been recognized across cultures and time as our ancestors and allies, which transmit energy, wisdom, and loving support to humanity on our journey to wholeness.

January 1 to 7th

This is an unusually “quiet” week, astrologically, with all the energies from last week still resonating. Take advantage of this spaciousness to move forward in your life with ease and full presence.

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