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Inanna Ascending: an Invitation from the Circle of the Grandmothers

Since February of last year my life has blossomed open in a phenomenal new way. At that time Cayelin Castell and I initiated the Capricorn Morning Star Venus Tele-class.

With 80 women and men from across the globe we have been ceremonially working with the Morning Star Venus Moon Cycle. Since that time we have re-enacted the Inanna Descent Story–from

her descent and release at the 7 Chakra Gates and into the Underworld, where she remains until she rises as Evening Star December 4-6.

Cayelin has posted an audio on her home page where we’ve shared our experience with the Morning Star Venus Class, and you can learn details regarding the Evening Star Class here including WHY we feel it is of maximum benefit for any and all who wish to join at this time. Join us, while we are offering the Early Bird Special (until December 1).

If you would like a taste of what we are offering you can sign up for our current Venus Underworld Initiation Teleclass. which continues through December 4.

What participants in our Morning Star Venus Teleclass have been saying:

Today is a magical day. But that is the norm since you so lovingly guided me through my Venus Journey –Christine VB.

This class is fantastic. I think that the two of you are AMAZING, or should I say AMAZON WOMEN, for giving and sharing with us. My brain and heart are in full gear for the new beginning.I bow to the wonder in both of you. ~Emma Waner

Wow, what an amazing and transformative class this has been! Many thanks to both of you for an Outstanding Job. By FAR,THE BEST shamanic astrology class I have taken, EVER! Even more interesting for me, having it be a teleclass did not make one tiny bit of difference than in the” old days.” ~ Liz Montrey

Thank you dear Cayelin and Tami for the fabulous tele class and handouts and the amazing way you are holding this space for all of us. Listening to the latest tele class is very inspiring!! ~Kathleen McIntire

I am so thankful for this tele-course. Without it, I would be going through all of this and have no idea why or that others were experiencing similar things or how to handle it all. So, I know my Higher Power, the Grandmothers, my Angels and all supreme beings are watching out for me.

Plus, What an amazingly powerful FaceBook group!! I am awe-struck at the caliber of people responding and sharing. WOW!!! As a teacher, to have this kind of response between students was always considered the best.

I sense that something truly remarkable happening here and I am looking forward to see how this all turns out for us all. It feels very magical. I believe we are in the embryo stages of a miracle! ~Karen Salvador

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