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How to Make the Most of the Spring Equinox Super New Moon

Happy Eclipse, Equinox & Super New Moon Friends!

We have entered a two-week eclipse window with the Total Solar Eclipse/Super New Moon in Pisces occurring this morning at 3:26 am MDT–just 11 hours before the Sun moves into Aries (as I write this) initiating the Spring Equinox!

This mind-blowing combination of events on top of the still very potent Uranus Pluto Square energies explains why it is we’ve been feeling such massive energy swirling around.  Add to this the fact that we’ve had major Solar Flares over the past weeks & we have had a perfect storm!

So if we are feeling blown out or tired, it’s okay to slow down now to integrate these energies. Once we are rested, centered, grounded and balanced, we can better access the Aries energy of spring, to move forward in powerful, clearly directed ways-charging forward in the best possible direction!

If we have little time, then it is even more essential to do the little things-stretch, take a few deep breaths, meditate for 5 minutes, use essential oils, go out to see the sunrise and sunset, or the beautiful night sky, hug a tree, etc.

Once you have taken time for grounded self-care, this weekend is a wonderful time for community celebrations and connections, as the Equinoxes, Solstices, and Cross Quarters have historically been times where community came together to connect to the Earth, the seasonal cycles, and each other though collective ceremony.

The time where the crescent New Moon appears was also the monthly time for group celebrations, as opposed to smaller more private ceremonies in the dark phase of the New Moon. So tomorrow night, look for the wisp of crescent Moon in the west, quickly approaching Venus to activate the Heart Chakra Gate tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon (more on that below).

Opening the Two-Week Eclipse Window

This eclipse was only visible in remote areas, but we are feeling its effects powerfully as it is extremely close to perigee (its closest point to the Earth) and has opened an Eclipse Window or “time out of time” portal that closes with the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4.

We will have 3 more Vernal Equinox Eclipses this century, connected to the fact that we are currently in a 19-year Inner Lunar Standstill Cycle, which was well known to the ancient timekeepers, who built stone structures and alignments such as the Fajada Butte site at Chaco Canyon to interact with this lunar cycle.

April’s Total Lunar Eclipse will be the third in the famed “Blood Moon Tetrad” of 2014 and 2015. Blood Moon refers to a total Lunar Eclipse, and we had two last year, and will have two in 2015, in April and September. All four will be visible in the U.S. There will be a total of 8 Lunar Tetrads in the 21st Century, the next series occurring in 2018-2019.

Pisces or Aries Super New Moon?

When facilitating monthly New Moon Circles as I have for the past six years, I recommend that people work with the sign of the New Moon as the month “overtone” sign, or thematic focus for our New Moon intentions to set the tone for the month.

This morning’s New Moon/Eclipse was at 29’27 Pisces, so the Moon moved very rapidly into Aries immediately after, and the Sun moved into Aries 11 hours after the Eclipse/Super New Moon.

My sense is that the Overtone Moon energies we are working with this month are not Pisces OR Aries, but the threshold between 29 Pisces and 0 Aries, or the movement from 29 Pisces to 0 Aries.

We might consider 29 Pisces the End Point, representing the ultimate Boddhisattva/Christ/ Kuan Yin-who has been around karmic wheel countless times, has “seen it all,” and completely transcended duality and the Self.

Zero Aries, on the other hand, is the ultimate beginner, here for the first time, on the quest to experience pure, I Am awareness. Aries is fierce, playful, exuberant, bound to make mistakes yet always getting up and trying again. Aries has a powerful will to live, to be in the body and use it as a vehicle to Make Life Happen.

How might it feel to completely let go of the weight, burdens, and chords of countless past lifetimes, and approach this life as a complete beginner?

Would it help to acknowledge our “world weariness,” the places where we feel overburdened by the suffering we see around us at all times, and the belief that it is our job to merge with and identify with this suffering so as to alleviate it?

Then how might it feel to give this weariness to the light, to surrender our identification with suffering and pain so as to allow in a new experience?

How might it feel to become filled with fire and the desire to live, to surge into the present moment with such ferocity, will, and action-oriented presence that we can truly accomplish anything?

There is also a sense of an ending here, with the 29 Pisces Total Solar Eclipse, yet also of the old expression of Aries itself, with the South Node (release point) in Aries as well as Uranus in Aries (blasting open old patterns), and Mars approaching its Underworld descent by the middle of April.

So we are sensing, as I mentioned in my last newsletter, that the old patriarchal, armored yet heroic expression of Aries is also dying, falling away, to make way for a new expression, a new beginning.

To me this has to do with clearing the armor around our hearts and paying attention to where we act from fight or flight survival mentality, and shifting our point of action so that it is centered from the Heart.

This also reflects the Pisces-Aries dynamic, suggesting a new form of Aries that acts more fluidly, and from a heart centered space, connected to and merged with the Heart of God/dess.

Venus opens the Heart Chakra Gate in Taurus.

This Sunday, adding to the ceremonial energy of the weekend as a set up for the coming month, the crescent Moon meets up with Venus in Taurus, activating the Heart Gate Chakra, or the 4th “Gate” on Venus’s ascent from her Underworld journey last fall.

This is a second undercurrent for the month to come, suggesting that our meditations for this month might best be centered in the question, “what would it take for my choices, my life, my actions, to be directed from my heart?

We might also enter a future vision for ourselves where we ask-how might my future life appear, and myself in it, if from this moment forward my life is guided by my heart?

Hummingbird is a wonderful guide for that quest!

Another good heart practice is to actually visit, in the astral dimension, your heart chakra space, and see what guides you find there.

When I “visited” for the first time, I found a beautiful palace with the shades drawn, and a lonely Queen of Hearts sitting on her throne alone. I also saw red foxes at her feet.

I opened the shades, and had a conversation with the Queen where she gave me guidance into how to best nourish her, and align myself with my heart’s love and wisdom.

What practices can you create for yourself that will strengthen your heart, and your will to live from its wisdom?

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