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Good Morning, New World!

November 10, 2011

The exact Full Moon is today (Thursday) at about 1:00 pm MST, so tonight is the brightest to observe it. Today through Saturday is a potent ceremonial window, thanks to surrounding astrological aspects, as well as 11-11-11 tomorrow.

Today and tomorrow thousands of people across the globe are taking “time out of time” to meditate, pray, celebrate, and hold sacred space in solitude as well as in the support of circles large and small. We are all experiencing a tremendous acceleration of time, and the intensity of energy we are learning to absorb and work with can feel extreme.

Astrologer Carl Calleman and others have viewed October 28 as the true “end” of the Mayan Calendar, as this date signaled the end of the “9th Wave.” If we consider this frame, as well as the upcoming shift of Royal Star Regulus from 29 Leo to 0 Virgo on November 28, we can approach these next few days, and in fact the remainder of the month, as a portal of entry into the “Beginning Times.”

Good Morning New World! We are beginning to claim our individual and collective power as never before. And it is time! So let us consider this “portal” we are passing through over the next few days, with more to come next week, about the remainder of the month. Full Moon in Taurus

First let’s consider the Full Moon itself. This is a moment where the Sun shines brightly onto the face of the “opposing” Moon, illuminating it, and revealing fully the mysteries of its other half. We could also imagine that they are both gazing into each other’s “faces” directly.

We get to experience the fundamental nature (and beauty) of our Earth experience-the “resonant polarity” of opposites which generates life force energy, and continually gives birth to something new… i.e. is constantly evolving, expanding and contracting, creating.

So let’s ask ourselves-what, on this Full Moon, are the two primary, contrasting energies we are currently working with that we might have interpreted as a “problem” but in fact represents our richest, most exciting opportunity to create something new?

We can consider this on a deeply personal, individual level, and it is also powerful at this time to consider the contrast represented by the Old World we are rapidly exiting and the New World we are waking up to-and the opportunity this creates. At this moment we can use this energy to activate this new “third thing”-for the micro and the macro.

With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus, still close to Jupiter in the night sky (they were at their closest in the night sky last night (Wednesday), this is all about waking up our kundalini, or life force energy, so that we can fully activate this new possibility in an organic, enlivened way.

With the emphasis on Taurus (expanded by Jupiter), it is good to kinesthetically sense into what this moment is about, rather than going into too many cerebral stories about it.

Breaking Open–Chiron Stations Direct

Yesterday Neptune stationed direct at 29 Aquarius and today Chiron stations direct at 0 Pisces. These direct stations will impact us for several days. Neptune and Chiron have been in an intimate dance for the past 3 years, and this moment represents the final strong connection between them.

We can feel them both, intensely. A direct station is a moment where planets can be felt more powerfully, it is like a window or portal; it is the Still Point where we can cross a threshold into another dimension.

For the past few days I have been feeling an underlying grief, sadness, and “off” feeling that has kept me awake at night, interrupted during the day by moments of joy, clarity, and pure magic. This morning when I woke early again, it flashed into my mind-Chiron stations direct today.

When we encounter Chiron’s energy, we are encountering the Sacred Wound. With Chiron in Pisces, we can feel vulnerable, raw, and exposed. We are having our own personal experience, yet we are also tuned into the collective.

Chiron can make us acutely aware of the places where our hearts, and our highest visions, have been broken. We may experience the distance between our idealism and the current reality, and it can be deeply painful. Yet when we tune into the deeper teaching, the medicine of Chiron, we learn to accept, or surrender to, exactly where we are at.

We experience compassion for ourselves as individuals, as imperfect human beings, and from there we can extend our compassion outwards, as a powerful softening of our hearts, a gentling of our stance toward the world that surrounds us.

Universal Mind Meets Universal Heart-Neptune Direct Station

Neptune’s direct station is a big deal because it represents a powerful ending hit of Neptune Aquarian energy before the planet moves into Pisces for good this January, after being in the sign of Aquarius since 1998. Under the influence of this transit, we have been experiencing the awakening of “group consciousness” or Universal Mind meets Universal Heart.

The immediate, personal experience of this Neptune station is that it may make us feel dreamy, and cause us to lose our focus and direction. Know that this too shall pass, but also know that if you can create a bit of space for it, this is a very good time to nourish your spiritual body, and ground at the soul level.

Activating the Shift–Mars Conjunct Regulus

Also this evening we have Mars exactly conjunct Regulus at 29’59 Leo powerfully activating a final transmission of the Leo mastery we have been cultivating over the past 2000 years. A leading paradigm for modern humanity over this period of time has been to focus on the individual, and the masculine, and toward self-actualization.

Even our great Monotheistic religions have had this focus. When we believe there is one God who loves us best and is above the Creation, we can feel justified in pursuing our own self-interest over that of other people, as well as extracting a sense of the Sacred from the Earth herself.

The emerging belief system that has arisen out of these religions resonate with ideas like “I create my own reality,” I can attract what I want by shifting my consciousness.” These are ideas that have not, historically, been accessible to the masses-but only to the spiritual masters.

With Regulus soon moving into the sign of Virgo, and thus into the terrain of Gaia and the Sacred Feminine, we see an enormous shift from this perspective into an alignment of our priorities toward the good of the Sacred Earth.

Tonight Mars activates for us a profound understanding of the gift of our learning path through Leo, so that as we approach the shift of Regulus to Virgo on November 28, we can bring with us an integrated understanding of our innate divinity, and capacity for empowered co-creation, so that we can heal the fractured Earth systems; utilizing our Leo awareness in service to Gaia.

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