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Giant Taurus Full Moon: Standing Strong Together

We live in a moment of extremes, so it should be no surprise that the Taurus Full Moon, exact tomorrow morning at 5:52 am PDT will be the closest Full Moon since 1948. We can see it at its closest and biggest tomorrow morning at sunrise as the Sun rises and Moon sets.

I will write about the Full Moon in a moment, and there is so much to discuss in the realm of the celestial that can help us TRY to make sense of this bewildering moment.

But first, because it’s been so long, I just want to connect with you, human to human, heart to heart.

I know, like you, I have been shaken. I have been grieving. I have been glued to the screen, I have been seeking answers and ways to fathom where we’re at and how we got here, and how to move forward.

I am deeply concerned about what the future holds for us as a nation, and the damage a Trump and an all Republican Senate and House could accomplish over the coming months and years.

I am heart-broken by reports of hate crimes escalating against minorities, those in the LGBTQ community, immigrants and women, with the inferred “free pass” given to hate groups in the wake of Trumps presidency.

And in these past days, I have felt a surge of inner strength, conviction, and love lighting up inside of me, igniting me with an unshakeable strength. I know this is our moment, this is what we have been preparing for. And we are ready to meet these Dark Days with our Brightest Light, our courage, and our commitment to reshaping the world according to the principles of inclusion, restoration, compassion, and co-creative synergy.

I see those courageous individuals and groups holding their ground at Standing Rock as lighting the way for us, modeling a movement sourced in prayer, reverence for the Earth, unity between men and women, leadership of youth and elders, and inclusion of people of every race. Their resolve, courage, and willingness to put their bodies in the line of fire humble me, and show me how it’s done.

The wisdom of leaders calling for prayers for those who are perpetrating injustice is powerful and healing. This is, I think, medicine we deeply need–to call out the injustice while seeing how ALL are harmed in our current system, including those currently playing the role of perpetrator.


Giant Taurus Full Moon Report

In the midst of so much supercharged turbulence, change, and volatility, this special Taurus Full Moon supports us providing some sense of stability, and a poignant sense of the Preciousness of Now. This is the calm at the center of the storm, where we are invited in the coming weeks to fully engage in the present moment and savor all that we love in our lives.

For example, I intended to finish this an hour ago, but stepped away because I had that rare precious moment where my 13 year old nephew reached out to me, to tell me what he’s struggling with in his life–including how it’s hard to be male when he sees all the negative male role modeling by Trump and others who harass women.

I marvel at him, and so many of the young men–and many who are not so young!!–who are grappling with maleness, who are learning self care, and self love, who are standing for the feminine within themselves and in the women in their lives, and standing as protectors also of those who are most vulnerable.

I want to be as present as I can be to support the masculine–inside myself and in the world around me–in his sacred healing initiation. I want to bring to life more and more each day the loving, embodied, radiant feminine essence in the way only I can, to embrace the world in my arms and make it new again.

I have this sense right now that we must truly absorb and anchor into our body memory the daily, sometimes “ordinary” experiences that fill us with love and connect us with what is most important in our lives.

We don’t know what our future will look like. In this Taurus Full Moon we fill ourselves with the sweetness of life, with the nectar, remembering that it is so incredible to be in a physical body, to love and be loved, to give and receive, to learn and to grow. This savoring of the Now is what strengthens us for the future.

Venus at the Heart Chakra Activating the Galactic Womb

Venus is currently activating the Heart Chakra, and She is poised within a few degrees of Galactic Center as she has been for the past several days now, beaming down to us, in her brilliance (isn’t she gorgeous???) the wisdom and insight from the great Galactic Womb, or Galactic Heart.

I see how brightly she, the radiant Divine Feminine shines and I think to myself–it may feel in this moment that she has been suppressed and wounded, but I can’t help but believe she is orchestrating much of our current experience. She is present, she is here, she is alighting all of our hearts, coaxing us and urging us forward, to meet our destiny, to expand our capacity to feel, to connect, to love, and to shine in this dark time.

We are being supported in cultivating the habit of returning to our hearts again and again. Leaving, again and again because there is so much to pull us away!!! Yet becoming adept and graceful at a quicker return each time.

Seeds of Change and Possibility

Over the past three months in my travels I have met so many people who deeply inspired me and give me hope for the future. I’ve had so many moments that stand out in my mind with clarity as guideposts for the future months and years, lighting my way forward. I want to share a few of those here:

Believing in Us and Our Ability to Create the Impossible Together Last week I was privileged to participate in an absolute miracle. Together with 60 others, I helped build a house from the foundation up in 5 days. I was at Factor-E Farm, in Maysville, Missouri an hour north of Kansas City.

We were engaging in a modern form of “barn raising.”

Factor-E Farm is run by TED Fellows and Open Source advocates Marcin Jakubowsky and his wife Catarina Mota, founders of the Open Building Institute.

About 10 of the 60 were women, and about 15 had experience in building, construction, design. We were from all across the U.S., Mumbai, Palestine, Beijing, New Zealand, Romania, Scotland, Israel, Portugal, and Poland.

But the majority of our group were white men ages 22 to 60, I am guessing. I want to point that out, because right now, many of us see that demographic as being at fault in electing Trump. And I want to point out that white men from middle, southern, all over the U.S. can and are doing their own healing, creating positive solutions, and standing up to create a new world and culture, just as women, minorities and immigrants are doing. We are all in this together.

I was there by way of Palestine, my dear friend Murad AlKhufash, who runs the Marda Permaculture Farm in the West Bank of Palestine, had been given a scholarship to attend this workshop, as had Iba Farrah, Manager (above) of the Farm. Murad didn’t get a Visa so he could not go but I did get to meet Iba’, and saw in her another sister.

During those epic 5 days, I saw the very best qualities of the masculine–men with experience patiently explaining to women how to hold a drill gun or run a circular saw, slowing down the process to make sure everyone was learning new skills, rather than just jumping in and doing it all themselves.

I saw how it can work when we trust each other and get into a positive “hive mind” each finding our role, taking leadership, being willing to make mistakes and go back and fix them as needed.

People lent out their precious tools without blinking an eye, trusting they would get what they needed back. We shared space, made meals together, shared a group bathroom and showers space with greater ease than one would imagine!

We had respectful and wide ranging conversations about religion, politics, the economy, and the environment. We worked through our disappointment over the ways the project hadn’t unfolded as we wished, and we moved forward positively toward the best possible outcome in the time we had.

I feel I was given a taste of what is possible when we come together with a shared vision and goals, trusting that each of us can find our role, moving fluidly between learning more complex tasks and taking on those that require less skill and more sustained, simple effort.

Remember to be Human and How to Give With No Agenda

Prior to the workshop I was in Mexico City, hosted by a friend I met last year at the Vision Counsel in Mexico. She along with a small team of dedicated volunteers, have successfully led efforts to keep Monsanto out of Mexico over the past decades– a feat I would have believed impossible–except that it is true.

I saw that she is a Priestess, true to her Virgo Ascendant, deeply humble, and invisible–she said, don’t speak of magic or it disappears.

She had advice for me that I feel applies to many of us up north in the U.S.. She observed my tendency to work all the time, and how it robs me of joy and makes me lonely. She recommended that I take one day a week to not work, or go online, and to connect with friends and just play.

She also recommended–and this was echoed by others I met in Mexico–that I take one day a week to focus on donating my time in service, with no concern for pay, to projects I care about.

I felt a big sigh of relief when she made these recommendations–I could see how my life would be deeply nourished by these habits.

She, like so many I met down there, felt compassion for people in the U.S. because we have to focus so much of our energy on making money, and this takes a huge toll on our well being and happiness and robs us of our humanity.

There’s so many more!!! I will keep sharing in future posts…

I just want to share with all of you that this time is dark, yes, but it is also a time of wonder, and possibilities. We must acknowledge the true dangers, yet also actively choose to play our part to increase the likelihood of miracles and transformation. I love this article by Charles Eisenstein, and his quote at the end:

The dissolution of the old order that is now officially in progress is going to intensify. That presents a tremendous opportunity and danger, because when normal falls apart the ensuing vacuum draws in formerly unthinkable ideas from the margins. Anything becomes possible with the collapse of dominant institutions.

We live in such times of wonder. Of terror, wonder, beauty, and great shadow.

Can we find a way to DANCE with paradox, to honor our OWN rage, anger, grief, sorrow, discomfort and move it through our bodies so it does not poison us, and so we are more capable of transmuting the anger, and hatred we see and feel from around us? Look Beyond the Presidency–We Must Turn to One Another

With a Trump presidency we are forced to confront the reality that leaders will not save us, We must come together to remake the world. We need each other and we are capable of such powerful change when we come together with a shared vision and goals. When we remember how to come together again–as Jupiter in Libra is currently tutoring us–We are so much more powerful than we know.

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