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Gemini Super New Moon: The Power of Our Words and at Home in the Multiverse

The Gemini New Moon was exact at 12:44 pm Pacific and at perigee (closest to the Earth) about 6 hours later, making this a “Super New Moon” of great ceremonial power.

What are your intentions for this New Moon? The power to manifest them in creative, magical, blow-your-mind ways is amplified beyond measure—as is the physical impact of the Moon on the inner and outer tides of Earth’s waters, as well as our personal emotions.

So the turbulence you have been feeling continues, but Gemini invites you to do what Gemini does best—break your usual rules of engagement and free yourself to make new choices about how you respond and adapt. Like a cosmic surfer, shape-shift to align yourself with and harness the energy from the great waves cresting and crashing on the shore.

Gemini is at ease in the multiverse: adept at stretching time, transcending limitations of the physical dimension, sending his/her light spirit to visit future, past, and parallel lives as well as beloveds at a distance in this world or the next. Sound Healer Tom Kenyon says that in times of great chaos like now, an abundance of different “time nodes” are all emerging at once and you can literally train yourself to “jump” timelines into the reality you most wish to inhabit.

Gemini can help you practice this skill.

Breaking the Addiction to Heavy

In response to so much upheaval you might want to shut down and go into fear, overwhelm, and survival mode of fight or flight. In other words, it’s easy to get and stay “heavy.”

Sometimes you need to just “feel the feels,” and we’re learning more and more how addictions delay feeling and healing. Yet we can ALSO become addicted to heavy ways of being and we need to exercise our freedom of choice (Gemini loves freedom beyond all else!!) to shift the energy in a nanosecond and LIGHTEN UP!

At this time we can truly transform our lives when we draw on the Gemini tools of creative imagination, a sense of humor and irreverence, and an ability to look beyond the obvious to find healing new stories and perceptions that blow our minds and take us into new territory.

Gemini is light, buoyant, and a shape-shifter, welcoming change as an opportunity to experience a new state of being. As the Creative Muse, Gemini takes the raw material of life—including universal human experiences of love, loss, heartbreak, calamity, homecoming—and extracts beauty, insight, and healing from these experiences by creating songs, poems, and stories that map the human story and make it sacred and fully felt. Many of us have heard the story of the African healer who asks, when seeing a person who has fallen ill physically or spiritually:

When was the last time you danced? When was the last time you told a story? When was the last time you sang a song? When was the last time you sat alone in stillness?

These are questions to ask at this Gemini Super New Moon!

We Activate Our Wild and Free Inner Shapeshifter Magician to create a map of the month to come where we CHOOSE to fully play the game of life before us with childlike delight, anticipation, and wonder—knowing we create our OWN rules of engagement and choosing those rules wisely. We don’t need to stay stuck in the heavy. We choose our perspective and this changes everything. Shapeshift Your Reality and the World Around You

The most empowered Gemini’s I know are magicians and alchemists who charge the air around them with a sense of magic and possibility. They understand that the most powerful way to affect change in the world around them is to take responsibility for their inner reality and consciously work with the alchemical processes occurring within them, aligning them with the rhythm of the planets and stars, as well as the heartbeat of the Earth.

No matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, Gemini knows WE bring the magic. It’s not up to others to entertain or please us or make us happy. I’ve recently moved from the “Land of Enchantment,” New Mexico, back to Missouri, my childhood home. I’ve had my nail biting moments where I ask—Good Goddess what have I done?

I can’t see the Big Sky here, I can feel the press of the Bible Belt mentality as if it’s in the air, I am so close to family I simply can’t avoid the discomfort of seeing parts of myself I thought I’d grown out of or left behind show up and remind me I still have some serious work to do in order to fully individuate and claim my personal sovereignty.

What I keep coming back to, in addition to the absolute beauty and aliveness of this land, is the simple truth that my soul called me back at this time and I trust that. And that I AM the Magic, regardless of whether I live in the Southwest or the Heart of the Midwest.

I have been finding that when I truly use the tools I’ve been gifted so generously over my years as an astrologer, nomad, and seeker of spiritual truth, I bring more magic here, and I feel at home once again in my skin and wherever I be.

Gemini Moon woman that I am, I value freedom over much else. And this conscious choice to live and be the magic that I AM feels to me like true freedom. Shifting From Muggle to Magic in a Moment

I attended my niece’s graduation from a sweet liberal arts college in Iowa a couple of days ago. The Gemini part of me hates this kind of thing more than anything. Sitting still and quiet in a crowd, feeling irritation with the old rules of pomp and circumstance, where according to tradition an hour is spent giving awards to people a very small handful in the audience knows or gives two sh@$%’s about.

This feeling coupled with a lot of thoughts running through my head that sometimes come up when I’m in an environment where I feel out of place that boils down to severe self-doubt in my general way of life and state of being made me really leave my body and feel generally crappy.

I caught myself feeling like a victim and as soon as I did I thought: you have a choice. You can remain petty and believe you are too good for this situation and passively live like a Muggle or you can get over your own bullshit and remember who you really are (who we ALL are, actually–there are no true Muggles, just people who forget who they really are).

So I did.

I closed my eyes and did a few simple things I’ve learned to do over the years. took a few deep breaths, imagined putting my roots down into the ground to connect with the Earth and her strength, and I opened my crown chakra, and allowed in the love and light of the Divine to stream down into me. I invited my higher self to come back down into my body, and She came.

I also personally have a tribe of animals I love dearly that I invite to be with me and I feel and sense them as if they are really there and my inner child has a blast with this.

When I opened my eyes the trees around me seemed a brighter shade of green, and they were rustling in the breeze. I felt, as I have so many times, like they were talking to me. Then suddenly from out of nowhere an insect came flying through the crowd and landed on my forehead. I slowly turned to my sister to ask: what is on my face?? She said “dragonfly!” and then it flew away.

So I love dragonflies, to me they are agents of magic, little fairies in bug clothing. What an affirmation of how quickly we can shift our awareness and focus and how rapidly the Universe responds!

Gemini and the Power of Words

Gemini is also the word wizard, using the power of his or her words to create or destroy worlds. So the intentions we write and speak at this time, amplified by the Super New Moon effect, are going to be super-powered. Be aware, be wise in your use of words and thoughts because they truly create the reality you will be living in!

The morning of my niece’s graduation I’d invited her roommates to go out at 4:00 am to see beautiful Moon and Venus together activating the third eye Chakra. My niece’s roommate Hanky asked me “what does it mean?” I told her that Venus right now is in a cycle that is bringing the Fierce Feminine alive in our world and in each of us. That it is about each of us finding our true Soul Purpose and Mission and being courageous enough to step into that fully and make our contribution in the world.

That this moment where the Moon and Venus came together in the sky was about letting go of, clearing away whatever illusions or false visions stand in the way of each of us standing in our power and purpose and taking emboldened action to bring our world to sanity and cohesion.

Right after the graduation I went back to my niece’s house with my Mom and we met up with Hanky, who had just graduated and was walking with a spring in her step. I was amazed to see that she was carrying a banner that read: “We just graduated two serial rapists.”

She had courageously stepped up to the podium to receive her diploma wearing this banner, to raise awareness of the fact that on this campus like so many others, the administration put reputation above the safety of female students, allowing convicted rapists to remain in the school rather than risk the negative press of expelling them.

I was in awe of her and told her how I courageous I thought she was and she said “your words this morning really inspired me to step up.”

We forget too often the power of our words. It is up to us to create new mythologies, new stories, that can guide us through these times where it is so easy to get lost and to lose our way and to forget what we are here for. When we tell a new story, we open new doors of awareness and possibility for others.

So consider this as you set your intentions and envision this coming month. How can you speak true? How can your words awaken the truth in another? What kind of world magic will you play in the coming weeks and how will this change your own life and the lives of those around you?

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