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Gemini New Moon TONIGHT Triggers Mutable Grand Cross

If there’s anything Gemini teaches me it is that my magical inner child ALWAYS needs space to play. Sometimes Gemini gets a little caught up in the details. So here is my somewhat cluttered but fun to create!!! representation of the AMAZING Gemini New Moon tonight, which is triggering a Mutable Cardinal Cross.

When the Sun Sets tonight, if you gaze at it (just briefly!) you are also gazing at Venus, and the Moon, all transmitting the mysteries of Gemini to us. We are invited to play, to lighten up, to tune into our creative muse and create!

If you then turn to the east, know that Saturn, even if you can’t see it yet, is rising in Sagittarius, helping us to completely reboot and upgrade our old religious paradigms, our old beliefs and programming, supporting us in opening to spiritual wisdom that nourishes the Earth and human communities.

Above our heads, at our Crown Chakra are Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, supporting us in finding True North, and devote ourselves to our Sacred Work. Beneath our feet are Neptune and the South Node in Pisces, helping us let go of old addictions from the past and open to compassion, empathy, and our connection with All of Life.

This is what a Grand Cross feels like. We’ve ALREADY been feeling the T-Square created by Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune for the past several weeks– and we will continue to feel this T-square in the weeks to come. It’s been very intense for many, and we are truly opening to intuitive and spiritual insight at such a rapid pace that it has been–and continues to be–essential to remain grounded and centered in the heart so we don’t go into overwhelm.

NOW, adding to this, tonight’s Gemini New Moon with Venus creates a Grand Cross, and the reverberations will be felt through the month. We might feel the energies tugging at us, as we can see in the image.

We, on the Earth, are at the center of these powerful energies, and we can choose to stop being victims and instead play WITH the Universal energies, opening to the highest and most-ease-filled transformations to occur within and without.

Gemini invites us to move into a space of play, creativity, and receptivity to a more magical relationship with the Earth by paying attention to synchronicities, symbolism, and all the other ways the Universe is continually speaking to us,

I know many of us have been experiencing loss, pain, overwhelm, grief, at this time. I know because I have been feeling these things too. Fear in the face of an unknown future is something I have experienced and nearly everyone I know is an a place of uncertainty, looking at the next few months ahead.

This Grand Cross is in the “In Service to Spirit” Signs, led by Gemini, a sign that I believe is most capable of healing the spiritual and religious wounds we have inherited through the age of Pisces. Most of us understand that pain, suffering, and sacrifice CAN be used as catalysts to become more compassion, wise, and spiritually awakened. This has been the gift of the Age of Pisces.

Yet how many of us recognize that Fun, Play, and Light Heartedness, are some of the highest vibrational states? As a teacher in Robert Moss’s Dream Teacher Training Intensive, I have learned from him that in guiding Active Dreaming Circles, and in any other shamanic work that I do, the most POWERFUL way to protect the energy of the circle is to keep the energy high.

Through dance, singing, laughter, and a childlike sense of delight, we can create circles of highest magic, and spiritual protection. In our personal lives this is also true. I was raised in a very religious household and tradition that was very tradition, grounded in humility and service. These are beautiful spiritual qualities I strive to uphold.

Yet my upbringing also was steeped in a kind of seriousness and rigidity where it was challenging for Spirit to easily flow and play and dance and express with lightheartedness.

This equation of seriousness with spirituality still lingers, I think, in every major religion, even, (or perhaps especially!!) in the spiritual-but-not religious community of which I am a part.

Can we begin to recognize that play, silliness, humor, irreverance are all ESSENTIAL qualities for being healthy and spiritual human being? Can we begin to see that choosing a life design, thought patterns, and relationships that ignite joy and creativity and play will lead us to spiritual illumination?

In this magnificent Gemini New Moon window, which continues through tomorrow evening, we are invited to take the time to set intentions for the coming month that MAXIMIZE our experience of Fun, Play, Delight, Magic, Freedom, Creativity, and ALL the things that make our inner 3 year old squeal with unrestrained glee!

Even if in this moment you are feeling grief, sadness, heaviness, hopelessness, I believe in the blink of an eye, with the support of this powerful, potent, transformational Grand Cross, and the New Moon and Venus in Gemini and perhaps a bit of Fairy Dust–which I am sprinkling on you now as I write because I love you!!!–you can shift your center of being to a place of greater joy, greater happiness, fun, and play.

Immeasurable starry blessings to all!!!!


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