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Gemini New Moon & Summer Solstice

Dear Friends,

Happy Solstice and Gemini New Moon! The New Moon at 29 Gemini was exact yesterday morning, and the Solstice is exact at about 4:00 pm MST this afternoon, so we are in the ceremonial window for both events this evening.

From the Venus Transit to the end of June has been, and continues to be, filled with nonstop aspects, and much of it has emerged from the airy, expansive, quick-moving, spirit oriented Gemini Mysteries. Today, as the Sun enters 0 Cancer, we can absorb and feel the soothing emergence of the nurturing energies of the Mother, supporting us in navigating the emotional, vulnerable, more “watery” aspects of life.

This evening at sunset is a beautiful time for ceremony, to express gratitude for our radiant Sun, while at the same time tuning into and experiencing the abundance of water that surrounds us, within and without. Soon after sunset we can see the tiny crescent Moon, also in the sign of Cancer, and about 10 degrees south of Mercury (in Cancer)—which should be visible with binoculars.

We can bless our emotional body, welcoming the many tones and hues of emotion that color our experience—from joy, to tranquility, to sorrow, to grief, to clean, clear anger that moves us. We can bless Earth waters—the oceans, the lakes, rivers, and streams that nourish the plants and trees and vegetation that cools and provides oxygen for us. We can ask for the healing rains to fall on the lands (and injured human spirits!) most in need of quenching.

Love and blessings,

Tami EXCERPT FROM FULL REPORT: Saturn opposite Eris

Saturn in Libra, the stabilizing, structure-creating element of our world, is opposite Eris in Aries, the largest dwarf planet in our solar system, larger even than Pluto. Eris, like its namesake, holds the energy of the individual in a community, or the aspect of our personality that is disowned. In Greek myth, Eris was the Goddess who was not invited to the party, and so in her anger started the Trojan War.

Her story reminds me of a Native American tradition where the blessing of the seeds, before first planting, includes the offering of seeds to the thief, as well as to the rest of the community. This spirit of inclusion is such a vital lesson for us at this time. In the bigger picture, who is it in our community that we are excluding? Is it the homeless, the mentally ill, those with addictions? Do we see the gift and the contribution made by every individual to the whole?

And we might ask, in our personal lives (Aries), what it is that we are not owning, which has been causing great mischief in our lives because we have not claimed it, or given it a space at the table? Are we refusing to honor and acknowledge our anger, and so it comes out sideways, causing great harm indirectly to others and ourselves?

Are we only claiming our publicly presentable side—the parts that are good, kind, compassionate, caring—and trying to throw out our self-serving, naughty, or “bad” parts? We cannot be fully energized in our lives with our will intact, until we learn to work in healthy ways with all aspects of who we are. Otherwise, we continue to subtly (or not so subtly) sabotage our true goals and purpose.

Because this dwarf planet is opposite Saturn in Libra, we can look at the ways these disowned parts of ourselves are standing in the way of loving, authentic, synergistic, and heart-full relationships with friends, lovers, family members, and community—and with our own inner council.


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