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Full Aries Total Lunar Eclipse Exact Wednesday Morning at 3:55 am PDT

In one of the major astrological/astronomical events of the year, the Aries Total Lunar Eclipse will occur tomorrow morning (Wednesday, October 8), opening an Eclipse Portal that extends until the Super Scorpio New Moon (Partial Solar Eclipse) on October 23rd, which also happens to be Lunar Samhain. Truly we can work ceremonially with this Aries Full Lunar Eclipse through the week, using insights and tools below.

This Total Lunar Eclipse is part of a rare Tetrad with four Total Lunar Eclipses in a row occurring between April 2014 and September 2015. It also occurs in the window of Mercury Retrograde and Venus’s exact square to Pluto this morning, as she continues her Underworld Journey. Also, the Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus, thus triggering the Uranus Pluto Square!

Also, it falls within two days of Mars Trine Jupiter, activating the Grand Fire Trine! Add to that the fact that the Grand Cross points are again triggered within just 2 degrees and we begin to understand this is a Massively Important Full Moon!

Eclipse Viewing Details

The partial or visible unfolding of the eclipse will occur between 2:18 am to 5:32 am PDT. The full eclipse begins at 3:27 am and ends at 4:22 am. The moment of the maximum eclipse is 3:55 am.

Much or all of tomorrow morning’s eclipse will be visible across Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and the Americas. East of the Mississippi in the U.S. and in other areas along this line it may be possible to see the Sun rise and the Moon set at the same time during the period of the eclipse if you are in a location where you have a very low east and west horizons.

2014 and 2015: The Year of “Super Full Moons” and the “Blood Moon Tetrad”

This seems to be the year of “Super Full Moons!” One set was the bright summer Full Moons which were spectacular because they were so close to Earth at the time of fullness. This series occurred in June, July, and August. The other set of “Super Full Moons” is often referred to as the “Blood Moon Tetrad” and occur through April 2014 to September 2015. These in particular have received a lot of press.

So let’s peel back the layers to look at tomorrow morning’s Aries Lunar Eclipse and the Blood Moon Tetrad more clearly. First, every year will feature at the minimum two lunar eclipses, though some years feature as many as four! Often lunar eclipses are only partial, or penumbral, meaning that in no part of the world can you see the Moon eclipsed completely by the shadow of the Earth.

What’s special about the four Lunar Eclipses occurring between in 2014 and 2015 (April 14-15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2016, and September 28 2015) is that all four Lunar Eclipses are Total Lunar Eclipses. They are being referred to as “Blood Moons” because the Moon often appears red when the Earth’s shadow blocks it from the Sun’s light completely.

So how often does this happen? The timeline varies, but put it this way: the last Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad occurred between 2003 and 2004 (May 16 & November 9 in 2003 and May 4 and October 28, 2004.) The next series will occur between 2032 and 2033.

“Uranus Full Moon” Activates the Grand Cross & Uranus Pluto Square

In addition to it being the second of four Total Lunar Eclipses, this Aries Full Moon is extraordinary in many other ways. First, it triggers the exact Cardinal Point as the Grand Cross did on April 23 of this year. And we all know what a big month THAT was!! At this time the Libra Sun is exactly where Mars was for the Grand Cross and the Aries Moon is exactly where Uranus was. AND Uranus has returned again to 14 Aries, after traveling retrograde since (DATE)—so this is a URANUS Aries Full Lunar Eclipse!

Uranus and Pluto happen to be nearing their second exact square of 2014, which will occur December 14, 2014. So the Aries Lunar Eclipse ALSO activates the Uranus Pluto Square. A Lunar Eclipse, or Super Full Moon, is already the most potent time for us to clear and release what no longer serves. Yet we can add to that layer the fact that the Moon is with the South Node in Aries, deepening the need for us to release distorted patterns and wounds from the past.

South Node Activation, Full Moon Release Dynamic, Venus square Pluto in Underworld Invite Profound Release and Cultural Composting!

This “letting go” dynamic is amplified by Venus’s presence in the Underworld, as she has become hidden by the rays of the Sun. Even if this were the only event occurring right now, we would feel the depths of the Venus Underworld Initiation energies. It is also activated by our entrance into the time of year most connected to the Underworld mysteries in the Northern hemisphere as we approach Samhain, Hallowmas, Halloween, Day of the Dead, and other seasonal markers for our movement into winter’s death and rebirth.

15 Aries Sabian Symbol Insight for Aries Full Moon Eclipse

The late great astrologer Dane Rudhyar, mentor to Daniel Giamario who sourced Shamanic Astrology, provided this image and interpretation via he and his wife’s version of the Sabian Symbols, a system that provides insight around each degree of the zodiac for the exact degree of 15 Aries: AN INDIAN WEAVING A CEREMONIAL BLANKET. Rudhyar interpreted this as “Projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment.”

The Aries Libra Axis–Healing the Earth Through Re-Uniting of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine

If we look at this Eclipse through the lens of the Resonant Polarity of signs activated, we see the Axis of Aries and Libra—the axis which was also activated during the initial series of the Lunar Tetrad last April 14-15. These points were also of course 2 of the main points of the Grand Cross.

This axis has to do with humanity’s training in equal, conscious partnership. If we look at the state of our planet and human culture today we can see that the deepest wounding and areas of crises across the planet have to do with our current level of dysfunction and misunderstanding in the realm of relationship and partnership.

The breakdown of healthy relationship and partnership patterns not only can be seen between men and women, nations, ethnic and cultural groups, different classes and religions between human beings, but within the human psyche and perhaps most importantly in the relationship between humans and the living Earth. We are seeing with great clarity and extremity the high cost of this polarization right now.

This can be seen as occurring because we live in a time where human society operates from a distorted masculine paradigm, separate from the feminine balancing dynamic. Yet this year, with Mars in a Libra Cycle and Venus and Mars in a dance where they come together 5 days, the global human family and our entire story is transforming at the deepest levels as a Sacred Marriage, or reunion between the Masculine and Feminine Principal is occurring within and without. Busting Our Habits Around Survival & Fight or Flight—the Aries Shadow

So for this Aries Lunar Eclipse we are invited by Uranus to bust out of old paradigms around right relationship in all the realms mentioned above (but beginning within our own psyches, extending to our closest relationships and neighbors, and outward to “All our Relations.” The Underworld, Plutonic element invites us to get really clear on what’s not working and give it away under the red Eclipsed Aries Moon.

Where has our survival-oriented distorted Aries perception separated us from others in ways that hold us captive to an old story and vibrational pattern? Where do we keep our hearts closed and live primarily from fight or flight and thus shut ourselves off from the ability to respond fluidly and lovingly to the circumstances, people, and life all around us? Where do we continue to armor ourselves and lash out to those whose opinions differ from our own?

Where do we choose to be “right” and see the world in black and white (shadow Aries) rather than being willing to open our hearts and our minds to the grand diversity of points of view presented by others? At this time where so many systems of oppression and injustice are showing up bold and clear, it is essential for all of us—sometimes victim, sometimes oppressor, and often switching roles in given circumstances, to cultivate a heart-centered humility in order to LISTEN to other perspectives, and be willing to be wrong.

I wish for nothing more, especially in the U.S. than for us to begin truly listening to one another and seeing where we have closed our hearts. We must let go of our need to fit everyone else into our ideologies and truly seek out understanding for different points of view. How can we create a context for community conversation and love beyond perceived differences?

Flowering from the Grand Cross

On another level we can revisit what was occurring for us last April and finally bring greater awareness and clarity as to what has emerged in our lives since that time. We were so close to it, so overwhelmed during that activation, when we were seeded with such profound cellular level activations and downloads, that it was very challenging to see what was happening very clearly.

We are not out of intensity yet, clearly, but with Uranus conjunct the Moon, it feels to me as though the emphasis is on more detached awareness around what is waking up in our lives, what is wanting to be released completely, and what is wanting to grow and unfold with greater strength and empowerment in the months to come.

Ceremony for the Lunar Eclipse

Most importantly I recommend that you wake up in order to view at least part of the eclipse. The experience under the night sky provides insight and wisdom we simply cannot experience as profoundly unless we are willing to engage with the mysteries under the Night Sky.

You might wish to gather with others, and make this a sacred time. It’s beautiful to have a fire and will provide the forum for releasing ceremony. You may wish to drum, or sing, or take time to consider what you wish to release in your life. It cannot be overstated how much support is available to us at this time for a full release of old pain, wounding, beliefs, agreements, burdens, and no-longer workable patterns in our lives!!

It is always good to bring song, dance, invocations, praise poetry and GRATITUDE into ceremony. To have tobacco, cornmeal, sage, cedar, other sacred offerings to give to the fire, to the Earth, to the Ancestors, to the Moon and Sun, to all the guides and allies who support us on our walk. Whether alone or in a group it can be very powerful to create a meditation, visualization or prayer that serves the entire Earth and the next seven generations.

There is no formula, these are just the ingredients. So enjoy the magic of this powerful, powerful eclipse and join so many of us in invoking and energizing the greatest possible healing, balancing, and beauty from this grand event. And so it is!

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