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FREE Leo New Moon Report: No One Like Me–Or You!


Leo New Moon: No One Like Me–Or You!

The Leo New Moon is exact today at 4:42 pm MDT, at 3 Leo. This is a very special New Moon as it features Jupiter within just 1 ½ degrees from both the Sun and Moon! We are graced with special spiritual insight and wisdom into the mysteries of Leo over this coming month and indeed for the next year as Jupiter travels through Leo.

We are invited to dive into the realms of creative play, joyful and radiant self -expression, and the practice of loving ourselves as the Divine Agents of Love, Light, Brilliance and Beauty that we are.

When we are operating from healthy Leo we understand and live from the premise that there will never be another like us, with our unique way of knowing, seeing, communicating, being in our bodies, perceiving of the world, and creating. As I sit here typing I consider-no one has my exact hands, with the uneven middle finger, smashed in a car door when I was five.

No one has my memories, my experiences, all the lessons I have learned in this one precious life. No one else laughs quite like me, or has my exact bad habits, or knows how to translate spiritual wisdom through the filters I do. No one else has experienced my personal pain, or extracted from it the compassion that I carry.

We often only begin to recognize the preciousness of an individual life when we lose someone we love.

I know that when my father died what struck me most was his uniqueness-no one else had his kind of intuitive brilliance about fixing things, or precisely his way of blowing up when he couldn’t get something right, or the tenacity to finally figure it out. No one else had experienced his private pain and pulled from it resilience, strength, and a measure of self-respect, and the personal values and integrity he lived by.

When I begin to recognize the preciousness of each individual including myself, I begin to see myself through God(dess)’s eyes, which is how Leo perceives of himself or herself. I am a being on this planet in this precise way only once, without a second to spare in regret, self-loathing, or self-sabotage. My wiser Leo perspective loves these parts too, even as it helps us move through and beyond them into a place of greater wholeness.

Night Sky Magic

From Leo New Moon to Aquarius Full Moon, we see Mars and Saturn as visible evening star planets, with Mars approaching Saturn, to catch up with it on August 25th. Jupiter remains invisible through this period, as it is so close to the Sun, and Mercury also is too close to the Sun to be visible.

Venus remains gorgeous and bright in the morning sky, awaiting the approach of Jupiter on August 17 in the closest planet to planet encounter of 2014.

The tiny Leo crescent Moon visible to many in the evening sky on Monday, July 28, will be 4.4 degrees SSW of Regulus, the heart of the Lion Constellation. The Scorpio First Quarter Moon is exact Sunday night, August 3 within about 10 degrees of Mars.

The Aquarius Full Moon is on Sunday, August 10th, with the Moon at closest perigee for a Full Moon for the year-less than 20 minutes before it is exactly full (opposite the Sun).

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