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Five Reasons to Join My Active Dreaming Playshop

Hello beautiful friends,

In dreams and meditations I (and some of you!!!) have been building the energy for this Dream Play Circle, which will be meeting Monday nights from 7-9 pm January 27th to February 24th.

I am feeling stirred to the tips of my toes and tickled in the uppermost reach of my branches by the magic and play and healing I feel happening there.

I’ve been cultivating the craft of star whisperer for years now and this year I am falling more deeply in love with this work as an astrologer as I complete a full Venus Return cycle and “claim my crown” as I birth into 2014.

My deep intention in beginning dream studies with Robert Moss was to hear my own soul’s call more powerfully, and to gain practices that would enable me to move beyond the cerebral in my investigations of planetary alignments and their impact on the human family.

I looked at the dates of these five Dream Circle classes with my astrologers eye and WOW. It just so happens that the Moon activation of the T-Square (Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Cancer) is occurring either ON the each dream play date or the day following. It also just so happens that we begin with the Moon conjunct Venus–opening the first gate of the Capricorn Venus Cycle, and completes just prior to the second Venus Moon Gate.

Which leads into my 5 Reasons to Join my Active Dream Playshop Circle:

1. Start 2014 Powerfully In this extremely powerful initiation window at the threshold of 2014, you will be engaged in weekly ceremony and tuning into the deeper patterns in your life and the world around you. This will set a powerful vibration and inner alignment for 2014.

2. Cultivate a Strong Active Dreaming Practice With five weeks of immersion in dream work, supported by a group of willing and inspired co-dreamers, you will have anchored a practice of active dreaming–i.e. you will have deepened your skill at wooing your dreams and tracking their deeper meaning as well paying attention to synchronicity in your daily life

3. Be in Safe Community That Honors Light and Shadow You will be part of a safe and supportive community circle, growing new relationships as you grow your dreaming wings. This is a very good time to be immersed in community, and it is my commitment to acknowledge the presence of shadow, or coyote, or Eris, in every circle, so that we can learn to dance with her with greater ease. And believe me, this is a skill we are all wanting to learn in 2014! 4.Your Inner Child will Have a Ball We will play synchronicity games, re-enact dreams through dream theatre, play the Lightning Dreamwork Game, visit Imaginal Realms during our conscious dream journeys, and play with group dream re-entry. We will also have great fun with crayons and construction paper.

5. Learn Powerful Healing Practices. You will be given opportunities and tools for healing through connection with your dreams, support of fellow dreamers, and specific visualizations through the healing journey through the Chakras–which you can use in a powerful way following our circle as well.

If you feel a full-hearted yes, I hope you will join the circle! Space is limited to 12 participants so don’t dilly dally!

Sign up here or call/email if you have further questions. 505-948-7621

Many Blessings and Inspired Dreaming!


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