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Falling in Love for the First Time: Fall Equinox Libra New Moon

This is a free excerpt from the in-depth report I send out 1-3 times per week, my gift to you, my free subscribers as this is such a potent Full Moon Window! Purchase my full subscription here to receive these in-depth reports in the future.

September 23 to October 7 FREE Report

The Fall Equinox Libra New Moon was exact this morning (Wednesday, September 24) just after midnight MDT. We call it the Autumn Equinox New Moon because it occurred little more than 24 hours after the exact Fall Equinox.

There are an incredible number of activations occurring at the time of this already extraordinary Equinox New Moon. These include Venus’s recent disappearance into the glare of the Sun signifying her descent into the Underworld and Pluto’s direct station on Monday, an event we feel acutely for two weeks around that moment. It also includes Uranus and Jupiter activating the Grand Fire Trine this coming Thursday near Spica.

So it is that we have the fresh, balanced, harmonious Fall Equinox Libra New Moon, coupled with the positive expansive energy of Jupiter and Uranus in a Fire Trine, the contribution of Vesta and Spica transmitting to all of us an awareness of the holiness, the sacred dimension of life and prompting us to prayer and meditation, and “tending our inner fires.”

Saturn in Scorpio nudges us to make changes in our lives aligned with what energizes us and makes us come alive. And Venus and Pluto’s activation of the Underworld Initiatory process is perfectly timed to prepare us for October.

October will be an incredible power month, with the Eclipse Window between the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8 and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23. Mercury will also be retrograde in Scorpio, and we will celebrate Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead, etc. as we prepare for winter. More about the Underworld initiatory process below!

Baby Libra New Moon: Falling in Love for the First Time

Today through tomorrow night, when the tiny crescent Moon appears in the west, our New Moon intention setting and the focus of our prayers and meditations is energized with the magic and poignant anticipation of Autumn. It is also productively focused on a “reset” of old, longstanding relationship patterns that no longer serve.

We can set intentions around our closest relationships and our own patterns around relationship–and open to something completely new and magical to emerge. There is a dimension of both intention setting AND release, as we have both the New Moon and Pluto/Venus activation of the Underworld dynamic.

Because of that and because the New Moon is at 1 Libra, it feels to me as though this is a time to acknowledge our ideas, beliefs, contracts and areas of tension around close, intimate relationship–and then throw it all up in the air and say–I am open to something new! I open to miracles! I am open to something even more wonderful, and clear, and beautiful! I am open to breakthroughs in the realm of partnership, love and relationship!

1 degree Libra is “Baby Libra” the innocent expression of the person who is just starting fresh in relationship. Remember how it felt to fall in love for the first time? That is the energy of 1 Libra. How would it be to open to THAT kind of innocent, fresh, searing, ecstatic, passionate, clumsy, vulnerable energy again? I think our whole Universe is fueled by this kind of energy, and that our world will be enriched tremendously as we wake up to knowing this is our natural state of being.

Could this Libra New Moon set up for us a month of “falling in love for the first time” with our lovers, our partners, our lives, our bodies, our beautiful imperfect way of being in this world? Could we look for opportunities around every corner to fall in love with the world again and again?

Can we imagine how powerful that would be? Just think-what if just for a month instead of focusing on all that is wrong with our bodies, our minds, our relationships, our communities, our time, our global story–that we looked everywhere for signs of the Beloved?

We are Living in Tender Times

We are living in tender times. These past two weeks I’ve been brought to tears repeatedly in conversation with friends old and new who are facing life-threatening illness or debilitating illness of loved ones, or facing other major life challenges.

Again and again I see people reaching a crisis point and finding the courage and strength to break open, to change old, longstanding patterns, to ask for help even though it’s scary, to forge a path through into the wilderness of an unclear future.

In the larger pattern we are experiencing the continued ripples from the Grand Cross activation this spring, the ongoing Pluto Uranus Square activations each month, the Mars Saturn activation, tremendous solar flare activity last week, Venus in her Capricorn cycle entering the Underworld last Wednesday among other astrological events.

The past week’s intensity has been related to Pluto stationing direct on Sunday. For two weeks surrounding that moment Pluto’s presence has been felt at a very deep level. Of course the days closest to the direct station feel the most intense. Couple that event with Venus’s descent to the Underworld last Wednesday and we see how at this time there’s simply no way to avoid feeling our feelings, facing our fears, standing in the fire of What Is at this time.

The secret beneath the Underworld initiation initiated by Pluto and Venus is that there are riches to be found in dark places. As we learn to face life on its own terms, surrender our deepest pain and inner conflict to Source again and again, we begin to feel the strange stirring of something akin to deep joy, to relief, a feeling of aliveness that perhaps had been buried in “better” times, when we were too busy or scared to stand in the potency of the present moment.

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