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Entering the Eclipse Cauldron & Dreaming Gaia’s Dream

Of Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Autumn Equinox & Mercury Retrograde: Dreaming Gaia’s Dream

We have entered the Two Week Eclipse Cauldron, beginning with tonight’s exact Virgo New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse and completing with September 27/28th’s VERY important Aries Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse.

The “Time Out Of Time” experience of this Eclipse Window is amplified by the fact that Mercury stations retrograde this Thursday, September 17, so we are certainly feeling it now! Mercury will station direct October 9  so its impact will be felt beyond the second and final eclipse of 2015.

Also, Wednesday, September 16, Jupiter in Virgo makes its first exact opposition to Neptune in Pisces, supporting us in dreaming Gaia’s Dreams, visioning into the world that is possible as Humanity makes the great shift into alignment with Creation’s Dance.

As if THAT weren’t enough–within this two week time frame we also have the Autumn Equinox (September 23/24) right as Saturn ingresses back into Sagittarius and Mars moves into Virgo conjunct Royal Star Regulus.  Mars squares Saturn September 25, another big event just on its own.

These next two weeks are a time of Great Dreaming, healing and transmutation, where the priority is to bring the Sacred back into our daily lives, back to the land, back to ALL our relations.  This is NOT a time for business as usual and if you expect to live from that place you are likely to feel as though you’re banging your head against a wall.

Over the next two weeks of this powerful time we are each to take up our Priestess and Priest’s robes and to weave our hearts, our lives, our breath back into the pattern of Creation with love, with respect, with reverence and gratitude.

We are to approach everything in a sacred manner at this time, to sing our songs for the Land, for the Waters, for the Air, for the Star Beings, for the Sun, the Moon, For the Plants and Trees and Animals, for Ourselves, for Each other, for All Our Relations.  To mend and heal our own broken hearts, back into remembrance of our true soulful, connected, joy-drenched nature.

TONIGHT’S (September 12/13) Partial Solar Eclipse

Tonight’s (Sunday, September 12) Partial Solar Eclipse can only be seen in South Africa, Antarctica and locations in Indian and Atlantic Oceans, but you can still tune in and watch TONIGHT LIVE 10:30 pm MDT HERE.

Consider that as the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, “occulting” or covering part of the Sun from the Earth’s view, it is as though all the mysteries associated with this part of the sky (the stars and the seasonal or zodiac sign) are very rapidly transmitted to us in the very short, compressed time of the eclipse.

This “Super Virgo New Moon” can be observed through ceremony through the appearance of the tiny crescent Moon Monday night, September 14. Setting New Moon  Intentions from the beginning of the eclipse through tomorrow is the most potent time.

The Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse is located near Denebola, the blue star in the tail of the Lion constellation. The New Moon opposes Chiron, the asteroid that carries the medicine of the alchemical healer.  Adding to the “underworld” feel of this eclipse, Mercury is near an exact square to Pluto.

Healthy Virgo wants to be of service to Gaia, the living Earth. When we are honoring Virgo we are dedicated to perceiving the sacred patterning of Creation and bringing our actions and priorities into alignment with that pattern.

We could say that in those brief moments or periods where we access Virgo Wisdom we are naturally in the flow, in the Tao, in the ecstatic rhythm of Life. When our life is like this, it is as though our days unfold as ceremony. It is as if our every action is a blessing to the Earth and to all we love and cherish.

In its essence Virgo, as the sign most deeply sourced from the Divine Feminine, is dedicated to bringing Spirit into Matter, so as to make all Creation holy again. Many of us experience the Sacred Wound(Chiron) because for so long the cultural status quo has been in direct opposition to this natural flow and rhythm of life, in direct opposition to the Feminine Divine.

We could say that Chiron’s opposition to the Virgo New Moon Mirrors the event early last Thursday morning when Morning Star Venus was conjunct the Moon,  activating the Crown Chakra Gate, the place where Inanna (and we all) must experience the removal of any falsity and in-authenticity in our relationship to Spirit.We can imagine how she at this moment, with her Crown removed where she feels all the ways she has been disconnected from the Sacred, from Spirit, and we can imagine this brings her grief, just as we feel grief.

With Mercury squaring Pluto, we see clearly the shadow in our patterns of thought, in our means of communication. We see where we are practicing self harm, or harm to others, and it is good to look at this directly, with courage and compassion.

This Virgo Super New Moon/Eclipse with Chiron invites us to bring healing to this wound, for ourselves, and dedicated to ALL Beings.

Powerful intentions may emerge naturally from asking the following questions. And since Virgo is a left brain, analytical sign, it might make sense to journal and make lists of specifics.

How is my current lifestyle, my daily work, my pattern of thought, my manner of relating, in alignment with the natural rhythms and cycles of creation?

How are any of these areas out of balance? (hint, it feels like a struggle all the time, I feel disconnected, isolated, as though everything is flat and devoid of spirit, joy, ecstasy, aliveness and purpose).

Am I willing to feel and digest the grief, the sorrow, the wound this disconnect has created in me? Am i willing to open myself to the alchemical healing process the Divine wishes for me?

The promise Chiron gives is that when we are willing to surrender to, experience and “digest” the wound, we recover our energy, our joy, our experience of wholeness.

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