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Earth Rumbling: Staying Centered in Deep Change

Pluto Uranus Square & Sacral Chakra Healing

If you’re feeling intensity and rumblings shaking the foundations of your life recently, if you have been having dreams that concern you, if you feel you’ve been in a healing crisis, know you are not alone.

We entered the Sacral Chakra Healing Gate last week while Venus was with Pluto, triggering the Uranus Pluto square. Pluto and Uranus remain at their closest to an exact square right now, and we are feeling the effect. Early tomorrow morning (Friday, February 12), the Moon will again activate Uranus and Pluto.

The Pluto Uranus square as well Venus’s activation of the Sacral/2nd Chakra Gate has triggered events causing us to see and feel all the ways we’ve been out of balance in the realms of money, sexuality, creativity, and especially money.

And no matter how spiritual we may be, when it comes to money issues, it is very easy for us to go into survival mode, and forget our tools for centering, and empowerment.

So. If you are feeling this crunch now, take a deep breath. Know that this, like all healing crises, is an opportunity for what has been in shadow to be revealed and healed.

It is time to ask for help, to ask for support in being provided with the resources you need to “fulfill the purposes of your soul.” It is time to practice self-care, to do what you already know works–to get you back into balance.

This again includes self compassion for when you “fall off the wagon” as I did last week, getting out of balance with my sleep schedule, what I was eating (and not eating) meditating, and how dedicated I was to moving my body every day.

When I get out of balance and go into anxiety or fear, I have found the very best thing is to do my best, sleep on it, and start again the next morning. Though it is very easy to get OUT of balance at this time, we are learning to more and more rapidly move back into alignment.

That is the key. Not perfection, but remembering: Begin again. And again. There is great power in this. I have been finding it essential to remind myself I can begin again every day. I can go to bed a little earlier and ask for help before I go to sleep, pray for healing, pray that these big problems I don’t know how to handle will be handled.

This works, it really does. And then it is for me to notice and hold gratitude in my heart for the miracles that unfold in the wake of asking for help–not immediately go back into the litany in my head of what still needs fixing I have been finding that I need to be extra kind and patient with myself around my feelings and emotions.

It needs to be okay to have a “flat” day, or several. To allow myself the feelings I feel and say oh, sadness, there you are, I feel you.

Or searing pain, or fear, or shame, or guilt, or anger, or grief, or sorrow, or hopelessness. The nature of our emotions is that they change, thank goodness. And then suddenly–happiness, there you are! And joy… I thought I’d lost you. The good feelings right now can feel especially tender, and precious.

Obviously I am saying mindfulness practices are very essential at this time.

Also, it can be helpful to do things that are easy and feel good and boost your mood to get you out of the rut of dark feelings. It’s not all about being good and pulling up your bootstraps and being spiritually correct.

Though of course we do not want to get pulled into habits of self-numbing, for some of us who push ALL the time, it can be good to choose to “self medicate” in moderate ways to boost our energy enough to make the shift.

I have been taking royal camu, and I personally like a little caffeine in the morning. Sometimes dark chocolate helps!! I also believe “checking out” time is sometimes essential when we’re going through big changes. The other morning I let myself stay in bed a bit longer than normal, and I felt guilty at first.

Then I realized I’d been pushing every morning when I got up, constantly going into “go mode” and I hadn’t taken a day off for a very long time. So I decided to CHOOSE to stay in bed. I decided I would be “dead” for a while.

I have known I needed to practice dying and so I did. I realized later that I did this EXACTLY as the Moon was New, when the Moon and Sun were perfectly lined up.

A deeper part of me was in perfect alignment, knowing that my whole system needed to be aligned with the Dark Moon time.

Big Picture: Economy Reboot

In the big picture, we are feeling the radical reshaping of the global economy as the current system strains and creaks and all the bandaid fixes come undone. We can feel these changes underway and if we’re not centered, it might really throw us for a loop.

When it comes to the sense of fear in the gut we might be feeling as we sense into the deep change occurring around us, it is good to be aware that our OWN fear is something we can handle with the right tools (above). Yet we might NOT be able to handle the full onslaught of collective fear and remain grounded and centered.

So if we are empaths and many of us are, it is good to be aware we are probably picking up on the fears of the collective. It is good to add to our daily practices those that protect and cleanse us from energies that don’t belong to us.  

It is also good for us to focus on drawing abundance and well-being to ourselves and dedicating our own healing around scarcity and money to all others who are suffering from the pain of not enough.

How powerful we truly are when we focus our attention on what we can control!   When we remind ourselves of the great strength we possess, and all the challenges we’ve faced already, and remember also to focus on ALL the abundance in our lives and all the ways we are taken care of.  It is miraculous, really, that we still have this beautiful planet and our lives.

On the collective scale, focus on all the positive breakthroughs that have been made in our culture and economy since 2008 (just after Pluto moved into Capricorn) with the big housing crash in the U.S., and then in the next years Arab Spring (look at Tunisia) and Occupy, and now Bernie Sanders.

Yes most of the news we are fed has been negative but there is a great deal that is positive occurring around and within us. Look for that. Feed that with your attention.

For more about this Pluto Uranus Square and my forecast for 2016, you may wish to purchase my 2016 In Depth Astrological forecast.

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Individual Sessions

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Sky Apprentice 1-Year Immersion Program Starseed Beginner and Second Level Open Until Spring Eqinox

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From Winter Solstice 2015 to Winter Solstice 2016 we will use the tools of Active Dreaming, ceremonial art, guided meditations, journaling and construction/use of a “heirophany” to track solstice and equinox alignments and to cultivate a personal, intimate, experiential relationship with the celestial mysteries.

What thrills me about this program is that it promises a collective opportunity to dream into the CURRENT, evolving transmissions from each of the planetary bodies, the stars, and the seasonal signs. We live at the Turning of the Ages, it is time for us to actively inform the mysteries, as much as they inform us! FIND MORE DETAILS HERE.“>FIND OUT MORE HERE.

Cayelin Castell and I continue to be blown away by the collective magic created by our Venus community as we move through each of the Venus Chakra Gates, clearing the way for a full experience and expression of Radiant Feminine Leo Love ignited for personal and planetary healing. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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