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Dreamscapes and Sacred Callings

Virgo Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

The gorgeous Full Moon in Virgo peaked tonight and will continue to loom large at sunrise tomorrow morning and rising near sunset again tomorrow night. Through tomorrow night we are invited to create ceremonies of gratitude and celebration for all that is manifest in our lives, and to release what has died and is in need of composting.

This past Saturday morning (February 23), Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces, turning us inward. It will station direct March 17th so until then we are invited to move into a slower, more steady, more internally focused rhythm.

With Virgo and Pisces highlighted for us throughout the next two weeks we have incredible capacity to build solid foundations and work diligently toward the realization of our most cherished goals and visions.

It can feel as though we are moving at warp speed, and as though the dreamscape and our lives are intersecting in powerful ways. So much so that it may be challenging to see where one begins and the other ends.

The themes and patterns I see and hear around me these days are of so many people going beyond the rational and practical and instead jumping headlong into the mystery before them, with trust and a little bit of bewilderment, asking ourselves, when we have a spare moment:

How the heck am I getting by? Paying the bills? Making it work? Even as we courageously step (or perhaps careen!) forward into our heart’s work, into our most inspired lives, leaving our critics and naysayers in the dust.

With Virgo as our guide and with so much Pisces/Neptune infusing all of middle world reality at this time we are truly given the go-ahead to move straight into the personal and collective avocations our spirits have thirsted for so deeply.

It is as though Gaia herself feels the urgent need for each of us to step fully into our sacred roles as healers earth stewards, networkers, dream-actualizers, midwives, systems thinkers, entrepreneurs, change agents of so many stripes and forms, etc., and so she is speaking to us in our dreams and providing us with the Earth energy we need to step up into our greater selves.

Virgo helps us tune into the Earth cycles and rhythms that are always pulsing, humming, and singing around us. It helps us to naturally and easily align our actions and our intentions with that flow. With so much Pisces/Neptune energy still resonating through the next few weeks and highlighted by Pisces Mercury Retrograde, the old rules no longer apply.

They are being dissolved as we speak. We are finding new ways to navigate–and these new ways are in synch with the broader theme of Earth healing, regeneration, and renewal.

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