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Clues to the Turning of the Ages

October 5 to 15

Astrologer Carl Calleman claims that the true “end date” for the Mayan Calendar is this October 28, 2011. Comets Elenin and Honda have received a great deal of press in the last six months as potential agents of dramatic Earth change this fall. To me it is in the hands of Great Mystery. Without question we are living in a time of great intensity and acceleration. Anything could happen–including miracles. And we are seeing them everywhere.

My training in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm and intuitive guidance tells me that we are in the midst of a Turning of the Ages transition without one big “end” date, but rather increasing intensity and breakdown, simultaneous with the emergence of our New Earth, continuing for some years into the future.

It is clear that this Fall/Winter marks a pivotal moment for humanity and our Earth. Between the comets, the Calleman calendar end date, solar flares activation, and the movement of royal star Regulus from 29 Leo to 0 Virgo on November 28, 2011, there is a lot going on that suggests a threshold of some kind. So it is good to ask ourselves the question–what is this Turning of the Ages really about?

Three Themes: Sacred Feminine, Relationships, and Time

When we look at the multitude of issues emerging astrologically, three interrelated themes stand out loud and clear. One is the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine. Another is the restructuring of human relationships–how we bond and engage with one another to create a new culture and society. The third has to do with our relationship to time, and our level of embodiment. We can look at how all three of these dynamics are playing out over the course of the next ten days, to put it in a microcosmic perspective.

The Sovereign Feminine

At this auspicious moment, we have the Scorpio expression of the Goddess (Venus) rising in the evening sky, awakening the deepest of the feminine mysteries around magic, and how it is that we can tap into the life force energy of the material dimension in order to enact miracles, and effectively transform the middle world from the inside out.

Next we have this Shamanic Goddess (Venus) leading Mercury and Saturn and the Sun in a conjunction with the star Spica at 24 Libra beginning with last night’s Venus Spica meetup and completing with the Sun’s conjunction next Tuesday near the Full Moon. Spica happens to be the brightest star in the Constellation of the Virgin. This constellation and star have long been associated with the sovereign version of the Feminine–specifically the Virgin, which literally means “she who is whole unto herself.”

Known within the early Christian frame as the Virgin Mary, she can be understood as birthing the Christ consciousness that is helping us to create Heaven on Earth, as we choose unity over division, and to mend the spirit/matter male/female split.

From now through next fall, Saturn will be within 6 degrees of the planet Spica, and so it can be said that the entire operating manual for humanity (which is what Saturn represents) is being restructured to include a profound understanding of the Sacred Feminine. This would, of course, include Gaia herself–who has a rich and deep connection to the Virgin Constellation as well. Add to this the Regulus movement into 0 Virgo and you can truly see a pattern.

Relationship Shift

The second theme of transforming relationships is one that we are all participating in, at many levels. For me it has to do with facing the potential death of my father, releasing my old identity as “unknowing” daughter, and claiming my authority as an adult, knowing woman.

It also has to do with being reminded that my primary partnership cannot heal me, cannot save me, cannot protect me from the journeys I must make alone. I, too, am learning to integrate the “sovereign feminine” archetype into my being.

Libra is about more than one-on-one relationships–it is about the glue that holds entire societies (or our species) together. It appears that just in time, we are remembering our true capacity as a community-oriented species. We can see it in the Wall Street protests, and I see and feel it in the protests activated here in Albuquerque as well.

People are really enjoying the feeling of coming together in a way that is empowered, energized, playful yet intent–to put their bodies where their values are, to state with their presence the idea that they are in favor of a new world, created collaboratively and peacefully.

Next Tuesday’s Full Moon in Aries is a powerful time to celebrate the new forms of relationship that honors both the individual (Aries) and the collective (Libra). We can also release whatever old patterns and stories keep us hooked into codependency or inauthentic relationships with others. We are learning about true intimacy and how it is a natural outgrowth of being willing to stand our ground and claim our own personal path and power.

One Step at a Time

It doesn’t matter if you live in a city. Most of us can still see Jupiter shining brilliantly in the eastern night sky, rising about an hour after sunset. By the end of the month it will be at its furthest declination from the Sun, and very bright.

We can all tune into Jupiter in Taurus, strengthened currently by a trine to Mars in Leo, or the new Divine Masculine. On a side note, I see Leo Mars as that force which is empowering the people to see themselves as sovereign and equal to the 1% who hold the financial and political power.

Jupiter can be understood as holding the energy and lessons of greatest benefit for humanity at any given time. Taurus is the energy of full embodiment, assisting us in being fully present in the moment, and doing one thing at a time-with all our senses intact.

Jupiter helps us feel the spaciousness within Taurean consciousness. When we are in situations of great change or pain, our natural response is to slow way down, and take one step at a time. Jupiter in Taurus assists us with that.

And so it is that even as we take to the streets, or otherwise engage in the flow of a rapidly changing world, we have access to a source of life force energy that animates our physical Earth, and which Taurus is a master at receiving and channeling. We can be fully present, fully in our bodies, fully receptive to the good things that are wanting to manifest within us and through us.

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