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Choosing Life

Dear Friends,

The intensity has continued for us since last week’s Pluto Uranus square and the direct station of Saturn and Venus. Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn invoked powerful emotion, as it was preceded by a Moon Pluto conjunction of less than one degree (extremely close–an occultation), and Mars’ movement into Libra after 8 months in Virgo.

Added to that, we are still very much integrating the dramatic series of events beginning with the eclipse on May 20th. It is so vital at this time to be gentle with ourselves, and to understand the eclipses and Pluto aspects bring our shadow up for transformation in our personal and collective worlds.

When we experience dramatic events where we feel the triggering of old wounds, vulnerability, feelings of low self-worth, or the draining practice of comparison with others, we can use these moments as catalysts for profound healing and liberation into the new.

Many of us have been waking up to a new degree of personal responsibility for the quality of our thoughts and the level of joy and satisfaction in our lives. It feels to me as though something very big is happening under the surface, where we are being tested, in profound and deeply felt ways, around all the lessons we’ve been learning over the past few years of intense change.

I feel that it is almost as though Life Itself is asking us–do you want to be here? Are you willing to fully commit to me, to Life? This is a challenging time to be alive–especially to the degree that we are operating from the old rules that don’t work any more, or from a place of unconsciousness.

I have come to see that I get into habits sometimes of complaining inside my head about life. I can get into a perpetual state of frustration and worry, without even realizing I’m in that pattern. So I am learning to see when this happens, and gently shift into a different pattern.

We don’t have to DO a lot, to shift our orientation into one that embraces life. Usually we just need to pay more attention to our own rhythms, and patterns and be willing to gently recalibrate and adjust, and then do it again.

Life is becoming more and more uncomfortable for us in the moments where we simply try to coast, or engage with life from a place of habitual struggle.

Our Earth is changing at a very rapid rate, and the old approaches of trying to conquer life by pushing hard and changing things on the outside only create more negative feedback–or simply has no effect at all.

Instead, we are all needing to learn to slow down, and pay more attention to the subtle patterns within our lives, and within each moment.

What is really working well right now is to take one step at a time, to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for what is working in our lives, to be our own best friends–kind and compassionate toward ourselves when we don’t “do it right,” and to practice flexibility and lightheartedness.

As we learn to consciously choose Life at this time, I deeply believe that our days can be filled increasingly with joy, with intimacy, and creative possibility. We can rise to the occasion and bring ever more beauty, consciousness, and delight to the planet through the choices we make every moment, every day.

The gift of Gemini and of Uranus in Aries is that we can now access possibilities that were never even conceivable before. We can tune into and adapt to change rapidly, and approach the world from a more subtle, energetic place, learning to play in the currents of change, experiencing them as exhilarating, and beautiful.

Of course we are all experiencing a great degree of loss at this time as well, so part of slowing down means acknowledging that; allowing ourselves grief when it wells up, and providing our love and support for those close to us who have suffered loss. We truly need each other, and community, at this time.

And there is something in the pain and in the loss that is breaking open our hearts, our minds, our very being, to a much deeper connection with existence and a more profound commitment to living each day fully, and growing in our capacity to radiate love, light, and exuberance, so that the world is a better place, because we are on it. And it is, because we are.

Much love, many blessings,




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