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Ceremony to Maximize Impact of Super Libra Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

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Early tomorrow (Saturday, April 4) morning, from about 4:15 am to 7:44 am here in Albuquerque–look up your time here–we will experience the third “Blood Moon,” or Total Lunar Eclipse in the Lunar Tetrad series of 2014-2015.

This eclipse will be visible through much of North America, South America, Europe, west Asia and parts of Africa.

The Libra Total Lunar Eclipse completes the two-week eclipse zone initiated by the Total Pisces Solar Eclipse at the Spring Equinox. The Moon is with the North Node in Libra tonight, causing this eclipse to be about progressive, forward movement toward our destiny.

The Eclipse also re-activates the Uranus Pluto Square, which amplifies the already extremely powerful energetic experience of the eclipse and its ability to wake us up in long-lasting and immense ways.

Why is the Lunar Eclipse a Super Full Moon?

A Total Lunar Eclipse can be seen as a Super Full Moon because the Sun, Earth, and Moon are lined up in the most precise way, causing the Full Moon impact to be amplified. Also because during the eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow falls across the face of the Moon, it is as though we experience the entire Moon cycle in the span of a few minutes-especially in this case as this is the shortest eclipse of the century.

We see the Moon begin as full, then quickly diminish down to a quarter, then crescent, then dark, in full shadow of the Earth-then illuminated again, from crescent all the way back to Full.

This can be seen as an acceleration of time, or as an opportunity to digest, celebrate, release, heal and bring into balance any and all mysteries related to the exact degree of the Moon at the moment of the eclipse–in this case 14 Libra.

Friday Night Pre-Eclipse Ceremony-Gratitude and Celebration

Tonight, after sunset as the Full Moon rises in the East is a time to celebrate, express gratitude and acknowledge the richness, beauty, and contribution of our relationships. It is time to see and acknowledge all the ways we are in right relationship with ourselves and others.

Healthy Libra understands that in order to be in right relationship, we must have a self that can show up fully for the occasion. To love truly and to be guided by our hearts we must be centered there, and committed to living life from our own essence.

To live a heart-centered life is not an exercise in martyrdom or self-negation, giving endlessly with no concern for our own well-being as some would lead us to believe. Our hearts can only open and become healthy, vibrant, generative centers of love, compassion, light, and joy when we acknowledge our right to exist, to be in a body, to live our lives as well with joy, fun, play, adventure, wholeness.

From that essential point of self-love, we can choose to generously extend our lives outward and give of our essence, of our gifts in a way that no other can. We also become generative, and sustainable, when we are centered in our essence we do not burn out, we have access to limitless stores of Source energy.

We can make of ourselves a gift and a blessing to the Earth and to all whose lives we touch.

So tonight we celebrate all the ways we have courageously chosen to be true to our paths, to our essence, all the ways we have courageously chosen self-love. We might journal, or simply meditate, see and feel all the ways we have treated ourselves as a valuable, worthy divine being. Or draw a fun sketch of ourselves acting in kind ways to ourselves.

This is a Full Moon so it’s good to express externally as well—to express appreciation and gratitude for our loved ones through words or our full, heart-centered presence.

We might choose to journal, paint, draw, dance, sing praises, any number of ways to express gratitude for the community of loved ones that surround us, and the gift of loving relationships and connections in our lives. Saturday Morning/Evening Libra Total Lunar Eclipse 4,000 Year Releasing Ceremony

Tomorrow morning at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse–between 4:15 am and 7:44 am MDT–is very powerful for releasing ceremony, whether we can see the eclipse or not. This is a time for focused prayer and meditation to release and clear any and all patterns of relationship emerging from separation from, armoring of, and loss of heart.

We can engage in prayer or ceremony for the collective, to clear patterns that have been embedded for many generations, through many lifetimes. We can ask forgiveness for, clear, release, heal all patterns of separation and fragmentation over the past 4000 years for humanity.

We can also ask that we be given guidance and clarity around the areas where we have caused harm, or established patterns of mind, life, or action that cause harm to our hearts, or to the well-being of others.

We can ask that these habits and patterns be released, cleared, composted, transformed, so that we might with ease bring our center of guidance, of action, of thought, to our heart center and commit to living our lives from its guidance, first.

We might spend time envisioning how that looks and feels with such clarity of focus that we anchor that experience in our bodies, at the cellular level. The North Node remains close to the Moon at the time of the eclipse, supporting us in bringing our visions into middle world reality.


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