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Celebrating Solar & Lunar Imbolc & the Aquarius New Moon

Today–Tuesday, February 2–marks the official Cross Quarter holiday of Imbolc, or Candlemas. Yet true Solar Imbolc, the moment precisely between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox falls on Thursday, February 4 when the Sun is at 15 Aquarius.

Lunar Imbolc is also a powerful time to celebrate Imbolc and this year falls on the Aquarius New Moon on Monday, February 8.

Cross Quarters include Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain, and signify magical, in-between moments where the veils are thinner, and the power of ceremony and intent is amplified.

In the northern hemisphere Imbolc represents the period where we begin to feel the warmth of the Sun stirring, and the small and tender flame of brightness lighting the darkness of winter.

With the New Moon shifting this month from Capricorn to Aquarius, Lunar Imbolc at the Aquarius New Moon invites us to feel the shift from the earthy, dark, grounded and gravity-oriented energy of the winter season and Capricorn to the expansive, spirit-oriented energies of Aquarius, helping us remember our wings, and our higher visions.

In Celtic lore the Goddess Brigid, keeper of the Sacred Flame, was honored and celebrated at Imbolc. Elements often brought into Imbolc rituals–create your own!!–involve spring flowers like the crocus, the colors red and orange, and the lighting of candles.

Questions for Imbolc Celebrated All Week and Inspiring Aquarius New Moon Intentions for the Coming Month:

In what area(s) of my life/through what events have I experienced the greatest “heaviness,” or darkness in my life since the Winter Solstice?

What are 5-10 ways I have chosen to deepen, heal, practice kindness for self and other, or otherwise respond from the heart to these challenges?

What are 5-10 ways I have seen myself grow and become a more soulful, generous, loving person through this passage?

Where do I see and feel the stirring of quiet joy, of hope, of possibility emerging from the darkness of these experiences?

This is still a tender time, with the intertwining of the heavier energies of winter and the emergent warmth and expansion of spring. How can I be tender with myself and others as I feel the contrast of these energies at this time?

What are my visions, my hopes and dreams for the period between now and the Spring Equinox?

Happy Imbolc, and Aquarius New Moon Everyone! May you feel all the ways that YOU are a Firekeeper, You are that brilliant, tender, and courageous light emerging from darkness lighting the way for your own journey and many others.

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