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Capricorn Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde


Tonight the Full Moon will rise about 40 minutes after sunset, and be nearly as luminous as last night.  At 5:30 pm MDT, it will occult Pluto–so be prepared for some intense emotions to be stirred up…   Wednesday at 6:08 am, Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer, where it will remain until July 20, so slow down, back up your computer files, and take some time to reflect and go inward during this period.

Dear Friends,

Last night, hiking into my favorite sleeping-under-the stars spot in the Ojito Wilderness with a friend, as we rounded a bend we were startled to see the luminous Full Moon already well past the horizon just minutes after sunset.

As we hiked in the moonlight I considered that we would be graced with the Moon passing over us all night long, as we slept in the open. I suddenly realized how special this Full Moon really is.

Not only is it the closest to Earth of any of the Full Moons this year and the brightest (last night AND tonight) but from last night through to its opposition of the Solstice Sun, it would cross Galactic Center, activating this portal of great power, love, and transformational change.

So it is that just 6 months after the Big Date so many were looking toward, Winter Solstice 2012, when the Solstice Sun was lined up perfectly within the “dark rift” of Galactic Center,we get a big dose of that same medicine, now transmitted through the Moon, opposite the Summer Solstice Sun at Galactic Edge, or the Sacred Cross.

It’s always helpful to remember that a Full Moon is that moment where the Sun and Moon–the two great celestial bodies that remind us we live in a realm of duality and polarity; are in perfect balance-gazing at one another, creating beauty.

It is when we are able to see the “opposing” or polar resonant forces within ourselves clearly and with respect (or are able to see another clearly without projections) that our consciousness (the Sun) can illuminate the true face of the Other–whether within or without, and we can see its true nature.

It is when we are able to practice this loving presence with life on its own terms, with clarity and spaciousness, that we encounter the Beloved, within and without.

Much love, many blessings,


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I want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing the monthly readings. I’ve listened to June twice and each time I hear something that reverberates a deep chord in my soul. I feel more sure that we are definitely not alone and more capable and confident to work with the natural cycles to tune in more intimately to the magic that life whispers to us in every moment. Thank you so much! I am receiving so much from your well spoken perspective of the movement of the stars.

–Kate Short-Lindsay

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