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Cancer Dharma Revealed: Maximizing Our Jupiter in Cancer Inititiation

Jupiter is approaching the very last degrees of Cancer, with ten more days until completing its cycle in this feeling-based Cardinal (Householder) sign.

This is a time to come into the biggest breakthroughs and amplified healing in the Cancer realms of vulnerability and emotion, family and ancestral patterns, connection to home and land as well as a core sense of home and belonging in our bodies and our lives just as they are.

Jupiter in Cancer was one of the four agents of transformation triggering the Grand Cross in April.  By reflecting on our past year with an eye to hone into our deeper work in the Cancer mysteries we support ourselves in integrating the fullest benefit from the massive Grand Cross event. Essential Cancer

In its essence Cancer is a responsible nurturer. We see and feel it as the Great Mother, the heart of the Earth herself which nourishes and nurtures all of life. Cancer’s nurturing essence extends beyond gender however, as one of the leading-edge masculine archetypes of our time is masculine Cancer.

Cancer supports us in coming home to our selves, to the core of our being, to understanding we will never feel at home “out there” until we come home to our own inner riches, until we befriend our own emotional terrain as juicy and regenerative source and foundation for a happy life.

In the Arms of the Mother: Circles of Sister Healing at Kalpulli Teopantli

I returned two weeks ago from an immersion in the nurturing embrace of the Mother, embodied in the lush green slopes and deep canyons of the mountains outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, Myself, three of my sisters, two nieces and a dear girlfriend all shared space, cooked meals together, went for long walks, soaked in nearby hot baths and dove deeply into our individual and collective emotional fields to evoke healing for each and all of us.

Much of our healing work was facilitated by my brilliant sister, Trina Brunk, who tirelessly called us back to meet in circle when tension or conflict inevitably arose. With the support of a process she’s devised called Soul Path Work we each visited past moments in our lives where we had developed blocks, contracts, beliefs, and agreements that were no longer useful or relevant, and activated their clearing and release.

We were staying in a small Kalpulli (spiritual community) my oldest sister, Tracy Barnett, calls home, surrounded by about 20 loving, kind, and open-hearted families. Connecting with the children, the youth, the mothers and fathers and the esteemed “abuelas and abuelos” (grandmothers and grandfathers) nourished our connection to global family and our welcome place in it. We ventured deeper into the womb of the Mother when we entered the Temezcal (sweat lodge) for deeper clearing, healing, and connection to the Earth.

We extended our loving circle outward when we joined Kalpulli members for a procession through the streets of Guadalajara at the “Mil Tambores” (Thousand Drums) Solstice Gathering. We converged with hundreds in the central plaza in a community of Aztec dancers, indigenous elders; radiant community members from across the city and surrounding country who are restoring a bond with their indigenous spiritual traditions and restoring their sacred communion with Mother Earth.

Tears streamed down my face and the faces of my sisters as we stepped into the plaza and heard and felt the powerful vibration and thunderous, synchronized heartbeat of all the drums together, calling forth the ancestors, the spirits of that sacred land, raising the vibration so that humanity’s heartbeat matched the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

In the SoulPath work we accomplished in circle as well as in the astrology readings and dream work I did for my sisters and nieces, it was understood that the patterns and themes that emerged for each of us were patterns for all of us to look at. They wouldn’t have shown up in our field if they didn’t somehow have a gift for everyone. When one person was supported in her healing, we ALL experienced healing.

Networks of Connection & Mirroring

I facilitated a Cancer New Moon in my home two days after my return to New Mexico, where I got to transmit some of the healing and love I received in Mexico. Within our circle here in the U.S., too, we were reminded that our themes and patterns connected powerfully as we shared and heard each others stories. Our individual sharing helped to heal our group soul.

I hope that many of you have had experiences also that helped you feel more connected, more nourished, more a part of the global family as well as your intimate inner circles of support. I hope you, too, have been provided with glimpses of the deep and powerfully re-emergent presence of the Great Mother in your life. And I hope you have had the tools to support you in diving into your own emotional waters, as well as supporting others in this work, because this is so essential for our times.

I hope especially that the men out there reading this have the support of circles of loved ones and of men, to assist in navigating your own healing journeys. There may be nothing more essential than this. And if you have not yet experienced this kind of loving, safe, and healing circle experience, perhaps you can be the agent of healing and light who forms a circle, where you invite all those you love and cherish to join you, and create the New Family for a healed Earth.

Getting Real With Our Emotions

We have been practicing, and now t is truly time to get real with our emotions, to befriend our own emotional intelligence, to tend to any areas of familial, ancestral wounding that might have come up for us in the past months.

For me befriending (or even knowing) my emotions has required me to really step beyond my Gemini Moon comfort zone. As a middle child in my abundant family, the message unconsciously transmitted was this: “there is no room for your needs, for your vulnerability, for your other-than-happy-emotions.”  I suspect this is true for many of us.

Yet as a Solar Goddess Venus/Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius and Ascendant in Aries, not to mention my intense-emotion-averse Moon in Gemini, it’s already a challenge for me to make time and take space to experience my own emotions. Yet with my Cancer South Node and IC and Neptune in a very close conjunction to my Venus and Mercury, I have learned to be VERY good at sensing into the emotions of others.

The truth is I have far too often used my habit of feeling others’ emotions as a handy escape to avoid my own. For me, I have seen how my workaholic tendencies and patterning around extending myself outward into the experience of another are both patterns that keep me estranged from my own emotional vulnerability, and the discomfort of feeling things I’d rather not feel, as well as actually cutting off true, reciprocal intimacy.

This is my blind spot in the realm of emotions, and one I am dedicated to healing.  What is yours?

Seeking Home

The question: where is my physical home on this Earth?  Has been a big one for many over this past year. The urge to move, to travel, to leave where we are presently has been strong. For myself, I woke up one morning in early April with the urgent belief–I must move June 4 from Albuquerque! This ended up NOT being the path for me at this time, but many have been feeling an equal itch to pack it up and move on.

Many of us have traveled a lot and expanded our sense of home geographically. And some have made big physical moves, and are beginning to sink roots more deeply into their new spaces. I’ve also seen a phenomenon best described by T.S. Elliot: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Two dear friends who left their beloved communities to start a life elsewhere found themselves pulled strongly back to where they started (literally) with a restored sense of joy and connection in their original home places. SUPPORT GAINING GREATEST IMPACT FROM FINAL JUPITER CANCER CYCLE

I love how in this work I always attract clients who are working with the dominant cycles and themes! Right now many who are calling me have a lot of Cancer in their charts and together we have powerfully crystallized and maximized all the growth, transformation, and insight occurring for them through this transit.

I have 2-3 spaces this week to schedule readings, with preference for those with Cancer Moon, Sun, Venus/Mars, Ascendant, Jupiter or North Node, I’d love to support you in claiming the greatest integration and inner strength from this cycle. Contact me to schedule a reading at

Many Blessings!! Tami Brunk

Earth Family


It’s big news for all of us when Jupiter moves into a new sign, as it expands a new area of spiritual growth for humanity.  On June 24, just following Summer Solstice and the year’s brightest Full Moon, Jupiter moved into Cancer initiating a year where humanity’s dharmic path is centered on restoring and bringing in new expressions of family, home, belonging, and responsible nurturing. The Personal Journey

On the personal level, this means expanding our ability to hold emotional presence, beginning with ourselves.  We learn to create a “womb-space” for the vulnerable aspects of ourselves and our “baby” dreams to develop and grow. We learn healthy boundaries for the aspects of self/creations that are still tender, which we will protect fiercely if need be.

The gift is this: as we cultivate a deep sense of home and belonging inside our psyches, bodies, emotions, and lives, we radiate a field of nurturing presence around us.  Our world is sorely in need of people so “at home” in ourselves that we create a sense of family everywhere we go. The Collective Dharmic Path

At the collective level, this is a time for us to increase our ability to care for those in our community who are most vulnerable, and to expand our concept of “family” beyond the borders of blood, culture, nations, and species.

It is time to recognize Earth as our home, create the new Earth Family by expanding our global community to encompass “All Our Relations.” Are we courageous enough to care this big?  In times of great change it is far too easy to shut down emotionally, and to forget how much we need one another.  Jupiter can support us in opening up, enthusiastically.  FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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