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Calm Heart in the Storm

March 12 to 21

Venus Moon Conjunction in Taurus

Tonight, at 11:54 pm MST, Venus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct. It’s been extraordinary to watch as these two planets-Venus extraordinarily bright, Jupiter more distant; have approached each other, closer each night. This represents the amplified presence of the Sacred Feminine in our world, as well as the related Taurean mysteries of receptivity, embodied presence, and grounding into our sensual nature. This is a much needed antidote to the highly-charged energy we’ve been feeling over the past weeks.

Mercury Retrograde near Uranus and Solar Flares

Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday. Did you notice? Or, like me, did you just experience it as more of the same wacky, chaotic dynamic we’ve been experiencing for a while now? Between the intense solar flare activity, the approach of Mercury Retrograde, and the combustible energy of Uranus/Mercury, we’ve been electrified like Christmas trees with intense, growth-inducing energy.

Nurturing Our Energy Systems

If we don’t care for our bodies, we’re sure to short circuit. Eating well, drinking extra water, walking, spending time in nature, meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices are all helpful. Especially beneficial at this time are healing modalities like Acupuncture, Reiki, Chi Kung, Homeopathy and others that directly assist the body in absorbing and integrating increased levels of energetic activity.

With Venus completing her activation as the Scorpio Goddess, and moving through Taurus conjunct Jupiter, the energy activations have been stirring up and bringing to the surface old ancestral wounds that we are ready to heal and release.

For this reason it is also a good time to receive Shamanic healing modalities. This might mean actually going to a shamanic practitioner for soul retrieval or other work, doing practices like Constellation, Breathwork, Voice Dialogue, ecstatic dance, or drumming and journeying to ask for assistance from the ancestors, and Spirit Guide allies to heal at a deeper level.

It can also mean surrendering to Underworld experiences such as sickness, overwhelm, pain, etc., which are accelerating this clearing process. Remember the end result is that you feel lighter and stronger as a result.

In any case, please remember that the discomfort and spells of exhaustion we feel now are signals that we are doing a whole lot of healing and clearing under the surface, so that we can move forward toward our most sacred contribution with full clarity, purity of purpose and renewed vision.

Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon

Speaking of renewed visions, the Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon reminds us that in order to make room for new visions, beliefs, paradigm breakthroughs, we must be willing to deeply feel and release cherished ideologies that no longer fit the reality we are living in.

In what ways are we trying remake the world overnight? In what fashion might we assume that we “know best,” and the Universe is just refusing to deliver, in our timing, what we assume is a better reality? Grief is involved here, as we recognize that we are in pain over the current state of the world, all the ways it falls short of how our inner idealists wish to experience it.

I recently had a direct transmission, through Voice Dialogue work, of the exhaustion my inner idealist was feeling as she battled every single aspect of modern life. At the core, she was angry and grief stricken that in the modern culture to simply eat, travel, be housed, and make a living in concert with the rest of the community, we are harming the Earth in multiple ways.

That grief was sincere, and so was the exhaustion. What I have been attempting to break through to is a deeper comprehension of how transformation really happens, and learning to see the world through the lens of a magician. How to recognize, and amplify the many ways the Earth herself, and human consciousness as an extension of her, are shifting in the direction of large-scale regeneration and healing.

Grand Earth Trine

The Venus/Jupiter in Taurus dynamic helps us to become deeply grounded in the core of our being rooted in the Heart of the Earth. This is amplified by the Grand Earth Trine, with Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. The Trine is transmitted to us more powerfully on Thursday, when the Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

This accentuates our ability to become both deep and expansive at the same time. Pluto and the Moon anchor us, help us experience the gravity pull of the Earth, and to welcome our own internal healing and regenerative processes. Mars in Virgo helps to ground us in our Sacred Work, and Venus/Jupiter help us to savor the experience of being human, and having a body.

At the same time, we are invited to expand and move forward powerfully, through the powerful Mercury Retrograde/Uranus in Aries effect. It should be noted that forward movement, however, for the next 3 weeks of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, should first be ignited by the deeper intuitive knowing we access through our moments of grounded, still awareness.

If we allow ourselves to be all about action and momentum, without taking frequent breaks for the internal journey, healing, and connection to source, we will become frazzled, worn, and exhausted, much sooner than if we are staying in balance, and recharging ourselves from the energy of the Earth.

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