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By the Light of the Lammas Full Moon

Dear Friends,

I am sure you have seen the brilliant Full Moon, which is nearly exact as I write (9:27 MST, Wednesday night, August 1). If you have not already created ceremony around this event and Lunar Lammas, which was also today, consider that tomorrow (Thursday) is also a powerful time for ceremony–as are the days leading up to next Tuesday, August 7.

The Aquarius Full Moon is what my teacher Daniel Giamario calls the “Vision Quest Moon” as it holds such a powerful space for us to for us to access and energize our highest visions and potential. Lammas is an ancient cross quarter date which marked the celebration of first harvest.

From now through August 7 (next Tuesday), when Mercury stations direct and Venus completes a four month journey through Gemini and moves into Cancer, we derive extraordinary benefit from ceremony, meditation, retreat, and stillness.

We can practice the art of moving into the center of our bodies. Of listening to the wisdom of our higher selves. Paying attention to the small, fresh sprouts, seedlings, or first fruits that have emerged from all the work we’ve been doing to remain awake, stay connected to our hearts and bodies, and heal our monkey minds.

As we allow ourselves to slow down, take a deep breath, and feel into our bodies, we may experience an overflowing of love, compassion, and joy, as we feel all the ways our lives are blessed, and as we experience in a deep down way, how are loved, and how we are love. This is the gift of Leo Mercury Retrograde.

It can help us to recognize that underneath the stories we energize in our minds about our unworthiness and about the unfriendliness of the world lies a deeper truth. We are, at our core, beings of love, of light, of immense power, creativity, and wisdom.

The world surrounding is full, at all times, of events and allies in many forms that support the growth and healing of our hearts and souls.

This is a good time to experience what a rich and bountiful resource our full, loving presence is for ourselves, and the world surrounding. Even if just for a little while, gently drop the messages that constantly tell you how much work you have to do, and how impossible it is to do it.

Just for now, we can settle into a full and deep appreciation for all in our lives who we love and who love us. For the comforts we have, for the richness of life experience and wisdom we can tap into.

Most especially the wisdom that emerges from our seeming mistakes, or wrong turns, which have now become our greatest teachers, our greatest assets on the road to self-awareness, compassion, and liberation.

Even if only for a few moments, hold and energize the idea that you have just the right amount of time, resources, and energy to accomplish your most essential tasks. Hold and energize the idea that all your connections support your evolution, growth, and pleasure in living.

May your next days be filled with blessings beyond measure, and an awareness of how deeply you are loved and supported.

Much love,


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