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Buffalo Dreaming at Summer Solstice

At this Summer Solstice where the dreaming is so strong with Neptune stationing Friday and now the Pisces Moon, I re-enter a dream of a Buffalo which was rushing toward me from the North to the South. I felt as if he might destroy me, yet he veered at the last minute to my right, toward the East, continuing South. I felt the power of his body as an electrical surge. Shaking the ground beneath my feet.

It felt like the literal earth shaking I experienced at Standing Rock and in the year following where I have discovered the urgent need to make peace with two lineages living inside of me. My blood ancestors from settlers here on Turtle Island, and my spiritual ancestors who are indigenous to this land. They have been in brutal conflict inside of me over my lifetime and especially the past two years.

In my re-entry I was with Grandmothers of both lineages hand in hand. I stood with them facing north and this time I allowed the Buffalo to do what I had feared most in my dream. To rush into me. To enter the center of my being, my heart.

It was as if in that moment both ancestral lines came into convergence within me, at the center point. That is the only place where they can meet. I think of how so many times over these past two years I have felt as if it were impossible for these two aspects within me–aspects I feel every human holds within, the colonizer and the colonized–to coexist without destroying the other.

I think of the many stories told by elders within those nations whose well being was intimately tied to the life and well being of the buffalo, about their return from a hole inside the Earth. How impossible that seems and yet, thank you to the continued dreaming and working of many, the Buffalo are now returning. See article HERE.

The Impossible becomes possible every day. Never forget that. Tune your ear and your attention to what is true around you. In both the outer manifestations and the inner. Make it your vow to hold the two realities at once and stand at the center in the place of your beautiful human heart. Healing is happening. Everywhere.

On this beautiful Solstice, where the Sun stands at the Center of the Lakota’s Sacred Hoop of Stars in early Cancer, at the birth point of the New Earth Family, reach out and gather together your brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandsons–all those who share your vision, your heart, your fierce dedication to a future where human culture once again honors the earth, the indigenous, the feminine and the healed and whole masculine.

Enjoy and celebrate all the ways we are now living in a moment of such powerful and exciting currents of change. Where we have the privilege and honor, each in our own way, in every moment and with what is in front of us, to mend our own soul lineage and dream a new dream together.

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