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August 21 Total Solar Eclipse: Resetting the Spiritual Blueprint for the U.S.

On August 22, 1142, a Total Solar Eclipse whose path extended through the northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada is said to have helped prompt the timing of the creation of the Iroquois Confederacy, which would influence founders of the U.S. in integration of democratic, egalitarian aspects into the U.S. Constitution.

This summer, nearly 900 years later on August 21, 2017, we will experience another Total Solar Eclipse, the first in 99 years to be visible in its totality across the lower 48, and the first in 1500 years to be ONLY visible in totality across this region. Astrologers across the globe are claiming this eclipse will trigger massive revolutionary change in the U.S.

Shamanic Astrology views the Total Solar Eclipse as a “Super New Moon,” or time where our personal and collective intentions are magnified exponentially. Because this eclipse is with the North Node, it can be seen as progressive, a time of high magic and an opportunity to energize new possibilities for the future of our nation. Turtle Island, a name given to North America by many native people, is ground zero for the eclipse path of totality.

In the wake of Standing Rock, we can see the eclipse as a reset for the spiritual blueprint of the U.S. sourced by indigenous wisdom, where we plant the seeds together to build a culture of Care for Earth and next Seven Generations.

It’s time to remember the core indigenous principles at the root of our nation’s founding and re-ignite them at this eclipse.

We know that the founders neglected to adopt one of the key ingredients leading to the success of the Iroquois model, which was the strong political and cultural role of the Grandmothers or Clan Mothers, who appointed and could remove Chiefs, and had an equal if not overriding say in key decisions impacting the tribe, including going to war.

Can we imagine now how the character of our nation would have developed differently if strong female leadership was embraced in this way from the very beginning, and concern for the Earth and next seven generations was embedded within every decision made by leaders in government?

Sound Healer Tom Kenyon says that in a time of profound chaos such as now, we have access to a multitude of different timelines and we can cultivate the practice of “jumping” into Timelines individually and collectively.

Let’s use our power of imagination and collective intent to do three things: see where this culture of Earth and People care is already emerging all around us and celebrate and strengthen that, honor where we ourselves are making practical daily choices to create a culture aligned with the Earth and supportive for the next seven generations, and take it one further, imagining the world we could live in if these efforts are magnified.

We might also literally, in our meditations, invite the Circle of the Grandmothers to make their presence known in the halls of power in the U.S. capital, influencing our legislators to make the decisions that serve our shared future and environment.

I see the Circle of the Grandmothers as a powerful, real force in the world and call on them daily. To me they are the spiritual manifestation of our DNA in its most whole, activated state—with access to the deepest wisdom from the past and the most powerful positive potential for the future.

Inviting in the Council of the Grandmothers

Where will you be for the August 21 Eclipse? Please let me know so the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School can add you to our map of eclipse watchers. Also please consider joining me in a Global Meditation to Invite in the Circle of the Grandmothers to help restore the original Blueprint for the U.S. or Turtle Island.

Whether you live in the path of the eclipse or not, you can participate in this meditation and also consider, from now through the eclipse, how you and others in your community might use this time to anchor and activate a vision to bring indigenous, earth-loving, far-sighted feminine wisdom into your life, your community and all areas where you hold influence.

I will be sharing more on this from now through the eclipse and in the meantime I’d love to know what this inspires in you!

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