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At the Heart of Great Mystery

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Dear Friends,

Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon was exact at about 3:00 am MST this morning, and we are in the ceremonial window to work with these energies for the next couple of days.

Mars and Pluto were square last night at around 11:00 pm, and Jupiter and Chiron were square at about midnight, so we are feeling the reverberations of those powerful aspects at the same time as the Full Moon.

What is the Sacred Wound (Chiron) we feel right now, the oppositional energy within our lives, or our personality that is heartbreaking, that despite our best efforts we have not been able to reconcile? What are the “two” or more aspects of self or life that feel essential yet we believe they cannot exist at the same time? (See more below)

Venus at the Heart of Great Mystery

Tomorrow Venus is conjunct the Sun again for the first time since the Venus Transit last June 4/5. Once again she (and we) find ourselves at the Heart of Great Mystery, which from a human perspective can feel like the Underworld, because we are blinded by the brightness, or closeness of Spirit, which is purifying and energizing us at the deepest levels.

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Much love, many blessings!



March 27 to April 5

The Libra Full Moon was exact this morning at 2:27 am, so tonight and tomorrow morning will feature a bright and beautiful moon rise/set at sunset and just before sunrise. The ceremonial window to the honor the Full Moon extends through tomorrow.

The Libra Full Moon is a moment of tension or “polar resonance” between the opposite poles of Aries and Libra. Aries/Libra is the axis most concerned with “relationship as the path to God.” The question Aries/Libra asks is-how do I honor and hold space for another, even as I honor and hold space for myself?

The Full Moon is always a moment where the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition with one another, and this energy is bigger than simply relationship with other, it is also about the relationship we have with ourselves, and with our lives.

What are the areas in our lives that we feel are in direct opposition to one another? What are the areas where we feel heartbroken because we do not know, in our physical experience of limitation, how to bridge a gap between two parts of ourselves or our lives that feel absolutely opposed?

I ask about the heartbroken part because Chiron is involved-Jupiter and Chiron were square last night close to midnight and we still feel this powerful aspect, opening us to our sacred wound. When Chiron is present, healing is not about fixing, or getting over something before we even give ourselves a chance to feel.

Chiron is located between Uranus and Saturn and its potential for profound spiritual alchemy is linked to the sadness and grief we feel when we recognize the distance between our spiritual nature and the physical limitations of life on Earth. To be a full-hearted human being, one of the family, means to experience this grief sometimes and to accept it on its own level.

Can we allow the sorrow to permeate us to the marrow and unmake us, to take us apart so that we can become holy-as in acknowledging that like every human we have “holes” that allow the light of God to shine in but that also feel sometimes like a gaping wound? This is not to glorify suffering or sorrow, but to acknowledge it as part of the human experience, and it is part of what makes us beautiful, what breaks our hearts open to God/dess and to each other.

Healing Relationships with Self and Other

With the activating energy of the Full Moon assisting us in moving forward from this place of healing and release, as we allow ourselves to feel, and move through the grief, we might ask: Is there a way we can externalize or take action that supports and strengthens all that is healthy and well in our most impactful relationships?

Maybe it is as simple as making a list of all that feels good and true and authentic in a primary relationship, or with close friends/family members. It may be equally beneficial to make a very honest list about the areas of resentment, bitterness, or anger that we have been holding in order to see it clearly (Mars and Pluto ALSO square last night may have stirred these waters as well!)

In writing either list, we might dig deeper and acknowledge the ways we honor our relationship with ourselves, taking note of the places where we nourish and honor our bodies, our spirits, our emotional well being. We might also take note of the ways our own actions, beliefs, and patterns have contributed to the behavior we experience from others that has led to our feelings of anger, resentment, and bitterness.

It may be that we simply wish to take some time with our most intimate partner, sharing with honesty and love from our deep heart, expressing what we love and what challenges us about the relationship. In any case, spending some degree of time or energy tending to relationship-clearing old debris and honoring new tender bonds and strong, enduring relationships is a wonderful way to honor this Libra Full Moon.

At the Heart of Great Mystery

We all remember the Venus transit last June 4/5 2012, when Venus visibly crossed the face of the Sun for the second and last time in our human life span. Since February 16 of this year, Venus approached 10 degrees distance from the Sun and has been moving closer each day since, preparing to be lined up perfectly BEHIND the Sun tomorrow, Thursday, March 28. This will be the first time since the June 4/5 Transit that Venus and the Sun have been together.

The Sumerian myth describing the descent of Inanna, the Goddess of Heaven and Earth into the Underworld was a myth that perfectly described the 1 ½ year Venus Synodic Cycle. This current Venus in Gemini cycle, which began June 12, when Venus emerged from her transit to the Sun ad appeared as Morning Star, represented the moment where Inanna chose to enter the Underworld.

Since June, Venus has been visibly conjunct the crescent Moon in the morning sky 8 times, representing the gates Inanna passed through on her way to the Underworld. At each gate, the Goddess was required to remove a vestment of clothing-from her crown, to her necklace, to her robe-each activating a release at a Chakra point.

February 16, Venus disappeared from human sight into the Underworld (when the ancient astrologers saw an inner planet “disappear because of its closeness to the Sun, they understood that an Underworld process was taking place.)

Tomorrow, when Venus is precisely conjunct the Sun (11:00 am MST), we can imagine that it is the moment of Inanna’s ceremonial death. We are all connected to this cycle, although those of us going through a personal Venus Return are affected most profoundly. So it is that we can see and feel that a deep release and clearing is occurring at this time, with the heart of this release occurring tomorrow.

I found it deeply revelatory to recognize that an event that the earthbound human sees (and experiences) as an “Underworld” experience-of overwhelm, dismemberment, annihilation of the identity and ego: the “Dark Night of the Soul” as it were, occurs because we are, in fact, so very close to Great Mystery, to Source, to God that we are blinded.

Tomorrow’s Venus Sun conjunction occurs in the midst of an extraordinary series of aspects. An hour following the conjunction (noon MST), the Moon occults Spica, the star most closely connected to women’s mysteries and the Sacred Feminine. Then between 5:00 pm and 6:30, the Uranus is conjunct both the Sun and Venus, triggering the first half of the Uranus/Pluto square.

So it is that in the midst of our profound encounter with Great Mystery, we receive a powerful transmission from the Goddess herself through Spica, and a blast of higher perspective through Uranus, which awakens and electrifies us.

Just as the Sacred Masculine was deeply transformed and awakened last Friday, now the Sacred Feminine (Venus), in the heart of her ceremonial Death process, is awakened and raised to a higher vibration in her evolution here on Earth.

Tomorrow and through the following week while Venus remains within a couple of degrees from the Sun, it is a powerful medicine to spend a great deal of time with the Sun (and Venus which is at its center).

In our meditations we can imagine ourselves surrounded by the light, love, and purifying power of Divine Source. We can imagine the penetrating and enlivening energy of Uranus breaking apart whatever dense beliefs, old stories, or wounding is no longer needed, providing us with a profound sense of liberation and release.

All that is not true, all that is not in alignment with our greatest story and greatest soul embodiment, is annihilated, is blasted away easily, joyfully, leaving us feeling lighter, more filled with joy, more filled with light, more filled with clarity and holy aliveness.

The spiritual transformation that is taking place tomorrow (Thursday) occurs with or without our conscious participation-but we can truly maximize its magic and influence in our lives by working with it as conscious co-creators with its sacred timing.

Chiron/Mercury/Jupiter Empowerment

On Friday, Mercury is conjunct Chiron, then square Jupiter. This is like a reactivation of the Jupiter Chiron Square that occurred on Tuesday, except that this time we have Mercury in the mix, and the Venus/Sun/Uranus conjunction has shifted our assemblage point from the feeling if wounding and pain to greater empowerment.

This is the nature of the Chiron journey-when we have accepted and integrated the Sacred Wound, our souls become enlarged, we step into our larger, more empowered lives and selves. Often this happens through a shift in the way we tell stories (Mercury) to ourselves and others about our lives.

We begin to see all the ways we have operated in the world as victims, and our story shifts to one where we are the heroes in our lives, and our experiences and personality traits which have caused the greatest grief now represent the greatest portals and doorways into wholeness, aliveness, compassion, intimacy, and joy.

Meeting the Dark Goddess

This coming Sunday at around 3:00 am, Venus completes her activation of the Uranus/Pluto square by squaring Pluto. At around 8:00 pm, the Sun follows suit, squaring Pluto as well. Still we have Venus within a degree of the Sun, still in the heart of the Underworld experience.

She is now in dynamic relationship to the Dark Goddess (Pluto) who, like Ereshkigal, completes the process of ceremonial death for Inanna (and us) stripping away whatever vestiges of her old identify, old fears, and smaller self she has not cleared and released since her Descent began last June.

As you can probably sense and feel, within a week we have experienced the rhythmic contractions of a spiritual death and rebirth occurring within and without. We face our deepest wounding, often related to the area of relationship with self and other.

We experience the light and healing energy of the Sun and Uranus (as well as Jupiter on Friday). This helps us raise our energy and expand, and then we again experience the contraction of release and clearing through the Pluto aspect on Sunday.

For the rest of the week, until April 6, when Venus and Mars are conjunct, we have relatively few aspects, and so have time to integrate all that has occurred this week (of March 24 to 31).

Be gentle with yourself and others, as we are all in a profound process of purification, release, and awakening. So much of this is occurring outside of our capacity to control or manage it, so it is often best to try and tend to the practical matters of our lives while allowing Spirit to transform us at the deepest levels.

Meditation also helps. Journalling, if you can really access what is happening in a coherent way, may be beneficial also. As is tracking our dreams.

Physical activity is extremely helpful for many of us-running, hiking, yoga, etc., can help move all this energy through our bodies with greater ease and flow. In any case, perhaps the most important thing we can do is to practice love and compassion for self and others.

We are all working very hard under the surface to root and deepen our souls, and to grow our baby wings, preparing for flight as we begin to move out of the Underworld and into the ever more “outward” energy of spring: empowered, deepened, and yet clearer and lighter than ever before.

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