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Aries Super Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse: The Great Unarmoring

All Times PDT

Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse will be the biggest eclipsed Full Moon of our lifetime, with the Moon at perigee–its closest point to the Earth, as the eclipse unfolds. This means that the Moon will appear extremely big and bright as it rises in the eastern skies, and the “Blood Moon” effect of the Earth’s shadow darkening the Moon will be very especially dramatic for all to see–and feel.

The entire Total Lunar Eclipse will last 5 hours and 10 minutes, from 5:12 pm to 10:22 pm PDT. The PARTIAL eclipse, which is the period easiest to observe, is 3 hours and 20 minutes-6:07 pm to 9:27 pm. The TOTAL Eclipse will last 1 hour and 12 minutes: 7:11 pm to 8:23 pm PDT.

It’s All About Aries/Libra and the New Relationship

This is the last in the Lunar Tetrad Series which began in 2014, with four Total Lunar Eclipses in a row: April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 27/28, 2015.

All four eclipses have Sun and Moon opposite in the signs of Aries and Libra. This final, culminating Aries/Libra Lunar Eclipse occurs as Mars and Venus are in the midst of their 9-month dance. They have been within 10 degrees of one another since Venus rose as Morning Star August 22, and will remain so until late Novermber.

It also occurs as the North/South Node axis prepares to shift from Libra/Aries to Virgo/Pisces on October 9-10, completing a 2 year period where the Libra/Aries axis has been on the front-lines.

We are clearly called to release old Aries addictions to conflict, separation, power over, and violence, and to embrace a healthy Libra cultural renewal focused on collaboration, connection, and win-win dynamics.

This Total Lunar Eclipse is the completion of a two-year cycle where the bloodiest, most extreme, most brutal expressions of Patriarchal Aries have risen to the surface for illumination and healing.

This Lunar Eclipse, followed by the completion of the Venus Mars Cycle together for the last time in November in the sign of Libra, prepares us to come into greater harmony and right relationship within ourselves, with our beloved human family, and All Our Relations we share this beautiful planet with.

Super Full Moon Ceremony Releasing/Intention Expontentially Magnified

The Aries Super Moon is with the South Node, inviting us to clear and release all distortions in the realm of Aries. The opposing Sun in Libra is with the North Node, inviting us to embrace and claim healthy Libra, “right relationship.”

Tonight, the most powerful ceremonies will be very simple, potent, and full of clear intention. As the shadow of the Earth crosses over the face of the Moon, we might be outdoors or indoors. We might create a ceremonial fire to burn all we wish to release.

What is most essential is to take the time at any point from now through the eclipse period, to set a clear intention for what you wish to release in the realm of “Shadow Aries” for yourself and for the collective, and a clear feeling and visualization around what you want to energize in the realm of “Healthy Libra,” see below.

We do well to BEGIN our releasing and clearing at the Eclipse, but EVEN IF WE MISS THIS WINDOW, the intensity remains with us for days to come. We can initiate and deepen the below process of inquiry over the next two weeks in preparation for the Libra New Moon, where we truly plant the seeds for harmony and right relationship in our lives and in the collective.

Releasing Aries Shadow & Separation

Aries Shadow shows up as fighting for the sake of fighting, without a true cause or purpose. It is connected to the armoring of the heart, so as to be impervious to pain and more effective in the “battlefield” of our capitalistic economy, actual armed conflict, unhealthy relationship, or other areas of our “dog eat dog” modern culture. It can also show up as “doing-addiction” so as to avoid feeling, or vulnerability, or pain.

I have suggested some questions you might consider to deepen your inquiry of what you wish to release at this Super Aries New Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

Releasing Our Addiction to Conflict

Inner Conflict: Where am I locked in perpetual conflict with myself? What internal struggle am I so enmeshed in that I have little time or energy for joy, for creativity, for connection? What would it take for me to release this struggle, this relentless and exhausting conflict?

For example, I have been in conflict with myself for the last two years in my primary partnership with Tom. This struggle began in an authentic way, with my questioning whether marriage or children are part of my path, considering my partner has communicated clearly that he does not want either.

Yet even as I resolved these issues internally, I found myself still locked into inner conflict around our relationship and how I wanted to move forward-In It, or Out of It. I have come to see how my refusal to make a clear choice and commit to that choice costs me and Tom.

I have been seeing how I have been running away from facing that decision. What is essential is for me to slow down enough to have true presence with myself and Tom, so that we can feel, from the inside out, if we are still able to grow together in the ways we both wish to grow.

Outer Conflict:Where am I locked in perpetual conflict with my loved ones? This might be related to inner conflict. What repeating pattern takes me down to the level of two year old, fighting for my right to “just be me?” What would it take for me to release this pattern?

For example, I see myself go into critical, shut -down mode with Tom when I am over busy, and feel overwhelmed with the tasks in front of me. I am terrified if I take “down time” with him, I will never complete my work. I feel I must fight for time for me, and time for my sacred work, because it never seems to be done (and isn’t!)

To release this pattern would be to actively acknowledge that nourishing my relationship is as essential as accomplishing the goals and tasks I have set for myself in the realm of my work. To observe how, when I take a day “off” and just be present with my partner, I feel restored and more grounded for the rest of my week.

Healing our Armored Hearts

Hard-Hearted:How has this pattern of internal and external conflict hardened my heart? What kinds of activities do I engage in to ensure that my heart remains hard, closed, protected from life, from love, from potential pain?

I have been seeing how my doing addiction, needing always to be working at my projects, and not taking full days off, keeps me from opening my heart to Tom, and to other beloveds. My resistance to setting realistic goals for my work, my life, and saying no to more on my plate ensures this pattern continues.

What Have I Lost? What have my patterns of hard-heartedness cost me in my life? Who have I harmed and how? How have I harmed myself? What would it take for me to allow the armoring, the protection around my heart to fall away? It broke my heart when yesterday, after deciding to take a full day with Tom where I would not think about work, but just enjoy being with him–something I have not done for a very long time, I said, after a thoroughly enjoyable and adventurous and spontaneous day together,

“I’ve missed you. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so much.” I saw tears in his eyes in that moment. Tom is a Libra Ascendant, who gives a great deal to the relationship. I saw in that moment the cost of my unconscious actions. I saw how my hard-hearted patterns have harmed him, and our relationship, and me.

For me what it will take is to add to my very simple list of what I do each day: “Love Tom.” I am learning to make love, and intimacy, a priority, even as self-is becoming a priority. Both are essential. As an Aries ascendant, like many of us who are deeply dedicated to our work and making the world a better place, it is far too easy to not prioritize our foundations–personal, primary relationships. Embracing Libra Connection

As I willingly choose to release my patterns of conflict and to release the armoring around my heart, what am I now open to experiencing in the realm of partnership, relationship, and intimacy?

What relationships are in greatest need of healing and harmony at this time? Is one of these relationships my relationship to self? What will it take for me to fully accept and love myself just as I am in this moment?

What good feeling might fill the void created by the release of conflict between me and (myself, my partner, etc.)? Can I feel how that feels, see how that might look?

How might it feel to spend a leisurely morning/afternoon/evening with these beloved others if my heart was safe, open, connected to my inner essence? How might it feel to be “in love” with the world, and have that love reciprocated 10 fold?

I am surrendering my old Aries armoring put on our of fear. It is too heavy now. I need air. I need to feel free, and flexible, to embody my spiritual warrior. I step into fresh, healthy, Aries’ ability to BE ME, on fire, creative, joyful, turned on, tuned in.

As I do this, I see my beloved, Tom and I truly take him in, savor our time together, make our bond a priority as we consider a path forward that honors both of our needs. I know my full presence will unfold into clarity around what is best for each of us.

I look in the mirror and see that I love me, imperfect, me. Just as I am. I love and savor my time with JUST ME also.

I see that in all those moments where I used to fall into patterns of conflict for the sake of conflict, I was afraid to be soft, to feel vulnerable.

I commit now when I am triggered, to take a breath and resist the urge to say something provocative. I allow myself to feel the pain or discomfort that prompted my lashing out, my self-protection, and I can be honest about my true feelings-first to myself, and then to my beloved.

I can see how much energy, aliveness, purpose, and joy I am now allowing into my life as I embrace the healthy, dynamic balance of New Partnership-with myself, with my beloved, with friends and family, and ALL my relations in this beautiful world.

What about you?

What will you release at this Aries Super Full Moon Eclipse? May Your Ceremony and Intention Be Magnified for your fullest experience of harmony, joy, and passionate dedication to your soul’s purpose!

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