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Aries Full Moon Ignites Uranus

Dear Friends,

Tonight’s Full Moon in Aries will be luminous and large, rising just a couple of hours before its exact opposition to the Sun. It’s a very potent five day window beginning Thursday and extending through Monday. Thursday, Venus and Mars were square. The Sun’s opposition to Uranus was exact early this morning, and it was square Pluto near noon today. The Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus less than hours before the exact Full Moon.

So where the leading energy has been Pluto for the last couple of weeks, we are now feeling the full effect of Uranus, expressed through Aries. These are days to embrace the revolutionary impulse, to know and embody the reality that we are inspired change agents, and to open ourselves up to the directional flow of our evolving Universe, knowing we are the pioneers, on the leading edge, forging new paths into a New Morning.

Speaking of morning—beginning today, Venus is within 5 degrees of Regulus in the morning sky. She continues to approach this brilliant star at the heart of the lion constellation until Wednesday morning, where they are within 1/8 of a degree from one another—an event that has not occurred since 1959, which could be seen as the dawn of our last great wave of revolutionary change and awakening.

Action is the key now, action toward our greatest visions, our highest spiritual potential. May our actions all spring naturally from our awakened hearts, our joyful spirits, and a deep trust in the friendliness of this Universe that holds us all in its cosmic heart.

Warm blessings, much love,


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