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Aquarius Super Full Moon Opens Eclipse Window at Cross Quarter

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Today at 11:11 am PDT, the Eclipse Window opened with a Partial Lunar Eclipse visible in Eastern Europe, Africa and Australia at 15 Aquarius, marking the exact Lammas Cross Quarter. The eclipse window will close with the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of August 21.

An eclipse window is already a time where we have greater access to the multiverse, or the quantum universe. We sense and feel the strange fluid nature of time, seeming to speed up and slow down simultaneously.

Climb Your Impossible Mountain

It is a time where what may have seemed impossible before suddenly becomes possible. I had a personal experience of this three days ago when I climbed a mountain in Crestone, Colorado gaining 3,000 miles in elevation and traversing 12 miles with the final 3 in the dark.

I didn’t actually believe I could do it and normally, especially considering how long it’s been since I’ve made a climb like that, I would have turned back sooner but something in me had changed and I just kept going. I encourage all of us to open to that possibility now: “I can change in an instant. All is not as it has been.”

Reality is more malleable at this time. Remember that. We are much more powerful than we know.

Navigating The Eclipse Window as a Kairomancer

Add to the magical, otherworldy sensation of the eclipse window the fact that today is the Cross Quarter, a time where the veils between the worlds have thinned, also consider this “Super New Moon (another way to view a Lunar Eclipse) is in the sign of Aquarius, and Mercury is preparing to station retrograde this weekend.

All this adds up to the fact that we have stepped fully into what the Greeks referred to as “Kairos” time–where we step out of Chronos, or linear time and into a zone of pure magic where miracles and synchronicities abound and what is most essential is that we are paying attention so we can seize the moment for greatest benefit.

Robert Moss coined a wonderful word and process he refers to as “kairomancy,” or the practice of navigating life by synchronicity. It’s my modus operandi, and my intention for this eclipse window is to step it up a notch. An aside–as I began writing about Kairos in this post I received a message from a friend telling me she’d just taken a Kairomancy course from Robert–snap!

Robert has Twelve Guidelines for operating by Kairomancy, I’ll share a few of my favorites and my take on how to work with them in this window.

Whatever You Think or Feel, the Universe says Yes

This truth is AMPLIFIED in the Eclipse Window. If you’re feeling fabulous, on track, and in the flow, you are going to feel that times 100. If you’ve been feeling off track, anxious, or generally caught in a bad attitude about life, you might feel this eclipse Super Full Moon incoming like a punch in the face.

So. This is the period of time where we have an opportunity to EMBODY the change, the vibration we wish to see in the world.

If you’re in a low spot I want you to know this eclipse window supports us in doing an IMMEDIATE turn around.

Decide you are going to drop the crappy attitude, draw your attention away from any and all things that are outside of your control and drain you, and focus instead on what inspires, what moves you, what gives you hope, what energizes you. Put your attention and take action from there.

Coincidence Multiplies on the Road

I’ve experienced this personally, having been on the road for the past two weeks, first at a Permaculture Convergence at Pine Ridge in South Dakota and then in Crestone Colorado, house-sitting for a friend. When in motion, more opportunities arise.

On a Friday, I asked an instructor at the convergence, an expert mycologist, about puffballs, a wonderful delicacy I ate as a child and hadn’t thought of or seen, in edible form for many years. That following Tuesday in Colorado I encountered three beautiful Puffballs and had them for breakfast.

If you have the opportunity to get out and about over the coming weeks doing things that please you–Julia Cameron’s “Artist’s Date” comes to mind, which is a date with your inner child where you go out by yourself and do something this child would enjoy.

These experiences open us to the element of play in the Universe and when we go there, our own inner experience of enchantment and positivity radiates outward blessing the world all around.

Your Own Will Come to You

This is something I have to remember in big groups. I can get scattered and fragmented and try to do too much and actively reach out to too many people. I have been learning instead to slow down, let myself feel guided by where the energy is, do that thing, and make a game out of intending that “My Own” the people who I will resonate with most deeply, come to me.

And they do!

By What You Fall, You May Rise

Lately when I speak to clients I am made so poignantly aware of just how courageous the human soul is required to be at this moment of rending change and upheaval. Many of us, sensitive to these currents of change, have felt torn in two by polarized aspects of our being.

This fragmentation, polarization, and overwhelm can take us under very deeply at this time. If this is you, and I know it has been me, who has spent some time in the depths over these past months, first let me say to you–there is a gift here for you.

Whatever has threatened to sabotage your forward movement, wherever you have been taken under by your own wounding, your addiction, your need for love, or whatever it is that has taken you off course, know it is time for you to claim the gift in this experience, and use it as leverage to rise and shine as never before.

Honor your human heart. Your imperfection. Your hunger and your forgetting. If you have gone to extremes, as I know I have, honor the power of knowing your own center more deeply now.

This Eclipse Window, I feel, is a time for unification. Of our warring inner selves. Of the split, of the divide. A time to come home to yourself, and acknowledge all you have been learning from your time away.

Invoked or Uninvoked, Gods are Present

We are surrounded at all times by beings that are invisible to most of our human senses. Some of these beings have a deep affection for us. I have a sister, a journalist, who has entire host of angels, I believe, who look out for her while she travels the globe, and puts herself in situations that would make our Mom swoon. I often imagine them as exhausted, trying to keep up with her.

Come to think of it, I believe I have exhausted my own angels–and they are legion–over the past two years. And I am grateful, so grateful, for their love and support.

This next two weeks, practice imagining that you are surrounded at all times by benefic beings who love you and want to support you on your path. Perhaps they are angels, or fairies, or guides. Practice seeing them as if they are at the corner of your eye. Draw or paint them as you imagine they might look. Engage in conversation with them.

These two weeks are a time to practice BEING as we wish the world would be around us. Anchor that feeling–“This is a friendly Universe and I am loved and supported always.”

Pay attention to how this causes you to engage with others as well. How does it shift your perspective?

More on Navigating the Eclipse Window

This is a moment where we can either feel lost in the enormous energies of chaos, change, and deep transformation, or we can choose to empower ourselves through grounding and spiritual practice knowing that our coherence, presence and where we focus our attention has magnified impact on our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Today we have entered the field of the August 21 Eclipse at a whole other level. We sense and know that the next 14 days are time to bring our attention to the present moment and deepen and amplify all practices that bring us into a state of alignment with Great Mystery and our own spiritual wisdom and knowing.

This is a time, over the next 14 days leading up to the eclipse to take every opportunity to come home to ourselves, to initiate or maintain a steady practice of meditation, prayer, and deepening self inquiry. I would add to that–humor, levity, lightness of heart, magic are ALL part of the world we wish to experience in our world, right? So bring that in as well!

Do whatever it takes to calm your energy system, reduce stress, do less, and clear what stands in the way of full access to your spiritual truth, your higher vision, your inner knowing. Bring your creative spirit alive, using more of your senses and capacities than normal.

Do you ever paint, dance, tell stories, write poetry? In these next two weeks, try something like this, to bring more of yourself alive in the moment. Spend time with people and in places that nourish your spirit, uplift you, and support you in experiencing the kind of world you wish to live in.

Be aware of energy drains and patterns in yourself and others that stir up drama and provoke a response of dissociation. Where possible, limit your connection with these things. If you sense and feel that your energetic boundaries are not strong enough, commit to strengthening them in the days to come.

Know as well that with all of this intense energy your emotions, your feelings of vulnerability might be stirred. Hold them, and yourself with great softness and compassion.

We are learning more and more to stand in our feminine strength, which is vulnerable and fierce at the same time. If we have been caught in patterns of addiction, or distraction, or avoidance it is time to dedicate ourselves to whatever it takes to moving beyond these old energetic limitations.

Open to Your Visionary Spirit

Bringing it back to the beautiful Aquarius Super Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse, tonight and through the week to come we are invited to open to our higher visions for what we want to experience in our own lives, what we wish to bring into the world over the years to come, and how we want our world to unfold over the coming generations.

Personally I have found it very supportive lately to take time every day to listen to visionaries who inspire me, help me to take a larger view, and model living life fully and well. Jean Houston has been one of my favorites and there are many wonderful interviews and talks on YouTube of hers that are easily available.

Reset the Spiritual Blueprint for the U.S.A.

Preparing for the August 21 Great American Total Solar Eclipse There is a personal and also a collective dimension to this eclipse. At the collective level I am convinced that this is a powerful time for us collectively to do a reset on the Spiritual Blueprint of the U.S.A.

I feel we can, through our own state of being, in our prayers and meditations, and through coming together with co-collaborators in our communities in the months following the eclipse, energize the very highest values and potential for the U.S.

I have begun this inquiry and conversation through my webinar: The Great American Eclipse: Reset the Spiritual Blueprint of the U.S.A. featuring myself, Gemini Brett, Starhawk, and other wisdom keepers including indigenous leaders who inspire me and I believe model the kind of action and vision we need to see more of.

You can register and be directed to all Webinar Resources including a video recording of the video, pdf with visuals and live links to resources to accompany the video, and interviews HERE.

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