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Aquarius New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Initiate Super-Charged Month

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The Aquarius New Moon was exact Tuesday morning and is best for ceremony through Wednesday night, January 21 with the appearance of the tiny crescent Moon.

This Rare New Moon initiates a highly charged month of radical revolutionary change in our individual lives and the world at large.

For this coming month, erase the word “impossible” from your vocabulary and be willing to Dream Big for your own life, and for our global community. Five Reasons this Aquarius New Moon Initiates a Month Super-Charged With Possibility for Positive Change:

1:The New Moon was at perigee, at closest to the Earth–giving it greater impact and more potent Aquarian transmissions for us all, which accelerates our evolution and expanded consciousness by leaps and bounds throughout the month.

2. Exact at the Zero or Still Point: This Aquarius New Moon, like the past 3, was at 0 degrees-another very unusual event. Again this emphasizes that we are beginning anew, starting fresh; getting clean new insights and brilliance from Aquarius-the Cosmic Revolutionary, the Change Agent.

3. Two Aquarius New Moons! We will have TWO Aquarius New Moons this year, an extremely rare event!! The second Aquarius New Moon will be February 18, at 29 degrees Aquarius!

4. Mercury Retrograde: Mercury stations retrograde today (Wednesday, January 21) within the New Moon window. Through to February 11 when it stations direct, Mercury will be moving from 17 Aquarius all the way to 1 Aquarius: supporting us in accessing Aquarian cerebral brilliance while also grounding it into our right-brain intuitive knowing.

5. Activates Venus at the 2nd Chakra Gate: The moment the sliver of a New Moon appears in the evening sky in many locations TONIGHT (Wednesday January 21) near sunset, it will be almost exactly conjunct Venus, activating the Sacral or Second Chakra, which we’ll be working with in the month to come.

This emphasizes that our Aquarian journey of transcendence is to be repeatedly brought back down into the body, into matter, into our lived, sensual experience and the New Earth Culture.

This mirrors the current approach of Venus to Mars in the Evening Sky, the coming together of Spirit and Matter, Masculine, Feminine, mending the wound of separation. Their exact conjunction February 21, 3 days after second Aquarius New Moon on February 18. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

With Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius from Wednesday morning, January 21 to February 11, we’ve entered a period where it is good to spend time on the inner work, especially as it supports us in achieving healthy detachment from the dramas we are accustomed to getting caught in.

It may be that the way into a healthy, detached, objective awareness is first through acknowledging and feeling what is uncomfortable and tumultuous under the surface, truly bearing witness to that, until it breaks open into a kind of transcendent acceptance. Aquarius enables us to bear fair witness to ourselves and others without judgment, thus achieving an extremely powerful and masterful state of being.

This can come through in any meditative activity where we’re focused on the present moment, perhaps even habitual, repetitive activity, such as running, cooking, or cleaning, or taking a shower. We might find ourselves dropping into more clarity of awareness. As we develop the Eagle qualities of flying closer to Spirit and so seeing our lives from the wider view, we become aware of many possibilities that were unavailable to us before.

Imagine you are a painter and that up until this moment you’ve been living in a world where only the primary colors exist. Or perhaps our world is black and white. Suddenly this month your sight is expanding so powerfully and rapidly that one day you discover purple, or pink, or chartreuse!

Your life, and your art, will never be the same.

Or you are a writer and suddenly this month you discover that there is a whole lost language you are able to easily pick up and that expands your vocabulary, your capacity to see and communicate with greater nuance so that you are now able to create new worlds that have never existed before.

This is how we can approach this month. With wonder, with anticipation that our minds will be blown open again and again, that we are receiving new downloads constantly, and that when we have completed this journey our consciousness will have expanded beyond what we imagine to currently be possible.

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